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                 02/23/2018 01:30 PM  
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05/23/2006 02:55 PM ID: 54480 Permalink   

Over 25% of UK Software in Use is Pirated


A study has shown that 27% of the software currently in use in the United Kingdom is pirated, sparking calls to target software pirates more strongly within the UK. The 27% figure has remained steady for the last two years.

It is well below the global average of 35 per cent. The study was run by an anti-piracy lobbyist group, the Business Software Alliance, which also found that software piracy costs the industry £1 billion annually.

A spokesperson for the Alliance said: "This is a serious issue. It's not affecting just businesses but everyone down the line.”

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  well blame that on Mr gates and microsoft  
their pricing of windows software is a key example why people use pirated sooftware.
  by: JOCKSTEELUK   05/23/2006 04:17 PM     
Alot of software is needlessly over priced in this country.

£80 for the full version of Norton? when its worse than (legally) free alternatives?? Puh-Lease!
  by: Wakers   05/23/2006 05:38 PM     
  With the amount...  
...Microsoft makes from business sales of Windows and Office (just about every business in the world) who gives a crap if they lose a small fraction of their profits through home piracy
  by: jameswaring2000   05/23/2006 06:28 PM     
  BS Percentage  
If only 25-35% of software is pirated then me alone must be pushing that average down by a .5%
  by: kmazzawi     05/23/2006 06:30 PM     
Agreed. I would like to see laws passed allowing all students (K thru grad school) to use all software free of charge as long as it for educational purposes and not for profit.

I would like to know how the Business Software Alliance did this study. Who would admit to using pirated software? How do they determine what percentage is lying about using it? Unless you can access the computers in question it seems impossible to validate these numbers

It has gotten very obvious that MicroSoft is a monopoly and is abusing its power. The government is in cahoots with MicroSoft big time and is not about to stop the abuse.

I have to wonder why the government would be in cahoots with MS, and after the debacle with the phone companies...

Being a programmer I have to wonder how much innocuous code is imbedded in Windows that allows information gathering by whoever. I know how easy it is to include a few lines of seemingly harmless code to do very unethical things and no one would notice. Unless you know how to read code very very well, little bits of fluff could just pass right by the untrained eye. Is the government looking at a lot more than just your phone records?
  by: valkyrie123     05/23/2006 06:30 PM     
  i want schools and institutions  
to swich to linux so the next generation of computer users dont become dependant on microsofts exspensive software and considdering microsoft have been looking into yearly licensed software it could become even more exspensive for the non comercial user in the future.
  by: JOCKSTEELUK   05/23/2006 08:58 PM     
  Ofcourse people use pirate software  
When the big corps make it so expensive. M$ Office 2003 is £300 from Amazon...
  by: Eidron   05/23/2006 10:44 PM     
Open Office is free...
  by: Eidron   05/23/2006 10:45 PM     
  i have tried open office  
and yes, you can download extra bits and pieces hence giving you more options. but still, MS office is alot better (in my opinion) and although i still have open office i rarely use it (i do use impress though).
  by: darkangeljg     05/23/2006 11:52 PM     
I use it OpenOffice and the StarOffice
Damn, cant close to MicrosoftOffice,

Open/Star are so slow, and when you tranfers tables its tranfered like and object/Picture waht the hell its that...

  by: CVDpr   05/24/2006 03:00 AM     
Cheese what the hell its BAse its a joke, Access its the way.
  by: CVDpr   05/24/2006 03:01 AM     
that seems pretty low to me. i'd say my computer is at least at 75% if not more. i'd say the percentages are higher for professionals who use their computer for more than just word processing and web browsing. i'd like to see this study broken down amongst demographics.
  by: manilaryce     05/24/2006 03:50 AM     
The BSA's typically method is to survey for the number of individual pieces of software installed on a representative sample of computers, extrapolate that out to approximate the population, then subtract the number of known software licenses. This gives them the number of 'pirate' software pieces - hypothetically.
  by: lauriesman     05/24/2006 04:06 AM     
  I'll bet...  
the software used to come up with these stats were pirated as well lol
  by: zmethod     05/24/2006 04:44 AM     
  most the asian region  
has solved this problem they make the price of legit cd's, software ect competitive with the pirated copy's prices. in the case of cd's they simply aren't worth 12-30 dollars (canadian) anymore the technology cost behind cd's as media is a fraction of what it was 8-10 years ago.

and yes windows is way too high of a price...50% of its current would be more acceptable... but the alternative aren't "better" for the average user.
  by: HAVOC666     05/24/2006 05:16 AM     
  pffft lightweights...  
almost 100% of my software is pirated
  by: acg   05/24/2006 05:27 AM     
this is not something authorities can control and these companies need to find other ways of making money. the current one is passe.

25% is nothing, whereI used to live its more like 99%
  by: ke1n   05/24/2006 05:30 AM     
  Target software pirates?  
File sharing on the internet means its impossible to stop distribution. Want something? Find a torrent and foom you've got it. Stop one another two pop up. As someone said, find another way to make money because this is here to stay sadly. With the advent of the internet into everyones homes, downloading games, movies, music and software completely free of charge seems now a regular quick thing to do.
  by: Vswift   05/24/2006 05:53 AM     
  @Our UK members  
You guys should be ashamed of yourself. 27%. How could you???? Each and everyone of you should hang your head in shame!

Lets get "crackin" bring it up to at least 65%
  by: hotwired   05/24/2006 06:23 AM     
Your right, they are never going to stop people who know what they are doing so they should just leave us alone. Torrents are great as they ARE actually used to download legal software like patches and linux images so probably won't be banned or port blocked.

The people they should target are those profiting from selling pirate software to the public. They are selling to those that would buy the software legit if they couldn't buy pirate.
  by: andy68man   05/24/2006 11:15 AM     
Well what do they expect, software these days is so expensive and it hardly goes down even years after its release date and when a new one comes out its like twice the amount of the old one and they expect everyone to upgrade straight away!!!
  by: chris_sykes84   05/24/2006 01:26 PM     
  of course!  
I started pirating when I was 11, 10 years ago....since then I rarely bought an application (mainly because I've been using office, visual studio, photoshop, 3dsmax...all applications that costs hundreds of $$$) games however I bought my share because that's still affordable...but still it's so easy to download them its almost pathetic. I only support local stuff!
  by: pas content   05/24/2006 11:27 PM     
  linux at schools  
our tafe (school) is implementing Linux for training instead of windows right now, in fact im using it to make this post :)

i hope this trend increases, m$ needs to learn to put its prices down or alternatively make a better product. its too expensive, especially for students like myself.
  by: mrcool132   05/25/2006 11:57 AM     
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