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                 04/16/2014 06:01 PM  
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08/04/2006 05:15 PM ID: 56119 Permalink   

Majority View Hezbollah as Defenders of Lebanon


Polls done by US news agencies showed the following: 85% of Sunni Muslims, 81% of Christians, and 85% of Shias Muslims view Hezbollah as Lebanon's defenders.

BBC interviewed a leading Maronite Christian on 29th July who rejected allegations that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization or that it is in any way foreign.

Israel is shocked to discover that its fourth largest military power could not defeat or even scare Hezbollah who do not have an air force, navy, or artillery..., and that every time Israel ventures more in Lebanon they suffer more casualties.

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  one more thing  
in order to destroy Hezbollah, which is impossible, you'll have to destroy all Lebanon and kill the people who support hezbollah not only in Lebanon, but the entire world!
Sayed Hassan Nasrallah surely isn't Hezbollah! so even if he gets killed Hezbollah will be stronger than ever! never under-estimate!!
  by: King|of|Queens     08/04/2006 05:22 PM     
Don't forget destroying Syria and Iran...
  by: Heresy   08/04/2006 05:53 PM     
at least read the article eh?
  by: political exorcism   08/04/2006 05:56 PM     
  I read the source article and it's crap  
I wouldn't even consider it news. It is a commentary that happens to use some facts (which are quoted here as news) to support the writers own personal conclusion.

Personal opinions are not news. Thay are just that: opinions.
  by: etown411   08/04/2006 07:29 PM     
  Well, you cant deny the fact  
that since Israel stomped into Lebanon and there are more Hizbollah attacksthan ever before.
King|of|Queens : those unerestimating are those trying to comfort themselves... almost everyone is against this war, as for hizbollah they might be a small group but when someone is fighting for their religion/ freedom <whatever motive> and have nothing to lose, they can go alot further than an army 3 times their size!
I feel terriby sorry for all the innocent people dying in the struggle.
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/04/2006 07:47 PM     
  You dont need a poll  
to "discover" that the lebanese resistance is defending and not attacking.
and darkangel is right,when someone is fighting for a cause then he can never be defeated, these are men who dont affraid to die, who fight for their religion and for their own land (hezbollah is formed from lebanese guys mostly from leb south and beirut suburbs).
as for israel, with 4 massacers so far (Marwaheen,Qana,Srifa and Rmaysh) i think that she transformed from a defence army to a revenge one.
  by: DarkSide79   08/04/2006 08:56 PM     
  heresy is correct  
to destroy hezbollah, they would have to destroy iran and syria as well. Iran just came out saying they had supplied rockets to the group. And it is known that some training has taken place.

Also, lets not forget that Hezbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soilders (in Israel), and that is now why Israel is in Lebanon in the first place. As well as the rocket fire they have still been under ever since the pullout from a year ago.
  by: mith   08/05/2006 12:27 AM     
US and UK have always supported Israel and gave them weapons of all kinds! Iran and Syria have the right to support Hezbollah in any way the like, cuz Hezbollah.

Israel did not kidnap lebanese and other prisoners in Israel, but in their homelands!
  by: King|of|Queens     08/05/2006 12:47 AM     
cuz Hezbollah are fighting to free these prisoners and kick Israeli forces out of Lebanon
  by: King|of|Queens     08/05/2006 12:49 AM     
According to, Hizbullah captured the two israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon, NOT in northern israel. Check out

Interesting how this minor detail is being left out when talking about who started the war.
  by: mikha   08/05/2006 01:03 AM     
Iranian and Syrian companies are supplying hezbollah, are you against capitalism?
By your own logic the rest of the world should have waged war on america for arming the iraqi military.

Hezbollah also claim to be the defenders of arabs, not just in lebanon. They saw the re-invasion of gaza as a provocative act of war.

How come you don't hear much about gaza in the news eh? Quick get the lebanese smoke-screen
  by: political exorcism   08/05/2006 01:04 AM     
"Also, lets not forget that Hezbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soilders (in Israel), and that is now why Israel is in Lebanon in the first place. As well as the rocket fire they have still been under ever since the pullout from a year ago."

Hmmm........I see you know what has been going on for the past couple of weeks - now how about you find out what has been going on for the past few decades.

An Al Qaeda operative could, by your own logic, be justified in attacking America because America is holding his fellow operatives in prison. By your own logic, the attack this operative carries out against America would be because "America started this by capturing operatives of Al Qaeda" -- completely ignoring the reason behind their capture, the terrorist attack on 9/11.

Just to illustrate perfectly:

'Also, lets not forget that America kidnapped Al Qaeda operatives (in Afghanistan), and that is now why Al Qaeda are attacking us in the first place. As well as the bombings, they have still been under attack since the war ended in Afghanistan.'


On a side note, everybody should be against capitalism except for the capitalists.

The whole concept of capitalism is basically this:

It takes 2 hours to make a watch, it takes the same time to make a coat. This watch and coat are therefore exchangeable. Capitalism and exploitation occurs when the tailor devises a way to make two coats in the time it takes for the watch maker to make one watch. Logically, the watch is worth two coats, but instead of paying the exchange value, the capitalist pays the commodity value - which is one coat - and so makes profit. He can then give this coat to a worker for two hours labour, in those two hours he will make two coats for the capitalist -- suddenly the capitalist is making profit so he employs another person and his profit goes up 100%...this continues and continues.

The reason capitalism hasn't collapsed yet, due to the workers not being paid enough money to buy the excess of commodity they produce, is because of 'commodity fetishism' where the workers pursue false needs given to them by the capitalists (so ferraris symbolise wealth because the capitalists drive them -- the workers therefore want to buy ferraris...for absolutely no apparent reason).

Essentially we all become exploited, unless you're a capitalist, and even then a bigger capitalist (like starbucks Vs small coffee shop owner) will come along and make you a worker.
  by: GodLoki   08/05/2006 02:52 AM     
  poll sounds accurate  
the conflict was triggered by israeli incursions into the of south lebanon when two idf soldiers were retained as evidence of that. it is not about freeing the captured soldiers it is about the expansion of the terrorist state of israel - hezbollah is defending against an invasion of illegal aliens so of course they have worldwide support - I hope israel gets its @ss handed them.
  by: CheesyBiscuits   08/05/2006 03:25 AM     
  What other “news” would you expect from AlJazeera  
Israel is fighting now for all of us! This conflict did not start because of Hesballah kidnapping Israeli soldiers, but rather by Iran and Syria sponsoring Hesballah in taking positions in Southern Lebanon 6 years ago and flooding Lebanon with illegal arms. Heballah should be disarmed long time ago and murderers who preach for a war with humanity should be blankly exterminated. By the way, if they think its honor to die like a filthy pig and want to meet 70 virgins, I have no problem helping them to achieve their goal.
Also, not long time ago Lebanon was mostly Christian county. Islamic extremists, like Hesballah, - drove all ‘infidels’ out of it. So from this prospective, - Hesballah is occupying force in Lebanon .
  by: sharpshooter   08/05/2006 05:20 AM     
israel sure as f**k doesn't fight for me!!

The christians in northern lebanon have been stiffled by the influx of southern shi'a muslims due to the israeli ejecting all "gentils" from the south

  by: political exorcism   08/05/2006 05:52 AM     
well. yeah israel is fighting for all of you...all of you who are thirsty for blood and destruction!!

I challange you to come to Lebanon to show me one soldier of Hezbollah! they sure are not ocupying, they are found to defend Lebanon since US and other "big" countries are not leting the Lebanses army have heavey weapons!
Plus, such an "evil" force who are against humanity won't have so many Lebanses and Arabs supporting them, unless u and many others do think that Arabs are less than human beings, but be sure that Arabs and Muslims will get to the Top of the world again!

Israel are the ones killing civilians just to go and tell their people we killed Hezbollah soldiers! they lie to their own people! and that's what losers do!
  by: King|of|Queens     08/05/2006 10:25 AM     
Lebanon was never a christian majority, it was always 50/50, only recently it became moslem majority and thats due to migration, civil war and unbalanced birth ect ect, it has nothing to do with hezballah.
let me remind You that hezballah have a military branch called AL-Saraya and its mostly christians. surprised?
  by: DarkSide79   08/05/2006 11:15 AM     
Israel is not fighting for anyone, but trying to grab more land for itself, it's called being greedy and ungrateful around here. This poor excuse for an experiment needs to be dismantled immediately because we have seen what it's capable of, while at the same time, we would be glad to get rid of this painful thorn which is creating new enemies everyday and is a drain on our economy.
  by: LCOK-DWON24     08/05/2006 11:36 AM     
ok, just to get things clear... i don't want israel nor hibollah fighting for me. No blood please, unless it is olmret's or bin ladens i don't want any blood involved thank you (and to be honest, i dont want them killed either, i'ld rather have them rot in jail!)!
another darkside said, it is more of a WHOLE lebanon thing rather than a muslim thing. I am not saying hezbollah are right, i am just saying israel is more wrong. All of this time Hizbollah existed nd there was a very low casualtyand death rate. The moment Israel stepped into Lebanon and it's only been goig from bad to worse.
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/05/2006 01:58 PM     
Sharpshooter is clearly an extremist moron who thinks this actually started with Hezbollah being armed by Iran and Syria -- I have no idea how he thinks this but it is quite clear that he does.

Essentially he is attempting to find a way to incriminate Arabs, an in doing so is ignoring all of the facts surround the history of the Israeli/Lebanese conflict which stretches back decades when Israel declared occupation.

Such an imbecile is not worth wasting your time on, he will not change his mind, he is convinced that all Arabs are evil terrorists, and clearly he sees things in terms of religion - that is to say, every war involves religion to him - Hezbollah forcing the Christians out (which is bullocks), those evil terrorist Muslims attacking the Jews, the Jews are fighting for all of us. etc etc.

Like I said, there is no point in even arguing with somebody like this because your reasonable argument can only go so far.
Like Einstein said, "the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits".


LOL, on a side note, you have to love the rhetoric with which his whole comment begins "What other 'news' would you expect from Aljazeera" - this pretty much sums up how much it's goin to be worth - absolutely nothing, since this isn't even a valid comment against the news.

But then again what other 'news' would you expect coming out of America except that which tells you all Arabs are evil terrorists, news which sharshooter has clearly swallowed.
  by: GodLoki   08/05/2006 02:24 PM     
  This Is So Like  
How Hitler treated the Jews, This is not so hands on, Hitler sent his Men to demean torture and finely kill off the Jewish Race
All that is going on here is beggar’s belief to me.
My father said he would have gone through that War, even if it were not involving our country Just to Defend these poor Humans that just did not deserve be treated like animals, Animals that were sent to slaughter were treated better and for what? Nothing.

Now, what have this race bread into?
Are they even the same Race? What are they doing here, Killing children, old women lying screaming in the streets without their families, one Man trapped with his wife and children in a cellar, not to mention the poor guy is blind. He is beside himself terrified for his loved ones, Just what has he done wrong?

Wonder how my Dear Old Dad would feel right now, That I will never know for sure but have an a vague idea.

Yeah go Israel go treat others the way your families were treated, abominably get revenge on the innocent so you can feel you have had some revenge, hope you enjoy all the
Intimidating and cruel games you have continued to play since the last world war.
  by: captainJane     08/05/2006 03:06 PM     

Good point you made! So you saying : “but be sure that Arabs and Muslims will get to the Top of the world again!”
And you call it news? This is not news. I have better news for you: It is just Muslim fascist propaganda. For the sake of civilization, we have to make sure it never happens.
All religions and nations are equal and we don’t need one on top of the world.
Of course you always can contract some ignorant morons like GodLoki who is willing to retranslate this fascist propaganda, but whatever your followers saying, Hezbollah pigs are bunch of cowards who afraid of the open fight and are hiding behind a civilian. They are the ones who put their artillery positions right in the middle of the densely populated villages trying to maximize civilian loss. Good Luck your venue climing to the top of the world!
  by: sharpshooter   08/05/2006 04:13 PM     
You really are pathetic - Fascist propaganda? lmao. Where is this 'Fascist propaganda', do you even know what Fascism is? actually think Hezbollah have artillery?! Why don't you get an education before you start talking about this, that way at least you'd have a good grasp of the English language - right now you're barely comprehensible.

You call me an 'ignorant moron'. Do you know what Irony is?
  by: GodLoki   08/05/2006 06:02 PM     
  hey guys and girls..  
can i bring sharpshooter here to lebanon so he can wake up a bit? please? plz plz plz? just dont let him wear something shiny because israel is bombing everything that shines at night (one big phosphoric hat on his head :D)
  by: DarkSide79   08/05/2006 08:17 PM     
"All religions and nations are equal and we don’t need one on top of the world"

Couldn't have said it better myself, israel has world immunity at the moment, that would mean they have no credible opposition (yet that is).
The sooner this is stopped the better, thanks for that point
  by: political exorcism   08/05/2006 09:54 PM     
"Hezbollah pigs are bunch of cowards who afraid of the open fight and are hiding behind a civilian"

And how do you know this for a fact?
You think you know, but the fact is that you repeat what you're told to know.
Too much Faux News for you, I'm afraid.

The idea of flying you to Lebanon in a "fact finding" mission sounds like a good remedy to your ignorance.
  by: mikha   08/05/2006 11:38 PM     
  Electronic and Military Attack on Al Jazeera by US  
Sharpshooter's comments have highlighted a crucual point; it is very difficult to identify a non-biased source of information these days. States seem to want 'Total Awareness' and spew 'Total Disinformation' (a la G. Orwell's 1984).

Today 75% of international news outlets (western and far eastern) is owned by one man (murdoch). Having worked in the news industry I have seen rival american TV news reporters in the field claiming that the reason why CNN wasn't allowed into certain places in Iraq was because they were accused of being infiltrated by intelligence operatives. Old established news companies like Aunty BBC are bowing to subtle pressure by government these days.

It is difficult to get a good news company these days.

All I can do is speak from personal experience.

Al Jazeera has on many counts p*ssed of Saudi Arabia because of some of the articles it has broadcasted concering contemporary regimes.

Al Jazeera has reported on showing injured and dead civilians by recent US missile strikes during the last Iraqi war at lunch time. This was met with outrage by US media/government/public. (Despite US media already showing many pictures of Guantanamo, captured soldiers and slain Iraqi soldiers.)

Al Jazeera's TV station was accidentally stuck by a US precision laser guided missile during the night. About 4 reporters were killed in the blast. Accidents like this, what were the chances? (Please place sarcastic quotes where applicable in last three sentences.)

Al Jazeera claims that it was struck by US as a 'warning' to keep out. [source: watch video]

Because of what appears to be a trial by fire; I'd like to see what fruit is borne by Al Jazeera before I condemn it.

PS: This 'accidental bombing' has been employed the the past:
Chinese embassy in Belgrade (1999)
Bulgaria & Macedonia (Yugoslavia 1999)
Pakistan (Afghanistan 1998)

PPS: did you know 'sharpshooter' was a term coined by Fox media for American Snipers. 'Cos Sniper evokes negative connotations.
  by: redstain   08/06/2006 02:18 AM     
  I'd like to qualify my previous claim.  
"All I can do is speak from personal experience".

I'd like to withdraw that claim, it's a tall order to keep up. Sometimes, all you can do is analyse comments made by other people/sources.

All I hope to do is to do as much research as I can to assist me in making said analysis.
  by: redstain   08/06/2006 03:23 AM     
  Source article has nothing to do with SN summary  
I just went to the source article it is has nothing to do with polls about who thinks Hezbollah is the defender of Lebanon or not.
Did the source changes since this story was posted or is this SN summary BS?

Noite the Aljazeera story this links to is from 8/1/2006 so I don't believe it was overwritten since this SN summary is 8/4/2006
  by: ootb     08/06/2006 10:25 PM     
  source should be changed  
this is an opinion article not a news source.
I suggest be used as a similar source.
  by: jendres     08/07/2006 03:45 AM     
  What greatest weapon do Hezbollah have?  

No, Hezbollah does not have artillery but they have much greater weapon, people in Lebanon.
They do not have to be fighters or politically supporters. Actually the plainer they are the better.
"Children, women, or old people." Hezbollah uses these innocents as sheep of targets.
Hezbollah fires their stinging missiles in place where these innocent are --- to lure Israelis gunfires.
AT the end innocent lives sacrificed; Areal got publicised by media; outcries pouring in from the world condemning Israel.
Yet whose plots are these?
  by: clarencenew   08/07/2006 05:27 AM     
it's israels plot obviously.. the two soldiers were captured off lebanese sovereign territory after all.
  by: political exorcism   08/07/2006 07:30 AM     
Hezbollah uses these innocents as sheep of targets. Hezbollah fires their stinging missiles in place where these innocent are --- to lure Israelis gunfires.

i dont know if what you wrote was sarcasm or not but ill reply it anyway. i`m from lebanese south and i never ever saw any member of hezbollah between the population,all their operations are done in mountains and caves and all these perfect areas. again, let me remind you that hezbollah is formed from lebanese guys who are from south lebanon so its impossible that these men sacrifice their own country,families and neihbors to use them as shields.
u wanna do urself a Big favor? go search the net about hezbollah and find out how many civilian he killed in israel since his formation in 1982, then do a search about israel and find out how many civilians she killed since 1948, then come back to us with the results (dont forget to include 1000 lebanese civilians killed by israel in this war,among them 4 massacres so far)
  by: DarkSide79   08/07/2006 09:01 AM     
  @ DarkSide79  
but that's because Lebanese Hizbollah are hiding between civilians and sacrificing them for their success... Poor MOSSAD can't compete with such cunningness from such sneaky highly intelligent terrorists!
</end of sarcasm>
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/07/2006 10:37 AM     
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