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                 04/18/2014 03:16 PM  
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08/04/2006 12:12 PM ID: 56115 Permalink   

AOL to Cut 25% of Global Staff


Internet company AOL has announced that it will be cutting some 5,000 jobs from its workforce over the next six months. The number translates to some 25 per cent of AOL's global staff. AOL announced the day before that some services will be free.

Services such as email and multimedia services are now free to AOL broadband users. The company, once an Internet giant, has been struggling to hold on to its market share when competing with Google and Yahoo.

AOL is owned by Time Warner. More will be known about the job cuts in September, according to the statement from the company.

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  If a tree falls in the forest ...  
... oh wait, nope ... no one cares. DIE AOL DIE!! This is Karma for taking my $50 for "500 'free' hours" 10 years ago!!
  by: Daev     08/04/2006 06:55 PM     
regardless of what people say about aol, every time someone allegedly gets ripped off by them is because they didn't follow the terms correctly. i've never seen aol actually commit fraud
  by: maccheese   08/05/2006 08:46 AM     
  Ohhhh man I gonna have fun typing this..  
Allah Akbar ! Allah Akbar ! Lol

AOL occupied Australian phonelines for a bit...I was with them and their email program was the worst! I'm 99.99% sure the customer service was too!

I feel sorry for the small minority of workers who don't have anything to do with technical support or IT etc...probably I have sympathy for payroll, the janitor.

DIE AOL! DIE! Allah Akbar ! lfmao.

Maccheese...not fraud just sneaky devious stunts..

DIE AOL! Ggl large ! Ggl large ! (Arabic to English BETA for Google is great)

Hallowed are the ORI! Damn its good to see AOL die.

Erm...well not Zieg heil because AOL have taken that's probably a new marketing scheme.

The after affects of AOL is a technological Chenynoble, the hate lasts forever..
  by: Mr-Anderson   08/05/2006 12:20 PM     
No I'm sure they haven't commited fraud but that doesn't take away from the fact that early on in the life of the internet they practically monopolised the market with the rediculously inflated prices and misleading 'free' hours.

I feel for those who are losing their jobs but I personally can't wait until AOL goes out of business
  by: barryriley   08/05/2006 02:49 PM     
Does this mean I wont be getting any more free coasters in the mail?

Two more and I've got a complete set of eight!
  by: tsawyers   08/06/2006 07:43 PM     
That is all.
  by: NicPre     08/07/2006 04:20 AM     
  Almost On Line  
AOL days are numbered. People are figuring out that all you need is cable/dsl, nic card, IE or FF( or what ever you use) and you are online and or if you really dont need high speed you can sign up on a local isp for 5.95 a month. No stupid software that starts to update on you when you are trying to shut off your computer and then BLUE SCREENS! Aol time is over, I feel sorry for people that use it, my buddy still cant get his wife off it, she cant figure out IE yet with out the keyword search. I remember when they charged by the hour, back in the day a lady down the street racked up a 800 dollar charge for the month and a friend of my was in big debt and one of the reasons was AOL. Die AOL DIE!
  by: thedrewman   08/07/2006 07:16 AM     
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