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                 04/23/2014 11:53 PM  
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07/19/2006 03:38 PM ID: 55783 Permalink   

Wal-Mart Attempts To Corner MySpace Market


In a desperate attempt to close the gap between Wal-Mart and its teen audience, the company has launched a service called 'The Hub'. They refer to their users as "Hubsters", a twist on 'hipsters'.

This service emulates MySpace, however it screens all content submitted, tells parents when their kids have joined and forbids users to e-mail one another. Page content is limited to a headline, a fashion quiz and a song.

Teens are invited to create their own page for a chance to "win some fab prizes", including the chance to have their videos appear in a Wal-Mart TV commercial. However, Wal-Mart has indicated that it reserves the right to edit the winning video.

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  Isn't this child labour?  
getting the ideas and work from the kids??
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/19/2006 03:49 PM     
  hmmm. . . .  
wonder if the same exec that made sure thier employees "assisted" the police in looking for the bomb was also in charge of this floater. someone hit the flush leaver . . .. damn >.<
  by: samuraisamus   07/19/2006 04:03 PM     
I am not sure about teens today, but when i was young being in a wal-mart commercial was a pretty bad punishment.
  by: MindsEye007   07/19/2006 05:36 PM     
This idea is horrible! In my opinion, Walmart is wasting money. Heck, if they are giving away money, I wonder why I can't get any of it?
  by: s0n0fagun   07/19/2006 06:28 PM     
  Here is the website for all who are curious ...

If these aren't paid actors, I don't know what is.
  by: Daev     07/19/2006 06:36 PM     
  how gay  
  by: ke1n   07/19/2006 08:24 PM     
(thumbs up)

Yo, Me and the Scenesters love winning those rad prizes, daddio! To paraphrase President Beeblebrox, They're so hip that it's a wonder their legs don't fall off!
  by: AxTng1   07/19/2006 11:19 PM     
  Walmart = Nazi  
Who didn't know that? Raise your hand.

Oh, and also, they're drug dealers.. not just the pharmacy kind either.

Do some homework. ;)
  by: prophageus   07/20/2006 03:04 AM     
i can see who they gave the drugs too. jk
  by: Emp3r0r     07/20/2006 03:48 AM     
  lol !  
Walmart is something akin to a giant propaganda machine, my god. Are we sure Goebbels is really dead?
  by: cbuilding   07/20/2006 04:12 AM     
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