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                 09/26/2017 02:57 PM  
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08/01/2006 11:20 AM ID: 56042 Permalink   

Firefox Flaws Exposed by Hackers


Hackers have been able to exploit a critical flaw in Mozilla's Firefox browser. The Infostealer.Snifula programme installs Trojans that are then loaded at browser startup. The virus uses XPCOMS to install the Trojans.

XPCOMS are cross-platform component object models, which developers use to create extensions for Firefox. Symantec said that the attacks against Mozilla's open source browser began in March this year, according to spokesman Candid Wuest.

Wuest said: "When an infected user submits a Web form on a Web site, [JS.Ffsniff] will parse the site and steal all information that is submitted by the Web form, including passwords." Security experts say Firefox's popularity will mean more viruses.

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  Hahaha, told ya so :P  
I said ages ago that the reason MS gets its ass handed back so much is because of popularity and that nothing is 100% secure and lets not forget about the comment about the more popularity something gains, the more likely it is to be exploited. Welcome to the real world FF.
  by: AccessG     08/01/2006 02:35 PM     
*looks at FireFox's track record*
*looks at Internet Explorer's track record*
*looks at AccessG*

I'd venture to say Microsoft gets its "ass handed back to them" because of poor coding practices. I'm not claiming FireFox is perfect by any means, but using their browser is a lot less infuriating than using internet explorer.
  by: Svengali   08/01/2006 03:45 PM     
  IE VS FF  
I still prefer IE, for a few reasons

Easier to use (familarity)
It asks you where to save your downloads
It actually works on most websites I use.
It is supported by my company.
Runs faster on my PC.
and I just like running the risk of being webjacked

  by: nexmari     08/01/2006 04:01 PM     
  id have to agree with nexmari  
on everything except being webjacked lol. firefox is somewhat fiddley to use in comparrison to iE and FF always seems te allow more spyware cookie than IE also. i think its tie to try opera.
  by: JocKstEelUk   08/01/2006 04:31 PM     
  Again with the IE vs FF  
Wow this seems to be something that will never end.

Again I reassert my statement that since using FF, my computer has to be reformatted less frequently due to malicious software installed by IE, and that I can tab my browsing with FF.

I will still take FF over IE any day of the week, even with this exploit which I expect will be patched in the next couple of days. If this was found in IE I wouldn't see a patch for at least a few weeks.
  by: Daev     08/01/2006 04:36 PM     
Personally, I think firefox has a much cleaner interface. I'm not sure what difficulties people have in using it as the concept is still quite similar. Anyway, with IE7 coming out, your interface will be just as complex if not more than FireFox. Of course, the upgrade will be partially forced as a "High Priority Upgrade" [SN Reported]. But, if you're happy with IE, then stick with it.
  by: Svengali   08/01/2006 05:25 PM     
makes me wonder if thats what happened to me.
  by: bye     08/01/2006 06:32 PM     
  You know.  
If you really want safety
  by: RoBBoB     08/01/2006 08:28 PM     
The -biggest- problem with IE is that it WILL NOT evolve unless competition arises.

If Netscape/Firefox had never popped up the browser/web standards we would be using would be NOWHERE near as advanced.

Things like tabbed browsing should have been in IE years ago.

FYI to all:
When your using a browser on the open internet its a security risk irregardless of the 'kind' of browser! Arguing security with browsers is pretty stupid.

At this point we should be concerned with:
1. Features (Including speed)
2. Reaction time to threats
  by: kavok   08/01/2006 09:41 PM     
Learning how to use a new browser is not hard to do. You can also configure other browsers to ask you to save to disk first.
  by: caution2     08/01/2006 10:36 PM     
Stubborn-ness to change isn't a good reason to still continue to use a pos like IE. If by 'runs faster' you mean 'opens faster' then that is not the case. IE is pretty much already loaded into memory when Windows starts up and then just copies it in memory when you 'open' the browser, browse files, etc. Note that you can have Firefox load and stay resident in memory so it appears to load faster too.
  by: treyjazz   08/01/2006 11:54 PM     
  Only a matter of time.  
No system is perfect, but as others have said, I expect this will be dealt with much more quickly. I've had no problems with Firefox since I switched, except with the aforementioned downloading issues. Not only does it not ask where you want to save, but it can take a RIDICULOUSLY longer amount of time to do so. IE will save a jpeg instantly but FF opens up its little Download window, during which time the whole program just freezes and waits, making for about a 15-20 second difference between the programs for small downloads.
  by: MomentOfClarity     08/02/2006 12:04 AM     
FireFox updated itself while I was reading this message. Security patchs:

MFSA 2006-56 chrome: scheme loading remote content
MFSA 2006-55 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
MFSA 2006-54 XSS with XPCNativeWrapper(window).Function(...)
MFSA 2006-53 UniversalBrowserRead privilege escalation
MFSA 2006-52 PAC privilege escalation using
MFSA 2006-51 Privilege escalation using named-functions and redefined "new Object()"
MFSA 2006-50 JavaScript engine vulnerabilities
MFSA 2006-48 JavaScript new Function race condition
MFSA 2006-47 Native DOM methods can be hijacked across domains
MFSA 2006-46 Memory corruption with simultaneous events
MFSA 2006-45 Javascript navigator Object Vulnerability
MFSA 2006-44 Code execution through deleted frame reference

Any of these have to do with the explosed flaws in this story?
  by: Dedolito     08/02/2006 01:10 AM     
I have never had the time issue. In FF I use a standard download folder called 'Incoming' - which makes it a breeze to find everything I've downloaded recently, to sort what i want to keep and delete the rest.

In addition, FF maintains it's download list until you clear it - an advantage over IE where the moment you close the save dialog, it's gone.
  by: lauriesman     08/02/2006 01:38 AM     
Tools -> Options -> Downloads -> Show download manager when a download begins
  by: caution2     08/02/2006 02:17 AM     
  Ever since I started firefox  
or even netscape the computer doesn't seem to freeze or completely crash as often. Also when they do they don't take down the entire system with them
  by: Jaded Fox     08/02/2006 03:08 AM     
  That's why  
You should get the Download Statusbar extension (plugin) which drops everything you are downloading into your status bar and not an extra window like IE. :D
  by: treyjazz   08/02/2006 05:06 AM     
"Easier to use (familarity)
It asks you where to save your downloads
It actually works on most websites I use.
It is supported by my company.
Runs faster on my PC.
and I just like running the risk of being webjacked"
#1 - Same reason I prefer FF.
#2 - Firefox does that too, but you can chose to automatically do it for any file.
#3 - Works on all websites I use
#4 - Uhh, no comment
#5 - FF Runs so much faster than IE on mine.
#6 - Lol.
  by: fballer23   08/02/2006 05:39 AM     
  ie 4 life  
ever since i went on 64 bit xp ie has been the best browser ever. it is simpler to use, faster, and more decisive. very few viruses and spyware will load onto it, and never one snuck on without my permission
  by: maccheese   08/02/2006 06:08 AM     
So you let the viruses and spyware on your system on purpose? jk Have you tried Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, any other browser to see how they compare on the 64bit system?
  by: treyjazz   08/02/2006 06:11 AM     
  i use FF  
i use FF, i like it better then IE it's just faster for me
  by: daboss   08/02/2006 08:15 AM     
LOL I was using that for a month or two, then I had to come back to windows. The annoying bit is I can't stand xmms and they don't have winamp and like how you said the other day I too may be obessed with organized layouts that I prefer.

Hmm gnome, gnome is good.

Actually Opera 9 is pretty dam smooth, the only thing is setting up the extra features require a bit of reading the tutorial on their site. It comes with adblock filterfile, you just download an adblock filter list and voila you have the same functionality as firefox but fewer extensions. But hey it comes with alot more.
  by: bye     08/02/2006 08:54 AM     
  Random Question  
How many of you people run your windows with a login and password?
  by: bye     08/02/2006 08:54 AM     
  @ RobBob  
Ubuntu is great. I use the KDE one though.
  by: pestone   08/02/2006 02:02 PM     
  @pestone, bye  
The main reason I run Ubuntu right now is I am working on building an auto downloading box using hellanzb, hellahella and python. You can see what I have working so far at

But Ubuntu is a great little OS. Sadly lately it has grown to fast and now all the sources and apt-get servers are slow now.
  by: RoBBoB     08/02/2006 02:19 PM     
whats the difference between torrent sites and usenet? :S
  by: bye     08/02/2006 03:00 PM     
Mainly the speeds. Here take a look at my speeds from usenet...

  by: RoBBoB     08/02/2006 03:03 PM     
just when I finished posting that message I got a blue screen of death on XP, the 1st time, Weird.
  by: bye     08/02/2006 03:08 PM     
Sorry but it is ironic. I can't say I have ever gotten BSOD on XP. I mean aside form after updating like an intel graphics drivers or something.

You must be very good.
  by: RoBBoB     08/02/2006 03:10 PM     
  hmm yea weird  
It was weird I hit submit and then bang, blue screen of death, error number 0X88 bla bla.
  by: bye     08/02/2006 03:13 PM     
anyways, if you have any other questions on usenet or what not shoot me a PM or IM me. rbgCODE
  by: RoBBoB     08/02/2006 03:26 PM     
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