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                 02/24/2018 09:02 PM  
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05/23/2006 02:47 PM ID: 54477 Permalink   

Greek and Turkish Fighter Planes Collide: Pilots Missing


The three pilots aboard a Greek fighter jet and a Turkish war plane have been reported missing after the aircraft collided over the Aegean Sea. The airspace over the sea is disputed between the countries, and has almost started three wars.

Greece claims ten miles across the sea, whilst Turkey recognises only six, which is the same amount generally given to territorial waters. According to the Greek government, the crash happened when the Greek jet intercepted the Turkish plane.

Turkey has not confirmed the incident.

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  “the crash happened  
when the Greek jet intercepted the Turkish plane.”
No sh!t! LOL that is putting it mildly, intercepted with extreme prejudice. Guess they were arguing over disputed territory.

  by: valkyrie123     05/23/2006 06:36 PM     
Virtual dogfights between Greek and Turkish airplanes are pretty common.
This is the first one that I can remember that went this wrong...

Thankfully at least one of the pilots aborted in time.
  by: alt236   05/23/2006 07:08 PM     
"intercepted with extreme prejudice"

Its actually believed the collision occured when the Turkish jet, collided with the Greek jet during a mock dog fight.

There were two Turkish F16's escorting a Turkish RF4(reconasaince), and they entered Greek air space. These violations happen daily. Two Greek F16's intercepted them, and a mock dog fight ensued, and then the collission.

Heres some background info on the whole situation.
Greece has 6nm territorial waters, and 10nm air space.
There are Greek islands throughout the Aegean, some pretty close to the Turkish coast. Greece wants to extend to 12nm its territorial waters(as allowed by international laws), however Turkey threatens it with war.
Turkey has many excuses why Greece shouldnt, and all are bogus or a joke. The main and only reason, why Turkey is opposed, is because Turkey believes half the Aegean, should be under its control, despite most of the Aegean bar the few islands under Turkeys control, being inhabitted by Greeks(theres also two islands that Turkey was supposed to hand back to Greece under one of the treaties, but never did, that still have a Greek population). The reason for this misguided belief by the Turks, is that there is oil and gas in the Aegean. A significant amount actually. And a deal I believe soon with a major oil corporation and the Greek gov.
Theres currently a German research vessel as part of a joint Greek-German effort in the Aegean.

Greece has asked Turkey to take the matter to the Hague international court, however Turkey refuses and instead wants bilateral talks. Why?
If Turkey had a case to present or any legal rights in the Aegean in regards to what it is claiming, it would have no issue going to the Hague and would have done so on its own.
However Turkey refuses. Because International law, is on the side of Greece and Turkey has no legs to stand on in the case.

In 1996, a Turkish F16 was shot down after in violated Greek air space, although that was covered up by both sides for a long time. And even today, its called an 'accident'.(ie the pilot accidently fired a missile)
They also came close to war, over the Imia islets. Imia is some Greek islets in the Aegean. A Greek flag was taken down by Turkey and replaced with a Turkish flag. They even broadcast it live on Turkish tv. Then that flag was taken down by Greece and a Greek flag put back up.
Greece was mobilising for war, and Turkey asked America to pressure Greece to back down. War was averted because of US pressure.
In the 80's they almost went to war again. A Turkish research vessel was sent into Greek waters to search for oil, Greece responded by preparing to mobilise for war and sent the navy to sink the Turkish ship. Turkey backed away again.

Basically, Turkey is challenging Greek sovriegnty over parts of the Aegean, because of what lies below.
  by: whipd+kreem     05/24/2006 05:10 AM     
  is not like this at all  
actually the incident happened above a greek island and the two pilots are not missing.
the greek was killed instantly from the turkish pilots error which he was rescued from a greek helicopter.
and is not the 6 or 10 km dispute as greece is 50% spread in the aegean in small islands inhabitated.
turkey hates this and violates the nominated (not the disputed) greek airspace weekly.
Turkey does this very, very often.

why greece does not react?
turkish gov does not rule the country. their military does. there is no accident if you ask me, just a few days after friendly greek-turkish negotiations.
  by: ccz   05/24/2006 06:05 PM     
  rest assured  
if this keeps being publicised, the UN or worse america, will get invlolved.
  by: trankpill   05/24/2006 07:47 PM     
The UN and US? Your kidding me.
This has been going on for years, why havnt either of them put pressure on Turkey to stop its aggression? Furthermore, Turkey occupies northern Cyprus, AGAINST UN Security Council resolutions, why doesnt the UN or US do something about that?

Of course this was no accident. There is big internal problems in Turkey, besides the Kurdish uprising. Every time that something occurs domestically in Turkey, they try and shift the focus from that, to something with Greece, and there is often incidents.
  by: whipd+kreem     05/25/2006 03:08 AM     
The Greeks must be taking lessons from the Japanese.
  by: beltman713   05/26/2006 01:53 AM     
From whats known so far, it was the Turkish F16 that collided with the Greek F16.
The Greek F16s were doing visual checks/id'ing etc(sorry dont know the correct terminology). That in it self is dangerous. The Turkish pilot then broke away from his formation with the RF4 and the other Turkish F16, and hit the Greek F16.(ie bottom of Turkish F16 hit top of Greek F16). The Greek F16's were acting in accordance with ICAO or whatever it is, rules.

The Turkish pilot ejected, but the Greek pilot was unable to eject. For obvious reasons(being hit from the top).

The Turkish jets were also flying at a height that is reserved for CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT, not military aircraft.
They had not even submited any flight plans to Athens FIR. Its all part of thier game that they keep playing.

Do you even know how many times Turkish jets have almost collided with civilian aircraft because they completely disregard international laws and treaties?

You should show some respect to the dead, regardless of thier nationality. This man who died, was married and has two young children.
Think before you post dumb jokes.
  by: whipd+kreem     05/26/2006 06:28 AM     
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