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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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07/19/2006 06:35 PM ID: 55786 Permalink   

Toothed Fish Caught in Buffalo Springs Lake


While enjoying an afternoon fishing on Buffalo Springs Lake, Scott Curry reeled in a 20-pound fish - a fine dinner - but he's having reservations about eating something that could bite him back - the fish has small pearly teeth akin to a human toddler's.

The General Manager of Buffalo Springs Lake, Greg Thornton, said, "I've lived out here 36 years, and I've never seen a fish like that out here in my life." Officials speculate this fish may be a pacu or tambaqui that was released by a careless owner.

After Curry informed interviewers that he had seen another similar fish at the time of his toothy catch, Lake officials posted a $100 bounty on any fish caught with choppers. The original catch is displayed in the spring pond at Buffalo Springs Lake.

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I goofed - the last sentence in the first paragraph should end in "a human toddler" or "human toddlers." At any rate, the analogy was simply too freakish to pass up!
  by: Rough Ian     07/19/2006 06:39 PM     
  Those are HUGE teeth  
For a fish!
  by: caution2     07/19/2006 07:09 PM     
  @rednecks in general  
OOooo Look a new types of fish, them's might be rare $100 to anyone who catches one.

1 week later.....

New species of fish found to be extinct.
  by: DRHunk     07/19/2006 08:46 PM     
It's an invading species. Someone released them into the wild, probably on purpose, after finding out that they could not care for it, as in:

"Aw look, a cute little Peruvian fishy with teeth. Let's buy one Daddy!"

6 months later

"Well crap, the darn thing is gettin too big fer the fishtank. Guess we better get rid of him"

Teeth don't spontaneously evolve into the choppers that fish has inside the span of a man's lifetime. It's not a new adaptation, it's not new diversification of an existing species.

It's an intrusion of domestic waterways by a foregin species. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing you want to nip in the bud as quickly as possible, lest this new critter gain a foodhold and take over the local ecosystem, as many aquatic critters have in the past.
  by: Dedolito     07/19/2006 09:15 PM     
  Its a Pacu  
  by: TheChanPerv   07/20/2006 02:27 AM     
  i don't know how...  
but that fish stole someone's dentures
  by: pixx   07/20/2006 03:07 AM     
From what can be seen in the picture, the fish's head is about as big as the guy's thumb. I'm not sure how that's a 20 pound fish. Unless it's extremely long, it looks to be no larger than a 5 pounder.
  by: banshee9898     07/20/2006 03:13 AM     
If it is a Pacu it can grow to weigh 25Kg. Looking at the photos provided in the link you notice the pacu is a juvenile, since it is written there and also because it has a red belly. Pacus mimic the red piranha (for obvious reasons) while they are youngsters, as they grow they gradually turn black.
  by: _strider_   07/20/2006 03:16 PM     
  Another illegal immigrant from South America  
On Wednesday, Texas Parks & Wildflife identified the unusual catch as a Pacu, a fish found in South America.

  by: MmmMan     07/24/2006 08:25 PM     
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