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                 02/24/2018 12:39 PM  
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08/25/2006 12:08 PM ID: 56552 Permalink   

NY Times Researcher Jailed in China for Fraud


Zhao Yan (44), a Chinese researcher working for the New York Times was cleared of leaking state secrets hence not receiving the death penalty, but was sentenced to a jail time of 3 years for fraud (instead of the previously thought 10-year sentence).

Zhao was arrested in September 2004 after a New York Times report regarding former president Jiang Zemin resignation as head of military. Although many people anticipated the retirement, it was still a state secret.

The issue caused diplomatic friction between China and the US who wanted the release of Zhao. Human rights groups thought that the Chinese government was trying to scare other reporters and also lobbied against the arrest.

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China jails (blind) human rights campaigner
  by: crunch     08/25/2006 01:13 PM     
  hmm link not working,  
  by: crunch     08/25/2006 01:14 PM     
  pretty disgusting  
Mind you; nothing about governments surprise me these days.

Jail is one thing; where the heck is the %^&** fair trial? Trials in behind closed doors? No due process? No defense? I'm surprised they didn't just drag him through the streets!

This makes me hopping mad.
  by: redstain   08/25/2006 05:53 PM     
he has a lawyer... was facing a max punishment of death and gets 3 years... seems to me like there was due process.
  by: bane39   08/25/2006 08:39 PM     
  Oookay, apologies for that tirade  
I was reading about the other link featuring the blind activist when one of the mail servers died.

I got distracted and in the ensuing madness got my wires crossed. Hey, I've go to work too :)
  by: redstain   08/26/2006 01:24 AM     
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