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                 01/23/2018 11:11 AM  
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05/23/2006 10:09 PM ID: 54485 Permalink   

8-Year-Old New York Boy Arrested for Homicide


An eight-year-old New York boy was arrested on homicide charges after he sneaked onto a school bus that suddenly rolled forward and hit and killed a second grade girl.

Investgators believed the driver got off the bus and locked it, but the boy could have gotten on through the back door or an emergency exit that can't lock and it caused the bus to move.

The girl tried to run but a trashcan was in her way. About a dozen men tried to lift the bus off of her but it was to heavy. Police say the girl is about seven or eight years of age.

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I don't really see how they could slap him with such a big charge...The bus should have been parked and he's 8. He probably doesn't even know what homicide is.
  by: koenig32   05/23/2006 10:22 PM     
the bus was parked it said the way he sneaked into the bus could of cause the bus to roll because it was on an incline
  by: rachel1085     05/23/2006 10:36 PM     
I don't understand. Did he crack the emergency exit open before he got off the bus orignally, then waited for the driver to park it and snuck on? Or can you just open the emergency exits from outside? Either way, I can see how this wouldn't be the boy's fault. In the first case, there should be some kind of warning when an emergency exit is open. In the second case, how about having the emergency exits only openable from the inside to prevent this from happening, as it is just that, an emergency EXIT. Slapping this boy with this kind of charge is ludicrous. Even if he is a common nuisance. I'm pretty sure, unless he was absolutley evil (which would be easy to tell in a trial), he had no intentions of killing someone. Probably just thought it would be cool to sneak into the bus and play around like he was driving. Now, I could be way off here, but that's just MHO.
  by: shaynec   05/23/2006 10:44 PM     
having a schoolbus door that is locked on the outside is disasterous. What happens if the school bus renders a lot of students unconscience or the door becomes blocked on the inside by seats.
  by: s0n0fagun   05/24/2006 12:58 AM     
  Emergency Exits  
Legally on any building, or in this case, a school bus are not allowed to be locked.
In that case, they can be opened from the inside or out.
  by: nyceplaya2002     05/24/2006 02:46 AM     
I would think school buses would be allowed to be completely locked and contained when parked for the night. If they weren't they would be open for vandals and homeless.

I had my first car accident when I was about 6. I put some keys in the egnition, put the car in neutral (I guess, because the car was never started) and the car rolled down the driveway where it was promptly hit by a car coming down the street.
I don't recall being charged with anything. I don't know what my parents had to do. After all I was about 6 and didn't have a clue what I was doing in the first place.

If the kid didn't break into the bus, I think they are being pretty hard on him.
  by: whisper   05/24/2006 06:11 AM     
  not the story i read...  
yahoo had a more detailed story of what happened.

Ok, this boy and his friend got on the bus through
the emergency exit while the driver was on break.
Now, anyone whose rode buses know when you
open the emergency door, it makes a loud buzzing

Ok, so they're on the bus. The boy then TAKES THE
the bus to of course be able to run down a hill.

This woman saw the boy playing around in the bus
and got him off the bus. When he got off,
appearantly the bus ran downhill. The little girl
tried getting out the buses way but trash cans were
blocking her, resulting in her death.

This source gives less details then the one I
read...but it could have been reported before the
one on yahoo was.

Main thing: Homicide charges won't be handed out.
That's a given. BUT, this kid should be held
responsible for his actions. From the story painted
by the article I read, it seemed as if he was an
expirenced trouble maker. When I was 8 I knew not
to touch certain things, especially in cars. Why let
this boy off so easy?

  by: hotrock11     05/24/2006 08:47 AM     
  dont get all alarmist over this  
Homicide = the killing of another human being by one or more others.

he "alledgedly" caused her death and was arrested for her homicide while investigations go on.

regardless of age, he appears to have caused her death, thus being arrested for homicide.

think people think.
  by: koultunami     05/24/2006 01:17 PM     
yeah unless someone directly saw him, the driver could have left it in park, and depending the incline, hours, and age of the bus, the bus could have broke free, and to cover his/her ass they said the parking brake on, but still when i learned to drive, the instructor told me: "when parking on in incline remember, up up and away, down down and in" he said that so these things dont happen. i say the driver is at fault, because unless the boy had giantism err whatever, it would be awfully hard for him to reach the emergency door, and then even when he got up there the lever is pretty heavy itself, then opening it while being held up by your friend would even be difficult. if the boy popped the parking brake it would move right away, there would be no time for a teacher to remove him, because it would be dangerous to get off the bus, and if it was moving why didnt the teacher notice while removing the boy and stop it her/himself? bah too many holes, and to blame the boy like that is a serious lack of responsibility.
  by: trankpill   05/24/2006 04:57 PM     
the break was on, the kid took it off, this woman
who was across the street noticed the boy playing
around and took him off the bus.

then, the bus moved downhill and struck the girl.

I guess I better look for the article that I read
yesterday morning because that might clear somet
stuff up
  by: hotrock11     05/24/2006 05:03 PM     
  Homocide or..  
vehicular manslaughter? Most people who kill in accidents are charged with vehicular manslaughter. Of course, he wasn't operating the vehicle at the time, but I thought homocide was intentional and manslaughter was for accidents. Maybe I'm wrong.
  by: justaperson     05/24/2006 05:47 PM     
I think a homicide by accident is negligent homocide, so that would be me appropriate for this case.
  by: P4ssage   05/24/2006 09:39 PM     
  Emergency exits ahve to be able to be  
opened from the outside on school buses. How else could rescuers get to the kids? School buses are not designed to be left empty on the streets, they must be in a secure area/yard.

Additionally, I understand the front wheel was not turned towards the curb though on an incline.
  by: MmmMan     05/24/2006 11:12 PM     
  Seems to me...  
Some (not all) blame may rest with the adult who took the boy off the bus. It was irresponsible of her not to make sure the kid hadn't released the parking brake. Overall though i'd call this a tragic accident. I'd really doubt the boy set out to crush somebody with the bus. He just wanted to play like he was driving.
  by: etown411   05/26/2006 09:31 PM     
Where's a priest when you need one?

jk I know a bad joke and I feel sorry for the little girl that got killed.

This is all a horrible report. Imagine the whole scenario taking place? I can...good luck to that family that has to suffer knowing some 8 year old brat was messing around with something he should have never tried to go next to.
  by: morph   05/28/2006 08:12 PM     
Such a sad thing to happen, being only eight this will have an imprint on his whole life, doubt his young mind will ever block it out, he will need help with this as will the little girls parents.
  by: captainJane     05/29/2006 01:04 AM     
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