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                 02/24/2018 12:56 PM  
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08/20/2006 09:59 PM ID: 56423 Permalink   

'Free Energy' Discovery Claim Under Test


A small Dublin tech firm claim they have found a means to create 'free energy', even though they acknowledge that such a technology would violate the first law of thermodynamics.

Sean McCarthy, CEO, attempted to share his findings with academics but none of them wanted to endorse him publicly due to the taboo of this subject in academia.

The firm placed a full page ad in the economist challenging academics to examine their finds, and have since received thousands of interested replies in the subject, many of them registered users on his firm's web site.

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Academia has had a long history of hit and runs with similar claims, enough that caused the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris to issue a statement in 1755 that they will no longer deal with perpetual motion machine claims.

(I would put that in the article itself if I was a reporter writing a collumn, but since this is about summaries and this is a personal comment/addition, it goes here.)

also, the firms site is for those that want to look it up
  by: deadmeat     08/20/2006 10:01 PM     
  @ deadmeat  
hey, thanks for the extra information... quite interesting.
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/20/2006 11:14 PM     
"Lisa get in here, this house we obey the laws of

worst case scenario: another scientific prospect that
fails...and i mean...there's never been any of those
  by: pixx   08/20/2006 11:26 PM     
nikola tesla invented free energy that could be used with antennas and he had all his scientific papers seized by the CIA.. touchy subject only because it involved most of the worlds money
  by: political exorcism   08/20/2006 11:53 PM     
never heard about tesla's free energy issue before, but if it involved getting energy out of _something_ (ie. Light or Radiowaves), it wouldn't be violating any physical law since it would be was transforming one type of energy into another.
  by: deadmeat     08/21/2006 12:36 AM     
  re: political exorcism  
Yeah today I saw a commerical for the CIA (forgot they were a business) advertisting "technology so advanced its classified" I'm guessing the they have some sort of free energy machine (which runs of linux) and as a result have come up with such radical devices like a time machine, teleportation, god machine, 802.11n and duke nukem forever (and other such devices which require unlimited energy)
  by: QHOBBES   08/21/2006 12:36 AM     
argh, -was, from last comment
  by: deadmeat     08/21/2006 12:37 AM     
Yea just saying pertetual energy production is not a new thing. Nikolas' experiment involved harnessing the electromagnetic waves in the stratosphere, or is it lithosphere? Much in the same way the NASA experiment with the massive tether in orbit that gathered electricity from the same source
check out the above link QHOBBES
  by: political exorcism   08/21/2006 01:20 AM     
  not sure if this is relevant  
or perhaps even what your talking about. But i've been told of a method of powering small appliances by harnessing EM waves or something while driving by powerlines. not sure the details but very cool none the less.
  by: luc1ddr3am     08/21/2006 06:08 AM     
LOL. "god machine, 802.11n and duke nukem forever"
Daily show reference, IT reference, and good ol Duke. I'm dying, that's funny. I dunno if all the free energy in the universe could create Duke Nukem Forever though. It's just not possible at this point. Doesn't stop me from checking 3D Realms site once every couple of months to see if there's any new rumors.

@political exorcism: Yep, I remember that story. Hadn't he even begun work on the tower when his gear/papers were raided? Anyway, free energy is just too "dangerous" for big business. What a world. God forbid there's ever a cure for cancer, it might really eat away at the pharmaceutical companies profits.
  by: spiggy   08/21/2006 07:01 PM     
I think this is a difficult topic to really understand in terms of scientific achievement, what with conspiracy theories and stories of falsified accomplishments.

I hear a story from my physics teacher of a group of scientists who claimed to have created a cold fusion device, however the group also claimed to be unable to recreate the fusion in subsequent attempts.
  by: Oook!   08/21/2006 08:08 PM     
If they are correct in what they have found, it will change humanity forever. The possibilities are amazing. If they aren't killed off first. Just some advice to everyone... dont forget about this, it might be covered up soon. Ya never know.
  by: ih4xjoo   08/22/2006 06:25 AM     
  @political excorism  
"Yea just saying pertetual energy production is not a new thing. Nikolas' experiment involved harnessing the electromagnetic waves in the stratosphere, or is it lithosphere? Much in the same way the NASA experiment with the massive tether in orbit that gathered electricity from the same source"

actually it was neither of those... it was the ionosphere, the idea was litterially to take energy out of the air, which is cause by solar radiation.
  by: HAVOC666     08/22/2006 06:37 AM     
  Junk Mail scam?  
I've seen a few 'hey look I can suck energy out of the fabric of spacetime itself' type stories over the years, most have come to nothing.

Plus of course, we live in a capitalist society, even if the claims are true you will never be able to use the technology yourself because no-one can make a business out of 'free' energy.

This one seemed no different, then I realised what might be going on. I went to the website and noticed tens of thousands of people had registered to see the results, so they've got a list of tens of thousands of people involved in academia and engineering.

I mean, what engineer wouldn't be interested in such claims?

I have no way of knowing wether this is whats happening but to me, this seems like an excellent scam to assemble a mailing list, either for use by the company or selling on.

It only costs the company the price of the extra hits on its website and the result is a valuable list of names an addresses, mostly names and addresses of the kind of people who are usually too intelligent to submit their details to just any old website.
  by: EncoreSpod   08/23/2006 02:08 PM     
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