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                 04/21/2014 02:11 PM  
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06/09/2006 05:35 PM ID: 54903 Permalink   

Breeder Attacked with Dead Chihuahua


A very upset Chicago woman attempted to exchange a dead puppy with the dog breeder on Wednesday. When she was not allowed to do so she attacked the breeder with the dead puppy.

The neighbors called the police as the breeder and dog owner were fighting, the owner left the scene waving the dead dog out of the sunroof and screaming.

The woman whose name is not disclosed could face multiple charges police say.

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at least the puppy wasn't loaded.
  by: walter3ca   06/09/2006 09:47 PM     
If she treats a dead puppy that way, she probably had something to do with the reason it was dead.
  by: m11   06/09/2006 09:53 PM     
  I have a Chihuahua  
Ive heard storys but didnt think Chicago was like that. .

Is dead puppys are offten used as curency. like in china town I can get a meal with a dead cat.

  by: imbyjam   06/12/2006 08:23 PM     
Maybe it was loaded and she just didn’t know how to cock it and pull the trigger. I’ve heard of drive-by Chihuahuacides before happening in Floriduh.
  by: valkyrie123     06/15/2006 02:28 PM     
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