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                 04/25/2014 07:01 AM  
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07/21/2006 01:40 AM ID: 55817 Permalink   

Flashing Customer Returns to Arby's Drive Thru, Masturbating


A Tennessee man has been arrested on indecent exposure charges after repeatedly going through an Arby's drive thru in a rather distasteful manner. Initially, the man appeared fully nude while attempting to place an order.

Weeks later, the man again returned to the restaurant, attempting to place another order. As he pulled up to the window with his pants around his ankles, the female employee looked on in horror as the man earnestly indulged himself.

Unfortunately for the flasher, an officer soon happened to spot the man driving in his unusual condition, and promptly pulled him over. The officer went back to Arby's, and learned about the incidents. Apparently, the man was masturbating each time.

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He should have gone to Jack in the Box!
  by: PBoxter   07/21/2006 02:06 AM     
Why did this never happen to me when i worked at McDs? That job was so boring. Most exciting thing to happen was when Marilyn Manson was in concert at OKC and seeing all the 'Goths' come in.
  by: TheManThatUFear   07/21/2006 02:08 AM     
Maybe Wendy's Restaurant instead, so they can say "Where's the beef?"
  by: steiny_33     07/21/2006 02:43 AM     
  Too bad  
the girl at the window didn't have a nice cup of hot coffee to accidentally spill.
  by: cbuilding   07/21/2006 03:07 AM     
He must REALLY get off on Arbys
  by: FTFFTW   07/21/2006 05:05 AM     
good jokes guys.
  by: maverick7h     07/21/2006 07:52 AM     
  1st Rule  

('Jack in the Box' Hhahahahahaha!)
  by: JollyGreenGiant   07/21/2006 08:24 AM     
  some people...  
are so friggin retarted and do retarted things
  by: Rachel1085     07/21/2006 02:13 PM     
  I worked at McD's and this happened ALL the time  
It was a weekly event. It was also because we were on a major highway coming from Toronto to Detroit. People would drive thru naked, yanking it, getting head, getting off, etc. You think of it, we saw it. It was rather disgusting that these people had the balls to do this too, considering the McD's was employed by mostly teenagers.
  by: Daev     07/21/2006 04:09 PM     
not fair... i worked on a McD's on a turnpike and nothing happend. The most exicting thing happened a few days before i started working there, and that is some guy died walking down the turnpike and his dog was found eating him.

Damn, i always get screwed out of quirky stuff like that.

I've heard of it happening before, at that McDs but it never happened when i was there. Mostly there were just horror stories of what other people did there to keep me entertained... like some guy melting the Happy Meal toys in the Deep Fryer...

BTW, i'll never eat at that McDs again.
  by: TheManThatUFear   07/21/2006 04:32 PM     
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