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                 11/22/2017 08:27 AM  
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06/09/2006 11:16 PM ID: 54915 Permalink   

Pastor Shoots Disabled Boy With BB Gun


David Reasby, a pastor at the Iowa based Lighthouse Full Gospel Baptist Church, is facing criminal charges after allegedly using a BB gun to shoot a 14-year-old mentally disabled boy in the buttocks.

Apparently the boy knocked repeatedly on the front door of the pastor's residence when the pastor, who was sleeping, asked the boy to leave. According to the police, the boy not only stayed, but continued knocking on the door.

The pastor warned the boy he would shoot if he continued knocking, at which point the boy knocked again. The 51 year old kept to his word, discharging the weapon several times. The boy's injuries did not require medical treatment.

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  Maybe he has  
Intermittent Explosive Disorder!
  by: justaperson     06/09/2006 11:45 PM     
  It was God shooting...  
  by: hotrock11     06/10/2006 12:22 AM     
  by: lauriesman     06/10/2006 01:38 AM     
  old joke around my area...  
some preacher in a village-town once punched a man in the face, and said God took control of him and it was really God punching him (I think it was an atheist that said God was weak...)
  by: hotrock11     06/10/2006 03:07 AM     
  Simpsons Flashbacks  
I just keep getting visions of a young Flanders knocking on the reverend's door and calling him every night.
  by: kmazzawi     06/10/2006 06:45 AM     
  Oh, give me a break.  
Pepper spray would have done more damage. Some B-B guns are so pathetically weak there would have been no mark on the skin.
  by: walter3ca   06/10/2006 07:23 AM     
  in the pastor's defense...  
The source didnt mention if the pastor KNEW that the boy was mentally challenged. It would probably have been a different story.
  by: StaticFlux   06/10/2006 02:07 PM     
Pastor shot him in the buttocks, the boy must have had his back turned, probably to run away.

What kind of pastor shoots kids in the Buttocks while they are fleeing?
  by: jimschofield66   06/10/2006 05:56 PM     
Some kids are so retarded.
  by: Dayron   06/10/2006 06:58 PM     
  Was this Forrest Gump?  
Flashback of Forrest mooning the president after showing a bullet scar on his buttocks
  by: roots88     06/10/2006 07:54 PM     
i was just thinkin that. "yes sir, right in the butt-tocks" "oh i'd like to see that one"
  by: thrasius   06/11/2006 08:47 AM     
Being woken up, why did the Pastor not call the boys parents? doh
  by: captainJane     06/11/2006 10:35 AM     
  If he had known the kids parents  
he probably would have known about the kid's mental condition.
  by: Eidron   06/11/2006 09:52 PM     
  @ Quantum1.5  
A pellet gun and a BB gun are different. A pellet gun is more powerful. I changed the title.
  by: lurker     06/11/2006 10:41 PM     
  @ Lurker  
I stand corrected. My apologies! :)
  by: Quantum1.5     06/11/2006 11:01 PM     
"What kind of pastor shoots kids in the Buttocks while they are fleeing?"

If it was a Catholic Priest, something else would have hit the boys buttock. This kid got off lucky.
  by: testeng     06/12/2006 04:22 PM     
that would hurt getting shot with a bb gun especially in your butt. can't a bb gun be considered as a weapon. I think my best friend had an incident with a bb gun about 7 or 8 years ago when we were in 9th grade i think what happen was these boys that we really hated cause they were jerks took a bb gun to my friends old house and tried to shot her dog with it threw the window of her house and it wrecked the window but those boys were stupid idiots though but the dog was fine
  by: Rachel1085     06/12/2006 04:40 PM     
I really don't see the problem with this. The kid was being annoying, was asked to leave, and was warned. On top of that, being shot with a BB gun is trivial. Unless the boy was beyond severely handicapped, to the point where he had little to no control over his actions, the fact he was retarded should have no bearing.
  by: Svengali   06/12/2006 05:45 PM     
  for those that don't know about BB guns  
and pellet guns... if you get hit in certian places on your backside like around the kidney areas... if your wearing a regular shirt they can hurt like a mother, and i'm speaking about slingshot type bb guns and pellet guns... CO2 is much stronger yet... and while the non-CO2 usually wont break skin they are considered weapons theres a reason they are for sale to minor they aren't "mature" enough for them, evidently neither is this 51 years old pastor...

granted what this kid was doing is annoying... however what the pastor did was just dumb and criminal.

@svengali, "the fact he was retarded should have no bearing."

either way its technically assualt with a weapon
  by: HAVOC666     06/12/2006 06:08 PM     
I agree but the only reason, imo, I feel this is even considered remotely an issue is that the boy was disabled and the guy was a pastor. However, you are correct, this is still a crime. Although, I also feel I should be able to shoot any annoying 12 year old with a paintball gun...;)
  by: Svengali   06/12/2006 06:45 PM     
I have a BB/Air rifle, and use it very often. It is much stronger than a CO2 gun. It will shoot a pellet or bb at 678 feet per second. I shoot squirrels with pellets and they go clear through the carcass. Before the flames, they are considered vermin in this area, no limit, no season, no bag limit. They will take any fruit out of a garden that they can carry. The preacher, parson, rabbi, whatever, should be not locked up, but under the jail.
  by: OLD MAN   06/13/2006 08:46 PM     
Haha, I laughed so hard when I read your comment.
  by: Hexark   06/13/2006 08:54 PM     
  He's lucky  
I had a friend that owned a farm in IL. He used to have a bunch of High School kids come out when they were drunk and try to go Cow Tipping. he used a long bow, and an arrow that had a superball on the end. The 3 Inch round ones. He's shot them with that in the back, now THAT left a mark. He'd hit them, and they'd hit the ground in pain. I belive he had broke a few ribs on some of the local kids. But that's just the rumor I dunno for sure. After a while he installed a electric fence and they stopped coming onto his property.
  by: thegreatgonzo     06/14/2006 09:23 PM     
lol... no now they are just whizzing on it...

guess they didn't here the old Ren and Stimpy song "don't whiz on the electric fence"...
  by: HAVOC666     06/14/2006 09:37 PM     
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