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                 02/21/2018 01:49 PM  
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08/20/2006 08:39 PM ID: 56420 Permalink   

Man with Two Penises Wants to Marry, Have One Removed


A 24-year-old man in India is looking to undergo surgery to correct an exceptionally rare medical condition. The man has two penises, which in itself is rare, but his version of the disorder is even rarer.

In most cases, the second organ is rudimentary, and generally doesn't function properly. In his case, which is referred to as "diphallus", both organs are fully functional in all respects. Despite this, the man intends to have one removed.

Doctors are somewhat concerned about the surgery, as both organs have ample blood supply-- and they have to ensure adequate blood supply to the remaining organ during surgery. After the surgery, the man is hoping to marry and have a normal sex life.

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he could probably sell the old one
  by: midgica   08/20/2006 08:46 PM     
  on behalf of woman  
keep the extra member .... he may encounter a feaky woman who enjoys it ..
  by: mikkitaz   08/20/2006 09:00 PM     
  No Picture???!!!!  
why not???
yea, i agree with mikkitaz ... not just freaky women!
seriously... he can even have a second wife he definetly deserves to!
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/20/2006 11:07 PM     
he probably faints when he gets erections


before you start throwing that "freaky" (or "feaky" in
your case :P) word around, just remember:
  by: pixx   08/20/2006 11:09 PM     
  @ darkangelJG, Pixx  
I can't really post the links to it here, but I will tell you that Wikipedia is a good resource; consult the links at the bottom of the wiki. I do not believe the pictures are specific to this case, however.

Here is a link to the general Wikipedia site- just enter the name of the condition.

Cheers ;)
  by: Quantum1.5     08/21/2006 12:57 AM     
nice acronym
  by: midgica   08/21/2006 05:46 AM     
  He should have his brain removed...  
instead, I would kill for an extra member ;) Infact 3 would be just perfect.
  by: zmethod     08/21/2006 06:37 AM     
  You know what they say......  
Two heads ARE better than one!!!
  by: Babagadoosh   08/21/2006 06:49 AM     
Porno Career?
  by: dirtyslime   08/21/2006 07:31 AM     
  what is he thinking??  
If he is getting married he should have them both removed. He won't need them anymore! (rim shot)
  by: Mile High Guy     08/21/2006 07:57 AM     
HOW MANY BALLS are there ????
  by: Dark Half 2   08/21/2006 12:59 PM     
HOW MANY BALLS are there ????
  by: Dark Half 2   08/21/2006 01:13 PM     
  @Mile High  
Good one.

This guy should move to China. It is considered a blessing from the Gods to have extra private parts and a sign of extreme virility. He would be revered in porn flicks and woman would flock to him. Personally, I was thinking of having an extra boob installed on my back for slow dancing. <rim shot>
  by: Valkyrie123     08/21/2006 01:22 PM     
When I saw that you had commented on this story I had to see what you were up to.

Once again, you lead the pack with side-ripping ripostes.

*shakes head*
  by: theironboard     08/21/2006 01:31 PM     
@Dark Half

Ironically you posted that twice.


Talk about a stunner!!
  by: RoBBoB     08/21/2006 03:35 PM     
Man, if your wife gets bored of 1 of those "things", then just <deleted by admin> haha.. Double the pleasure for both.
  by: slayer06   08/22/2006 03:01 AM     
First with a gun reference

1) are they side by side or over and under style? :-D (like a shotgun)

2) how do we know he doesn't shoot blanks?

Also we won't know if it hurts, this is actually a serious problem just like ppl who have a condition where they can't feel any pain.

Also when he has to pee which one does it come out of first? And if mens 'other' head thinks for them whose steering this ship? Does he have two oragams or alittle from both? Does he make puddles?
He obviously must have the biggest pair in the world ;-)

Also laides. He is 9 inches!

4 1/2 on each ;-)

Condoms must be expensive a cell phone bill.

Imagine being in the uranial next to him. Jeez guy has to take up two of them!

Its better then having two asses!

Talk about DP!

Maybe one is more important then the other, so he has the other one incase his blind date doesn't work out, '<deleted by admin>!'
  by: DREKK   08/22/2006 07:20 AM     
Woman with <deleted by admin>.
  by: tyro892002   08/27/2006 01:51 AM     
he can get a <deleted by admin> at the same time!

oh happy days! lol
  by: groomsy     08/28/2006 01:56 AM     
He should just move to Bountiful BC where polygamy is practiced. It woul'n't hirt as much,I bet.
  by: JEC666   09/01/2006 05:34 AM     
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