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                 01/16/2018 08:54 AM  
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08/23/2006 03:02 AM ID: 56495 Permalink   

US Military Speculates Involuntary Recall of Reserves


The US Marine corps are considering a process called "involuntary recall" of reservists. It may be looking at recalling 2,500 of the potential 59,000 Marine reservists in the country.

The involuntary recall has been authorised to continue as long as "The War on Terror" lasts. A protracted war by all estimates. This move has been interpreted by some as a sign that the military is being over stretched in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Col. Guy A Stratton stated: "volunteer numbers are on a downward trend."

Some members of Congress have labelled this as a "back-door draft."

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  out comes Britain, Hungary, Czech Republic.  
in goes US and Australia
  by: redstain   08/23/2006 03:09 AM     
It sucks, but it's part of the contract.
  by: erasedgod   08/23/2006 03:10 AM     
  watch the smallprint  
This is different: Normal reservists can be called back because they had just come out of active duty.

These reservists are the ones with special skills, 'intelligence', truck drivers, avionics; not the GI. It's this skill that has got them targetted by the recall.

Additionally, these soldiers are now facing being called back anytime till "hell freezes over", or the "war on terror" ends.
  by: redstain   08/23/2006 03:29 AM     
  ...redstain has it basically  

Active Duty
IRR (Individual Ready Reserve)
Then there's this...this is where you've done ALL your time and your out "completely" & they snag you back up. Before I deployed last yr., we ran into this guy that was in his 70's that called up...we were speechless. He had been out for over 20 years and although it didn't seem like he was that old and he was very much in shape, I think the military needs to draw the line some where because that is just ridiculous.
  by: tektraxm   08/23/2006 04:18 AM     
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ignore it....these guys are coming from the IRR, you spend two years in the IRR, which means you may be called up during that time period. The short news "summary" didn't meantion IRR....thats makes a big diff. restain!!! lol
  by: tektraxm   08/23/2006 04:23 AM     
  But it is NOT, I repeat...  
...NOT a draft!

Remember that in the coming election, folks. And may God Bless America.
  by: Mister crank     08/23/2006 05:08 AM     
  Hard to tell...  
Was that sarcasm Mr Crank? My response would depend largely on whether it was or not. But, since troop levels are going up in Iraq, if they are pulling IRR back, how long would we be draftless if we attack Iran? Methinks not very.
  by: justaperson     08/23/2006 05:25 AM     
  From source:  
The involuntary recall has been authorised to continue as long as "The War on Terror" lasts.

Didn't they tell us this "war on terror" would last for centuries?
  by: banshee9898     08/23/2006 01:04 PM     
  @banshee: a war that has no boundaries  
yes banshee, this war has no boundaries and can be used to include
* new countries
* new industries
* extended time periods
* new objectives

I feel sorry for the reservists, Unlike other reservists, they may not have had military training for an extended period of time.

Unlike normal reservists, they have no reason not to have integrated themselves back to civvy life. Going back to war in going to be a shock to the system.

Still, you do your duty as expected; but you don't have to like it or buy the line they feed you.
  by: redstain   08/23/2006 03:14 PM     
  Primary MOS of Marines  
The primary MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) of all Marines is LAHVPI (Low Altitude High Velocity Projectile Interceptor). Every Marine is firstly a grunt (infantry).

Secondary MOSs are what "redstain" is refering to.

IRR is composed of SMs (Service Member(s)) who have completed the active duty portion of the contractual obligations, but have not entered into the active Reserves. They are inactive reserves for the remainder of the timeframe of their contract (used to be a 7 year stint - not sure of the current duration). Break it up however you like Active + Inactive = 7 years.
Inactive reserves (IRR) are subject to recall at any time.
  by: Zpravodajec     08/24/2006 08:22 PM     
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