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                 02/18/2018 07:41 AM  
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08/18/2006 01:03 PM ID: 56392 Permalink   

Obesity Wave Hits China -- 20% Overweight


A new study has found that 1 in 5 Chinese are either overweight or obese, breaking the previous conclusion that China was once a lean nation. The problem is becoming worse among children, especially boys.

The study in the British Medical Journal states: "China was once considered to have one of the leanest populations, but it is fast catching up with the West in terms of the prevalence of overweight and obesity..."

28 times more children aged 7 to 18 were overweight in 2000 compared with a consensus conducted in 1985. Obesity in that same age group rose four times over those 15 years. The definitions of overweight were made by the World Health Organisation.

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doesn't that mean they have more overweight people than america? crazy.
  by: political exorcism   08/18/2006 02:30 PM     
  Maybe Mao was right...  
At least to keep China lean and skinny that is. Keep China isolated and you wont have any mcdonalds and therefore no lil' fat children.
  by: slavefortheman     08/18/2006 02:43 PM     
  What's this you say?  
The great obesity pandemic is hitting China now?
  by: Daev     08/18/2006 02:52 PM     
  After reading the title  
I could just picture a tidal wave of jiggle fat filled with french fry and hamburger debris rolling across China engulfing everything in its path. McChina's is our kind of place, it's such a happy place.
  by: Valkyrie123     08/18/2006 02:57 PM     
  next thing you know  
First it was bigger bra sizes, now obesity...

Next thing you know they'll be concidered a western state, all they need is a bit of a lax on their media cencorship, civilian liberty and police enforcement.
Oh wait, there is a western state that does have quite similar attributes on the matters. Gee!

(if you don't get the joke, the joke's on you.. k thanx bye.

China, or should I say the PRC, can't ever come close to be concidered a western civilization because historically they have had their own civlization, art, psylosophy, quite different from european or middle eastern cultures of the past and present. look up wikipedia: )
  by: deadmeat     08/18/2006 03:29 PM     
  what a change  
It's surprising just how fast things can change. Only ~15 years ago there were still ration tickets and I remember tv news reports about all the kids in my area having a "bean-sprout" build with big heads and very thin bodies. Still the number of overweight children is somewhat odd when one considers that Chinese schools tend to be much more spartan about physical education than western schools. Hopefully health awareness will catch up to the properity in a few years.
  by: bane39   08/18/2006 07:10 PM     
China will become more and more like the states since their obvious embrace of capitalism, this will obviously include not as much dangerously under-weight population.
They call it "socialism, chinese style", everybody else calls it Capitalism...

But, hooray to bigger cup sizes!
  by: silentrage   08/18/2006 07:14 PM     
i read it "20% overnight"...those could have been some serious stretch marks.
  by: midgica   08/18/2006 08:15 PM     
20% Eh? What's the percentage here in America, jw?
  by: koenig32   08/18/2006 08:29 PM     
  I know why...  
these chinese people are getting overweight. They are to busy gilfarming on MMO like World or Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI. Do nothing 24/7 but stay in a room at their computer desk trying to make money but trading in game money for real money. >.>
  by: SunDown   08/19/2006 01:25 AM     
  I ponder...  
.. what is considered obese in China.

I have girl friends who can't find cloths in America because they are too small and thin for stuff to fit right, but when they go back to the orient to shop, they are too big and fat to squeeze in.

  by: Dedolito     08/19/2006 01:33 AM     
I was going to post a similar story about how there are more overweight people in the world than skinny or hungry ones.
  by: caution2     08/19/2006 01:47 AM     
im hookedo n chinese food.. its made me gain 20lbs
  by: maccheese   08/19/2006 03:47 AM     
I gained weight when I worked near a vegetarian Chinese restaraunt.... shocking, but true.

Properly done stir-fry is healthier than other foods that use lots of oil. But, you have to get the oil off the food before serving it.
  by: theironboard     08/19/2006 12:16 PM     
I see overweight people *much* more rarely here in China, so this is strange to me... but, I do know that the children are often fed to be fat, as there is the belief that it makes the child stronger. Maybe that has something to do with this news?

McDonald's/KFC are very common, and always with quite a few people in them (if not full)... but I just don't see overweight people very often.
  by: MattMacD   08/21/2006 09:02 PM     
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