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                 02/23/2018 05:01 PM  
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08/20/2006 06:02 AM ID: 56414 Permalink   

Marion Jones Tests Positive for EPO


Marion Jones, five time Olympic medalist and holder of 12 of the 20 fastest 100m sprints for women has returned a positive drug test. Her 'A' sample tested positive for EPO. If the 'B' sample also tests positive she will likely be banned for 2 years.

Jones been connected with a string of drug controversies including having two partners (Hunter - steroids, Montgomery - doping) and a coach (Trevor Graham - association with a dozen drug cheats) banned.

In 1992 Jones was suspended for failing to take a drug test. The suspension was overturned on appeal. In 2004 BALCO founder Victor Conte claimed he had supplied Jones with a banned substance and watched her inject it.

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they've been trying to get her for quite some time, most certainly a spike job
  by: JocKstEelUk   08/20/2006 06:35 AM     
Time to remove your head from the sand. There has been questions over Jones for a long time. Previously it came down to her word against somebody elses, now there appears to be physical evidence. This is always the reaction when somebody tests positive - "I didn't do it, somebody is out to get me..."

She might be telling the truth but all evidence seems to indicate otherwise. For example: when she parted ways with Trevor Graham her next choice for coach was Charlie Francis, the Canadian who encouraged and devised the drugs programme that for Ben Johnson. Interesting huh?
  by: ixuzus     08/20/2006 07:58 AM     
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