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                 02/20/2018 08:49 AM  
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06/20/2006 01:42 PM ID: 55163 Permalink   

Woman Accidentally Kills Husband with Sword


A Chinese woman has been charged with manslaughter after she killed her husband with a sword. 25-year-old Tang Xiaowan often forced her husband to carry out her demands at sword point. Before his death, Li Weidong refused to make his wife's dinner.

Tang then pointed her sword at her husband's chest, slipped and stabbed him by mistake. He then died later that day in hospital due to blood loss. The pair had been married for three years. Tang has been practicing swordplay since she was little.

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i think she needs more practice
  by: groomsy     06/20/2006 01:52 PM     
  Nice reversal of roles  
Stereotypically, it’s the man who demands the dinner from the wife. I can tell who wore that pants in that marriage. It’s a tragic accident, there’s no doubt, but I can’t help but think “You go girl!!!”
  by: bluraven64   06/20/2006 02:25 PM     
You hold your husband at sword point to make him dinner and when he doesn't you "fall into him?" Yeah, that sounds likely.

Mistake #1: Not going for insanity right away!
  by: ast3r3x   06/20/2006 02:48 PM     
"Tang has been practicing swordplay since she was little."

That alone makes me doubt it was an accident..
  by: StarShadow     06/20/2006 03:25 PM     
  that's no.....  
accident to hold someone at sword point that's probably like you want to kill them. Make your own dinner lady.
  by: Rachel1085     06/20/2006 03:27 PM     
it's so much fun to endanger the lives of loved ones!
i'm gonna hold my wife at gunpoint tomorrow
morning so she makes me my scrambled eggs...and
she better do it RIGHT this time! i'm not sure if i'll load
the gun, i'll see what kind of mood i'm in when i wake
up -- maybe a little russian roulette
  by: pixx   06/20/2006 04:02 PM     
  I suspect they got into a fight...  
If she really was practicing swordplay since she was a child, there is 'no' way she could accidently stab anyone. nevermind the whole 'fell into him' crap - how do you accidently fall into someone?! Was it a rather powerful gust of wind?

Something heated up, she stabbed him and then realised what she had done in the heat of the moment and tried desperately to get him to hospital to save him but it was too late.

Rule no.1 - how about not threatening your significant other with weapons even if it is 'roleplay' or some wierd thing you get off on, 'especially' if you are the sort of person that may use those weapons.
  by: Vswift   06/20/2006 07:21 PM     
  I bet she was freaky  
And her husband probably liked it....

I wouldn't though if my wife CONSTANTLY did it. I would get scared and tell her to put that crap away
  by: hotrock11     06/20/2006 07:35 PM     
and the west still thinks that woman are being treated badly in CHINA.

Newsflash.... due to the shortage of woman in china, the role has shift so badly, now men needs protection groups. Yes you heard it right, women in red china, espically the city, are enjoying more rights than the so call democracies in asia.

ooo not to mention if they give birth to your child... your life is pretty much over from then on. You are nothing but a slave to yo wife foever and ever.......
  by: BC     06/20/2006 07:58 PM     
  I guess  
that he got the point.
  by: walter3ca   06/20/2006 09:10 PM     
  everyone knows the women  
are bad with swords thats why only men have them :~}
  by: JocKstEelUk   06/21/2006 07:33 AM     
coulda used some domestication. wheres g.w.?
  by: trankpill   06/21/2006 03:23 PM     
  Was she a crazy bitch?....  
like Catalina in the game San Andreas?
  by: cavador   06/22/2006 03:44 PM     
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