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                 02/18/2018 07:39 AM  
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07/09/2006 10:56 AM ID: 55582 Permalink   

Uncle Sam Wants You… to Shoot Brown People


According to The Southern Poverty Law Center, thousands of neo-Nazis and skinhead extremists are being recruited by the U.S. Army. The center called on Donald Rumsfeld to declare a new zero tolerance policy and strictly enforce it with a task force.

Investigator Scott Barfield says, "Recruiters are knowingly allowing neo-Nazis and white supremacists to join the armed forces, and commanders don't remove them from the military even after we positively identify them as extremists or gang members."

Aryan Nations graffiti is also being seen in Baghdad. A former Special Forces officer urged readers of Resistance magazine to train in the Army because "the coming race war and the ethnic cleansing to follow will be very much an infantryman's war."

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  to knowingly recruit these people  
shows just what a sorry state the US armed forces are in regarding recruiting. its already said in ethnic circles The armed forces are institutionally racist and this just adds weight to that argument. With this being made public fact you can see a like between the mass slaughter of iraqis and the mass enlistments of pure evil racists. No dobut this isnt just a US problem but yet again America jumps to the top of the list either because of cost cuttings or just not carring enough, either way with this information being cemented as fact there will be a steep decline in ethnic recruitment and no doubt it will have a rippling effect for armed forces around the world too.
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/09/2006 12:07 PM     
  Does this have anything to do with  
the guy who raped the Iraqi girl and killed her family?
Oh no, i forgot... he had dual personality/ mentl disorder... bless him!
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/09/2006 01:58 PM     
  Well you know...  
Alot of people in the World today depict Bush as "the next Hitler". If ( and I do believe it is) it is true, then hey, he's just getting his SS...errr US Troops ready for action.
  by: Babagadoosh   07/09/2006 03:52 PM     
  Recruiters don't care...  
Recruiters don't care who they stick in there just as long as they meet their quota. When I was in the Navy, there was a guy in there that scored a 27 on his ASVAB test (for comparison I scored a 92). He actually had drool coming out of his mouth. Needless to say he never made it through boot camp.
  by: elderban99     07/09/2006 04:26 PM     
  Oh well...  
I guess everyone can take comfort that these asshats aren't putting people into the Marines.

Also, I don't think the title is appropriate.
  by: erasedgod   07/09/2006 05:34 PM     
  @DarkAngelJG: Shoot...  
Hate to break it to ya, but a lot of white supremacist and black supremacists as well, have all kinds of mental disorders. Trust me on this, I’m black and I’ve had encounters with both camps and I can honestly say, “They both have issues.”
  by: FreakKeeper     07/09/2006 08:47 PM     
  Look at it this way  
who would you rather having fight in the front line, someone hate filled or some new age pc metrosexual?

Youve all been watching too much post apolocyptic-neo-nazi-sci-fi-movies if you believe a few thousand will take control and screw it up for everyone in this day and age.

Heres what would happen ...

1. w00t we have siezed positions in the military, lets take over.

2. They try to start a coup.

3. Everyone says 'Eh? screw you ya friggin nazi we all have guns!'

4. Coup leaders are all dead or arrested.

Maybe before the west had techonology, ideals and understanding that crap would happen, but ... please ... what can they do? Fight harder than the rest? Run out guns blazing drawing fire away from the other troops? What?

I'm sorry but you can make a scapegoat of all these people all youu want, chances are you wont catch the real devious, smart, educated zealots. At least this way you have half a clue who they are.

I think personally even a non neo nazi in that environment would maybe draw graffitti and stuff for kicks.

We're basically animals, just have some level of intelligence, and you release us back into daily killing of fellow man you open that natural instinct again.

From birth we are told not to kill, well in my society anyways, but how do you know how you would react after months of defending your life and taking that of others.
  by: AccessG     07/09/2006 10:51 PM     
the problem is with the Army knowingly accepting people whose ultimate goal is to cleanse the world of non-whites, giving them a gun, and sending them to "protect" the freedoms of non-whites. in my opinion, that sounds like a recipe for preventable abuses and deaths to occur.

@everyone upset about the title
i fail to see how the title is "misleading". shocking yes, but misleading? the extremists are joining so they can shoot non-white people, and the Army is exploiting that motive due to drops in enlistment. i don't make the news shocking, i just report it.
  by: manilaryce     07/09/2006 11:41 PM     
Every US citizen has a right to try and get into the US armed forces. Regardless of their personal views on other races...even if they are/were members of a neo-nazi group. You have to much as everyone wants to think that these are men signing up...they are kids. Alot of them join because they have made mistakes that they want to leave something new.

The armed forces let gang members long as they don't affiliate with them any longer. People change.

There are very strict rules in the armed forces for dealing with racial intolerance. For a neo-nazi or supremecist to be able to fuction within the established guidelines would be mean that they are acting just like everyone else.

I don't care if the guy next to me is a bothers me when he opens his mouth and says something racist. Or when he acts racist. His own personal beliefs are his business.
  by: tv34291   07/09/2006 11:52 PM     
"i fail to see how the title is "misleading". shocking yes, but misleading?"

I don't find it shocking... though it would be if it was even remotely true. Your title states that the government is recruiting people to be racists.
  by: erasedgod   07/10/2006 03:12 AM     
"Your title states that the government is recruiting people to be racists."

i disagree. otherwise it would say "uncle sam want you... to be racist". the government is recruiting people who are outwardly racist. they've taken advantage of this mentality by actively recruiting neo-nazis, and have done little to enforce their zero tolerance policy towards extremists. however you interpret it, the american government is enlisting people to shoot brown people.
  by: manilaryce     07/10/2006 03:51 AM     
  Got to agree with Manilaryce  
The people who the US are shooting in Iraq are defacto brown. Not a hell of a lot of european looking Iraqis over there.
  by: Mister crank     07/10/2006 04:16 AM     
dont know about you guys but the term "brown" is meant for indians, "paki" is pakistani and "arab" is the general middle eastern area with the exception of iran who are known as "persians" and over to the east pretty much universally "chinese" comes to mind unless you know exactly what country they are from... umm yea thast all i gotta say
  by: starlock   07/10/2006 05:07 AM     
doesnt all extremeist groups send men or women into a nations military to train them? look in history when some leaders were taken out via a coup de tat like say SADAT he was killed by men who had mil training, from egypt mind you. if white racists are in the military why isnt even race sending ppl to the military for the same thing, blacks in the military to train for a future race war and the same with asians or any race for the same excuse. remember when that US solder threw the hand grenade into the tent where soldiers were sleeping in iraq i think it was cause of the war in iraq cause of the same thing he didnt like how muslims were being killed by infidels or whatever that was. for all we know bid laden and his crew have sleeper cells in the US trained by the US mil just as he was. a repeat will happen just this time the guys who pull something will have skills in EOD, sharpeshooting and recon. but hey that was the fear during the cold war with hiding military secrets just now the fear is 1 man learning a trait and then passing it on to a secret group whose intent is to multiply that skill for greater numbers for operations.
  by: DREKK   07/10/2006 06:59 AM     
Just think, when these racists finally leave the military, they'll be back home in the US with all that nice military training/experience...
  by: StarShadow     07/10/2006 06:46 PM     
  Haven't heard of Stormfront in a while...  
That is a hub of a network of truly scary people. On one hand, I am surprised that the military would be letting this slide, but that's very fleeting. I've never had much faith in their standards or screening, and given their recruiting woes, I'd expect even less of them (such as allowing in pretty much any violent SOB out there). Then, of course, we're all supposed to be shocked and blame "personality disorders" when civilian massacres occur.

THIS is the problem, AccessG, with allowing such people into the military. Not only are we giving dangerous and deranged people training in lethal force, we are putting them into an environment in which to practice it on their preferred targets! Military personnel may not be diplomats, but they do end up representing their country, so not only are we giving them the opportunity to do attrocious things, but we're setting them up to do it in our name.

As for the title, I agree it is excessively sensationalistic to say the least. It gives the impression that there is some sort of state-sponsored or advocated racial cleansing program going on, and that is hardly the case. At very least, it infers that this is the Army's motive in recruiting these people, which is unknown but very likely untrue. Now, if someone were to uncover a memo or something which said "Morale to kill Iraqis low - recruit persons with violent racial antipathies," that would certainly be another matter.
  by: MomentOfClarity     07/10/2006 07:36 PM     
  And this won't  
show that the U.S. is hurting Iraq at all. By putting psycotic men with racist eyes on the frontlines, we must think that they'll do a wonderful job. </sarcasm>
  by: stonesour025   07/10/2006 10:54 PM     
When one of the Aryan Nations main headquarters were located here, there were no gangs, and you never saw minorities walking in the streets. Now that Butler's land got taken from him and he moved along with is 'group'. I see gang bangers walking in the streets now and minorties are everywhere also. No offense, but the greater the rate of minorties there are in your area, the greater the gangs rate. Gangs = extra robberys, killings, drugs, the most pitifull looking lowlifes in America.
  by: slayer06   07/12/2006 01:35 AM     
  I cant believe your comments  
Why would Aryan Nation be different than a queer, muslum, minority, rich, poor, ex gang member, female, indian to black and white in the military? And you guys are crying prejudice!
  by: slayer06   07/12/2006 01:51 AM     
You have got to be kidding. So, because the violent criminal organization in your neighborhood kept the streets clean, they must be OK? Sure, nevermind the people they harass, intimidate, and kill. Incidentally, that IS the difference between them and those other groups you mention. This obvious difference is why I hope you're kidding. A quote comes to mind, can anyone place it?

"Now, I don't think of Nazis as devil-worshippers, more like a...a group of people."
  by: MomentOfClarity     07/12/2006 02:39 AM     
The Aryan Nations have their beliefs, But calling them killers? Yes, they do preach hate, but so do Muslums. There are always bad people in any group of people, you only hear of the bad ones. Look at the Top Biships in the Kathlic Churches, they turned out to be petafiles!Preying on the young inosent children that can't protect themselves! And thats from the most repectable churches! That was only an example. Anyone can create a Religon and start a Church. It is all tax deductable, everything is. Aryan Nations is a church with their own beliefs, just like the Mormon church. Mormon's like to have 10 wives with 40 childern, 80 uncles and aunts, and 10 grandma's and pa's. Sorry, couldn't resist. Also, it is a sin for any church member to buy anything that the Moron Church dont have stock in, like the story of Coke'o'Cola stock. I would be more afraid of the Muslum Religion than the Aryan Nations Religion. Just my experience, but then again, im not minority. The days of the extreme Aryan Nations in Mississippi in the olden days are over. But the extreme Muslim religion is gaining strength and they are a part of our military. And I dont hear anything about that!
  by: slayer06   07/12/2006 03:16 AM     
Man, you got me wound up now. Do you know what a Nazi is? It was a high ranking German group that followed Hitlers orders. They were effective and effecient in killing, the holocaust comes to mind. WWII and perhaps WW1 era. They were Devil worshippers? Perhaps a few of them were, but thats just a speculation. Just like I can speculate that your also a devil worshipper without proven facts. I dont believe in the Aryan Nations beliefs, nor the Mormons, Kathics (good one though), Satinism, or Muslum...just Christain. Im just stating my opioion. But if their entering thier churches and recruiting them from their, then that's wrong. That would give them the wrong message.
  by: slayer06   07/12/2006 03:43 AM     
The simple difference is that the Aryan Nation beliefs are hate-based, while all of the other religions you mention have some persecution or misdeeds peripheral to a more positive set of beliefs. All you do is attempt to put perfume on a dog turd with such slander - examples of pedophilic priests and Muslim terrorists are mere distractions from the fact that at the core of the Aryan Nation's beliefs is pure hatred toward other races.

Obviously the quote went over your head, so I will explain. The context is a discussion over evil on the planet, characterized by one party as "devil worshippers." One person asks if the Nazis, having plagued the Earth with their evil, certainly would not have been an example of more widespread evil in the world. That is when the quote is spoken, essentially saying that for all of their attrocities, the Nazis really weren't such bad guys. That is the message you convey here about the Aryan Nations, like a good soldier, perhaps. Sure, minority crime goes down around an AN headquarters - lone animals cannot compete with the pack of predators up the street.

Having studied both the Third Reich and the faiths you mention, I suggest you cite some sources to back your claims. I'll cite one to start which shows that the "olden days" aren't so old:
  by: momentofclarity     07/12/2006 04:44 AM     
My comments were related to other peoples posts and not 'so much' directed at the headline. Guess my posts were a little misleading about Aryan Nations but thats nothing compaired to this.

Anyway, you link says it all, They are/were worse than I thought. Enough said.
  by: slayer06   07/12/2006 05:55 AM     
Yes, but its not them you dont have to worry about.

Its the ones who havent expressed their extremist views, or the ones who havent gone over the edge you have to be careful about. (Wasnt McVeigh in the military as well?)

Personally, as long as they are not acting on their beliefs, I could careless. Its one thing to believe, its another to act.
  by: DesertRebel   07/12/2006 06:14 PM     
I would not even go so far as to condemn all white separatists as I would groups such as this. I have argued with many who are very respectful and merely want a homeland in which their racial culture is preserved, with no violent intent at all. I would defend these people and their beliefs because they are no danger...but the AN, well, they have a lot of blood to wash from their hands. It certainly cannot be denied that many, if not most, ideologies have their extremist subgroups. Maybe the AN does some good - hell, even the Klan does roadside cleanup. With such groups, though, it needs to be considered which aspect of the group is more prevalent, the malignant or the benevolent. Looking at some of the quotes taken from Stormfront, we can certainly see some malignant intent here.
  by: MomentOfClarity     07/12/2006 06:37 PM     
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