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                 02/23/2018 05:18 PM  
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08/20/2006 08:10 PM ID: 56419 Permalink   

'I See Mailboxes'- Haley Joel Osment Faces DUI Charges


Haley Joel Osment almost saw dead people on the night of his less-than-gristly accident involving a mailbox and a flipped 1995 Saturn {SN Reported}. In addition to recovering from injuries, he must now head to court over numerous charges.

Osment faces charges for driving drunk with a blood-alcohol of .05 or higher (his was actually .16), being under the age of 21, driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. Bond is set for $15,000. Once healed he'll surrender to authorities.

The future for Osment is still bright- he is starring in an upcoming film "Home of the Giants" and apparently he'll still be going to college in Autumn 2006. There were no charges for the destruction of the mailbox involved in the accident.

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  i never thought i'd say this but...  

btw...what is he doing driving a 95 saturn? not that
there's anything wrong with saturns or driving
them, but when you're worth millions of dollars
there's just something puzzling about it...
  by: pixx   08/20/2006 11:03 PM     
  i was thinking the exact same thing...  
  by: ironic   08/21/2006 03:00 AM     
  What else is better?  
A 95 Saturn is perfect for tearing up and down Rodeo Drive taking out mailboxes in the Hills, and for doing circles in the Starbucks parking lot. A celebrity can really avoid the paparazzi by driving such a car.

Mailboxes beware--
  by: theironboard     08/21/2006 09:38 AM     
  won't change anything  
It will probably help his fame more so lol. Just glad he wasn't killed! great actor...
  by: morph   08/21/2006 05:14 PM     
If someone decides to be as dumb as to drink and drive you should be thankful they didnt kill anyone else! No matter how good an actor they may be...
  by: SpeedRacer   08/21/2006 07:17 PM     
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