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                 02/23/2018 05:10 PM  
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09/07/2006 01:48 PM ID: 56812 Permalink   

Some Students to be Given Free IPods


250 students at the South Kent College in England will be given Apple iPod Nanos in the hopes they will be able to listen to missed lectures and catch up in their free time. The college spent some £25,000 on the iPod scheme.

Following pressure from some critics, Assistant principal Josh Coleman said that the iPods would only be given out to teenagers who had completed all their assignments and hadn't missed a class. The money used was left over from construction work.

Initially, just a few courses would be available for download via podcasts, and the college has plans for all lessons to be available next year.

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  missed lectures...  
yes... I'm sure they're going to be using it for missed lectures... just like I was going to record lectures with a mini tape recorder I bought... -_-
  by: bane39   09/07/2006 04:50 PM     
  Doesn't make sense  
They say they are giving these out "in the hopes they will be able to listen to missed lectures and catch up in their free time." But they are giving them to "teenagers who had completed all their assignments and hadn't missed a class." So does that mean they are encouraging them to miss class? I don't understand his logic. On one hand, I can understand wanting students who missed a class to be able to make it up. On the other hand, I also understand the reluctancy to give ipods out to students who might not take school seriously. If it's just so students could catch up if they were sick or some such thing, well, students have been getting notes from other students for millenia. It seems to me like they are just trying to be cool by giving away ipods and they needed a reason to justify $50k.
  by: justaperson     09/07/2006 06:43 PM     
who cares about the logic... still a neat deal for the students.
  by: rfronk   09/07/2006 08:11 PM     
A student who listens to a podcast isn't going to
get ALL the notes as if he/she was in class.
Podcasts don't give out the examples on the boards
and such.

It's just a lil helper...more regarded as a study
guide. I wouldn't skip class becuase I know i can
download the podcast, BUT, I know it would only be
my fault if I was in class, jotted down all the
examples/notes/diagrams, AND had a podcast of
what the professor said.

I guess "college" in that sense probably means
"high school" in america...
  by: hotrock11     09/07/2006 08:24 PM     
  @justapersonthats what i was thinking too??!  
well, maybe he means those who skipped lectures but had a friend who signed the attendance sheet for them or swiped their card??!! so the student was there, but not really there!
  by: DarkAngelJG     09/07/2006 11:08 PM     
  A New Revolution!  
Cliffnotes on iPods. :)
  by: x5o2x     09/08/2006 09:09 AM     
So the point of this is so students can listen to lectures on the go? All they had to do is make them downloadable to a computer, no need to give out ipods to do that. Honestly, it would seem schools are doing this purely for the publicity.
  by: insomniac84   09/09/2006 04:20 AM     
  Critisize if you want..  
..but its pretty clear to me they had a surplus and wanted to do something to help out the students and like someone said before its just a way to justify their action.

However like many things in life that are beneficial can also be a distraction when abused. So these iPods can be a neat study tool and entertainment.

My only beef is why iPods? Alot of kids already have iPods of some sort and in the long run a pocketPC is much much more beneficial academically with the same types of entertainment values.
  by: luc1ddr3am     09/10/2006 02:39 AM     
  They do text too  
You can look at text files that are stored on the Ipod nano as well. Using the wheel to scroll up and down the text. Pretty handy for cheating I'd say ;) lol.
  by: bluraven64   09/10/2006 07:57 AM     
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