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                 01/20/2018 12:09 PM  
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06/02/2006 08:45 AM ID: 54678 Permalink   

Kid Aces Par 4, 310-Yard Hole


Chad Van Den Hemel, a 16-year-old playing a round of golf with his father scored a hole-in-one on May 22 at Lakes Golf Course, in a small town northwest of Sioux Falls. Not only was it an ace, it was a double eagle, something not even Tiger Woods has done.

"We walked up to the green to look for my ball and couldn't find it. We walked all around, then decided to look in the hole - and it was in there." Chad's brother and two friends were also playing with him. He also plays golf for his high school.

Van Den Hemel used his father's Golden Bear driver for the hole, which doglegged to the left, and had trees at the bend. Only about 200 golfers manage to hit double eagles annually.

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  Too much  
technology going into golf clubs and balls. They either need to limit the tech or lengthen the courses. A 16yo can now reach the green of a par 4 in 1. Enough said I think.
  by: ixuzus     06/02/2006 05:38 PM     
  First of all:  
310 yards is too short for a Par 4. There are Par 3's almost that length. Second of all, the comment, "Not only was it an ace, it was a double eagle, something not even Tiger Woods has done." If Tiger was to even play a Par 4, 310 yard hole, he would drive the ball way, way, way over the green in the air. Nevertheless, great shot.
  by: bp30240   06/02/2006 07:20 PM     
  technology:golf steroids:baseball  
it just aint the same game, fellas :/
  by: StaticFlux   06/02/2006 11:52 PM     
You cannot sit there and tell me that all the technology going into golf nowadays garentees a hole in one. Ive got a 250yard drive but ill be damned if i can get it to go straight. Theres still amazing amount of skill involved in golf. Its not the club, its the user. Enough said.
  by: wingedpuma     06/03/2006 12:30 PM     
  wow people...  
the kid plays for his highschool, so he obviously can play fairly well for his age. He plays at a location with a descent altitude and he most likely had the wind blowing his ball a little farther. the hole was also a dog leg wich means you could most likely short cut it over the OB area to take off distance. holes are measured center of play from tee to cup. if the tee to cup was 310 on a dog leg it could have been like 265-290 across the dog leg using the short cut. It is also a par 4 310 which is a stretch in comarison to most holes across the world. Most par 4 holes are over 350.

a great acomplishment and a sure example of extreme luck, but in no way is the game of golf in trouble by using ceramic/titanium 450cc drivers with graphite shafts. props to him for the ace and I hope he bought beers for all the players that saw him when he hit it, as is the tradition. even if he can not drink!

chill out people.
  by: Mile High Guy     06/05/2006 07:04 AM     
  No No No  
Boy missed even hitting the ball, the fater picked it up and took itout there and droped it in the hole... Just to inspire the boy into playing more.
  by: imbyjam   06/09/2006 07:54 PM     
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