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                 04/16/2014 06:13 AM  
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08/04/2006 11:00 PM ID: 56124 Permalink   

Christian Festival To Host "Ned Flanders Night"


The Greenbelt Festival, a Christian arts event in Cheltenham, UK are dedicating an evening to Simpsons character Ned Flanders, saying that he is even more closely associated with Christianity than Mother Teresa or Pope John Paul II.

Simon Jenkins, organizer of the tribute, said "He's a very ardent believer...and at the same time he's very humble. Although he's got very strong beliefs, he's not thrusting them down anyone's throat and he's not being unpleasant about it."

A satirical fashion show and tribute band Ned Zeppelin will also be featured at the event, which runs for four days later this month.

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do they realize that part of the joke is how overly fundamentalist ned is? he's not exactly the kind of character you'd want to have as the symbol for your group if you're looking for converts. the fact that they see ned as a normal, yet "ardent believer" shows you how nutty they are. as a christian, i've never found myself agreeing with anything ned has said in regards to religion.
  by: manilaryce     08/05/2006 12:46 AM     
Just walk

Now where's a lawyer that fits the discription of Lionel Hutz...a real-life equivalent would be gold! lfmao.
  by: Mr-Anderson   08/05/2006 12:41 PM     
  old news  
did u check the date of that news...?
  by: meanmandy   08/06/2006 09:36 AM     
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