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                 04/25/2014 07:05 AM  
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07/13/2006 10:06 AM ID: 55663 Permalink   

Zidane Apologizes to Fans for Headbutt


Zinedine Zidane publicly apologized to all fans, especially children over the headbutt that saw him get sent off in the World Cup Final. He made the statement on French channel Canal Plus during a live interview, broadcast yesterday evening.

However, Zidane also commented he regrets nothing, adding that Materazzi provoked him until he lost his cool. Zidane alleged that Materazzi insulted his mother and sister three times, which hit a raw nerve as Zidane's mother is currently in hospital.

Materazzi previously defended himself, saying "I didn't insult his mother. I lost my mother when I was 15 years old...Naturally, I didn't know that his mother was in hospital."

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  regardless of his applogy  
he shouldnt have done it, he has ruined his legacy, embarrassed himself and let his team mates down.
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/13/2006 03:22 PM     
  You cant blame him.  
What Materazzi said was idiotic. It doesnt justify a headbutt with millions of people watching but Materazzi is an ass of the highest quality.
  by: Vistrix   07/13/2006 04:15 PM     
  you guys  
must not have any family pride, or ever played a super fast paced intense sport. but since you havent ill explain: Accelerated heartbeat and the mixture of fear and adrenaline it makes your judgement go down a lil. and when you love you mother and your sister, when a guy probably talked about them being easy or slutty (because you and i dont know what materazzi said.)its easy to lose the "control". which IMO he didnt lose anything he wanted to get that mother back for talking about his family. i dont blame him, and i thought it was sweet. i dont think it ruined his legacy or that he let anyone down. he would have let his family down if he had not done anything about it.
  by: trankpill   07/13/2006 04:51 PM     
  What it comes down to...  
It comes down to which you, as a person, value more. If you value a game of football more than your family, then of course it was idiotic.
  by: devwar   07/13/2006 06:30 PM     
  whether you value...  
football or your family more or less is irrelevant!

Zidane was wearing the captain's band, and as such, he was expected to maintain some sense of composure.
  by: StaticFlux   07/13/2006 06:54 PM     
Oh yeah, I'm sure that after almost scoring a header in the final minutes of extra time & then awaiting delivery from a corner kick, and experiencing heightened adrenaline, testosterone, and a faster heart rate, the first thoughts in your mind after hearing a player shout after you "you're the son of a terrorist whore", while your mother lies in a hospital bed, would be "I'm the captain, I should maintain composure".

You'll notice that after the incident he kept his composure pretty well and even put his arm around the ref when he showed him the red card.
  by: GodLoki   07/13/2006 09:59 PM     
I don't blame him for what he did, i do think that he could have handled it differently but as we do not know what his particular situation was (obviously now we have a clue), there is now way we can blame him, heck i would have probable lost my cool as well.

People are inherently fallible and that in itself makes us infallible.
  by: siltek_1   07/13/2006 10:09 PM     
  @ trankpill  
he's a 34 year old man not a child, forget making excusses for him if he did that on the street he would have been arrested. He has embarrassed himself on arguably the biggest stage possible and he will always be remebered for what he did in the world cup final not what he did before it. he might call it family pride but some of his team mates might call it selfish and possibly blame him for not winning world cup winners medals.
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/14/2006 02:28 AM     

That's like saying Maradona will only be remembered for 'the hand of God' and not the way he played the game.

The headbutt is a blemish - people will always remember how brilliant a player he was and what he did for French football.

Before you make comments like that you might like to keep up with how the French fans feel about what he did, and his team-mates, and his president.
  by: GodLoki   07/14/2006 02:53 AM     
Playing in the world cup as a captain and representing your country is an honor. However, defending your family has always been and always will be a moral obligation. It doesn't matter the event.

I think everyone would have handled it differently. But I also know that everyone has a catchphrase where people will snap and will take a swing at the person, no matter who you are, at least in my opinion.
  by: s0n0fagun   07/14/2006 05:28 AM     
"That's like saying Maradona will only be remembered for 'the hand of God"

funnily in england his is mostly remembered for his hand of god goal and secondly for his drug problems (ie world cup 94) just like zidane will be remebered for his last footballing action, a headbutt followed by being sent off in the world cup final with 5 minutes left. you go and ask anyone about zidane and the frst thing they will say is his headbutt then ask them about pele and they will talk about his football
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/14/2006 06:50 AM     
So if your Mum was lying in a hospital bed, very ill, and some tw*t called her a terrorist whore (Or something to that effect) you would just smile at him and walk off? I bet 90% of people would have done the same as Zidane, some would probably have done worse.

Materazzi had it coming anyway, look on YouTube for the Materazzi matrix video, and it will show you how Materazzi is week in, week out.
  by: jamie_bannister   07/14/2006 09:39 AM     
have you heard the phrase sticks and stone? the man is an adult and should have acted accordingly which for the alleged comments would have should have been dealt with after the match possibly in the car park
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/14/2006 10:02 AM     
  the only  
thing idiotic about it, was the fact that Zidane hit him in the ribcage, and not the head. He should have broken the f**k's nose.
  by: cavedude   07/14/2006 12:13 PM     
  I hear you  
and i do relate, my mama passed away in 1998.. so i dont know what i'd have done, i think the same, over pride. However i find the mind to be logical and the heart an art of goodness. so both must be justified, i hope they both find solace and agreement.
  by: unitybeing   07/14/2006 05:51 PM     
"funnily in england his is mostly remembered for his hand of god goal and secondly for his drug problems (ie world cup 94) just like zidane will be remebered for his last footballing action, a headbutt followed by being sent off in the world cup final with 5 minutes left. you go and ask anyone about zidane and the frst thing they will say is his headbutt then ask them about pele and they will talk about his football"

You're reffering to people who aren't real football fans.

Actually, I'm not even a real football fan - just of international football.

The people who don't know a thing about football remember Maradona for his hand of god -- especially in England -- but the same people don't remember he ran around the entire England team in the same match and scored the best goal ever.

The people who only pay attention to the cheating/violent conduct are the same people who only know anything about football because of the mass media, and they only listen just so they have something to talk about -- who cares what they think?! These are the same people who you mention "Pele" to and they start talking about impotence adverts. These are the same people who will only remember Zidane for the headbutt.

Their opinions on players and on football are worthless.

Besides I'd like to think his headbutt will be remembered as "the headbutt against racism".
  by: GodLoki   07/15/2006 04:12 AM     
  another thing.  
What about Figo?

He headbutted somebody in the Holland match.

What, just because the Ref doesn't send him off nobody pays attention?
  by: GodLoki   07/15/2006 04:14 AM     
yep your right there but the fact is figo wasnt in the world cup final being watched by Billions of fans nor was figo as good as Zidane (arguably) but put it this way if his name was David Beckham and he did that do you honestly think anyone would sympathise with or try to defend him? no they would say he's a man, he should have kept his cool. he has let his team and his country down and etc.
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/15/2006 04:40 AM     
Some prick just insulted my religion, my mother and sister, and my pride. i wouldn't headbutt him - id push him, slap him, punch him, kick him, beat him and poke him in the eye (several times) - but id never headbut him. zidane is a footballing genius, a proud muslim and a n inspiration to millions. i salute him and his very powerull (yet bold) head.
  by: nextman   07/16/2006 05:35 PM     
  if he had done on the street  
he would have been arested regardless of what he had been called he would have been in the wrong. He's a man he should have acted like one.
  by: JocKstEelUk   07/16/2006 07:52 PM     
  As a soccer player for three quarters of my life..  
I thought what Zidane did was f'ing badass. When I saw the actual hit, I was like....damn!!! In my eyes, he went out in the best way he could of. Maybe he could've helped his team in penalty kicks, but without him, they would have lost anyways.
  by: Gnaglor     07/21/2006 09:59 PM     
  Ain't nobody above an ass whupping.  
Shit, there's a reason to kick an old man down a flight of just don't do it.

-Chris Rock
  by: Gnaglor     07/21/2006 10:00 PM     
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