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                 04/16/2014 08:57 PM  
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08/04/2006 10:10 PM ID: 56122 Permalink   

Vanity Plate Revoked After Online Acronym Renders It Obscene


74-year-old Ohio resident Pat Niple has been forced to rescind her vanity license plates after she received a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles stating that the online acronym "NWTF" now violates their profanity standards.

Niple said the plates were acquired by her late husband, an abbreviation for their christmas tree business, Northwood Tree Farm. She has said that she plans on appealing the decision.

During a visit to the BMV, she asked them what the offending phrase is. A whispering clerk responded that it started with "now what the."

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  Now that's just dumb...  
I didn't know until I read the end of the summary. I
guess there are those who's really trying to figure out
what these things mean instead of driving...
  by: hotrock11     08/04/2006 10:19 PM     
  Custom Plates  
I saw a plate the other day that read, "PWNF4C3", wish I could see more plates like that one.
  by: devwar   08/04/2006 10:48 PM     
  I know!  
She should get new plates that read:
"NIPLE" or "PAT NIP" or maybe
  by: barryman9000   08/04/2006 10:52 PM     
  Can i just start making things up?  
I mean, really, what are the criteria for acronyms? How well-known does something have to be before it is banned? If I go to the DMV and make a scene because something has become a well known but profane acronym on, say, this website, can I get new things added to the list?

This is stupid - stick to common words. Else, what's after acronyms, vague allusions and innuendo? I guess I best get rid of my "HotLnch" plates before they take them...
  by: MomentOfClarity     08/04/2006 10:54 PM     
I'd love to hear the exchange a cop pursuing this car would have with base.
  by: caution2     08/04/2006 11:05 PM     
@caution.. In my area the numbers 420 are nolonger allowed on plates vanity or normal
  by: mikkitaz   08/04/2006 11:30 PM     
I've decided "DMV" stands for "Damn My Vagina!" Now the DMV will have to change ITS name!
  by: l´anglais     08/04/2006 11:30 PM     
  oh thats good  
Ill sign on that .. Make them change things for a change
  by: mikkitaz   08/04/2006 11:34 PM     
Nobody anywhere uses NWTF
  by: Fratley   08/05/2006 12:33 AM     
  I knew some people who had the plate  
LIC 1. It stood for Leatherby Insurance Company.
  by: walter3ca   08/05/2006 01:02 AM     
  nice one  
people are so lost with acronyms now that they dont know what anything means anymore. good one motor vehical and you get sued also for offending her late husbands plate nice one.........
  by: flukemol   08/05/2006 07:56 AM     
You stole my idea mate, I was just about to post something similar. Every where you post make sure you have the sig line 'BMV' and turn it into something incredibly obscene. Unfortunately yours doesn't quite work because in the States it's the word Bureau rather than Department like it is in Britain
  by: barryriley   08/05/2006 02:46 PM     
Mark Testicle had to turn in his vanity plates as well
  by: pixx   08/05/2006 05:03 PM     
Actually, until I posted this story, I'd never even heard of "BMV" - I've always known it to be DMV in every U.S. state in which I've lived.
  by: caution2     08/05/2006 11:47 PM     
  org has that name too!  
national wild turkey foundation!!! check it out before they change their name too!
  by: zortona   08/06/2006 02:45 AM     
  another org has to change its name!  
Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWTF) began as a non-governmental organization that aims to help women achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance
  by: zortona   08/06/2006 02:46 AM     
  My state  
My state is pretty lax on these rules..
  by: robbob     08/06/2006 09:02 AM     
  by: p_g_chris   08/07/2006 12:45 AM     
  Funny one  
One of the guys I work with has "TIH20" on his plates. Since we live in a state that requires front plates as well, when he is behind you and you look in your review mirror, it says "O$HIT"
  by: testeng     08/07/2006 01:00 AM     
wonder what they have to say about this one, then!
  by: gyrluknouwantme   08/07/2006 05:46 AM     
  Now..believe it or not  
I saw this very same vanity plate on the road yesterday...and i took a picture LOL. (checking picture now..)

The plate was NWTF with some extra wording and then I looked at the back window to see a NWTF sticker in the back windshield, so it couldnt ahve been coincidence.
  by: luc1ddr3am     08/08/2006 07:27 PM     
  by: MmmMan     08/10/2006 07:10 PM     
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