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                 02/20/2018 08:22 PM  
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08/20/2006 11:10 PM ID: 56424 Permalink   

Hundreds Rush to Drink, Bathe in Sewage Tainted Water


Hundreds of residents of the Indian city Mumbai are rushing to drink sea water which they have branded a 'miracle' and a 'gift from God.' The crux of their belief lies in the fact that the water apparently has a distinctively sweet taste.

Residents are bathing in it, drinking it, and sending it to relatives. Unfortunately, the body of water is also immediately next to a sewage outlet, which releases thousands of tonnes of raw sewage and industrial waste into the water every day.

Officials believe that the taste is likely the result of pollution or an influx of fresh water. However, residents remain convinced, asserting that the water also has healing powers. "I will carry this back for my two sons and my parents," said one.

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  antifreeze has a sweet taste too dogs
  by: pixx   08/20/2006 11:28 PM     
  i detect hostility  
pixx: have you got references to how canines have reported that they found antifreeze sweet? Can you possibly link this in?

Or are you refering a subtext here.
  by: redstain   08/20/2006 11:39 PM     
  It does taste sweet  
A hose on my dads truck was not fully secure and the antifreeze was spraying out....a small drop hit my lip, it has a sweet taste.
  by: nesibuss   08/21/2006 12:24 AM     
  Well Known Fact  
It's a well known fact that dogs are attracted to anti-freeze because of it's sweet taste.
  by: beltman713   08/21/2006 12:59 AM     
i was implying that things that appear good on the
surface (e.g. a miracle) can have negative
consequences (e.g. sepsis). i only used dogs as an
example because i knew they love to drink
antifreeze because it tastes sweet (like the miracle
water), but it will ultimately kill them (...probably
like the miracle water).

i can link to it:
  by: pixx   08/21/2006 02:59 AM     
if god is really Darwin, then yes the indians are right
  by: maccheese   08/21/2006 04:07 AM     
  Idiot magnet  
Really, it seems this river has attracted a whole VILLAGE of idiots:

"Last year, Mumbai residents flocked to a local beach after reports diamonds were washing ashore. Police said it was fragments of glass."

Wow - human lemmings.
  by: momentofclarity     08/21/2006 04:46 AM     
  Can't blame them  
Aliens are also laughing at us for eating processed meat.
  by: Niko   08/21/2006 05:15 AM     
  Holy Rivers  
I will never go to India because of what I've seen and heard from friends who have travelled there.

I am not sure which, but there is a sacred river--- many Hindus go to this river to die. Eventually their corpses are placed in this river (along with the corpses of sacred cows).

A friend of mine took some gruelling photographs of this. It gave me my last truly horrific nightmare involving zombies.

India is a country famous for being a land of contrast-- a burgeoning upper-middle class of educated bright people, and a neglected lower-class that are apparently difficult to convince. No wonder they are the 'dirty' ones in the caste system.

This story about Mumbai isn't suprising to me.
  by: theironboard     08/21/2006 09:59 AM     
antifreeze is sweet, just the way that diet coke with lemon tastes exactly like off! bug spray.

don't ask how i know.
  by: midgica   08/22/2006 08:13 PM     
You are probably refering to the Ganges river and the city of Varanasi (Benares). They say it is the best place to die. Although the water is filthy I saw dolphins there some 8 years ago.

Sure the bodies end in the river, but they get cremated first (with the exception of a few).

As for the caste system, it is a sad thing, but true nonetheless. Material wealth doesn't necessarily mean high caste though. There are Brahmin (highest caste) begging on the streets.

Mind you, India can be a very nice place if you don't try to change it. It teaches you how to be patient and tolerant, 2 things our world is lacking and in desperate need.

  by: _strider_   08/23/2006 03:26 AM     
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