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                 04/23/2014 09:16 AM  
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08/04/2006 10:14 AM ID: 56107 Permalink   

NASA: Mars Dust Storms may be Toxic


NASA scientists have said that dust storms on Mars may contain and transport toxins that would poison any life form from Earth that may land on the Red Planet's surface. The toxic chemicals in question are hydrogen peroxide and other corrosives.

One of the study's lead authors, Gregory Delory, said: "We are trying to look at the features that make a planet habitable or uninhabitable, whether for life that developed there or life that we bring there."

The toxic chemicals form when Mars's small dust devils and storms across the planet combine with static electricity. A second study said that the peroxide could be high enough to form a toxic snow that would then blanket the Martian surface.

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  lol toxic  
this just cracks me up, how we've been living here since our conception and still don't know when the next big tsunami or earthquake is going to hit us or about the remaining changes occuring such as a 'warming of the earth' yet somehow people believe that a viable life sustaining planet can be found on mars if we just land there and change the enviroment and atmosphere and so on.

  by: bye     08/04/2006 05:44 PM     
for the heads-up, nasa. Ill make sure to wear a mask then next time im there.
  by: TRANKPILL   08/04/2006 09:25 PM     
  Let's send up our ants  
that were bred for Mars and see what happens.
  by: walter3ca   08/13/2006 10:43 AM     
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