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                 02/23/2018 01:34 AM  
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09/13/2006 12:52 PM ID: 56920 Permalink   

Bicycle Helmets Cause More Accidents: Study


A study from the Bath University in England has shown that wearing a bicycle helmet was more likely to cause the cyclist to be struck than than a cyclist who was riding without one. The cause being cars drove closer to helmeted cyclists.

Dr Ian Walker, from Bath University, fitted an ultrasonic distance censor as well as a computer to his bike and recorded some 2,500 overtaking vehicles on the roads of Salisbury and Bristol.

Dr Walker found that on average, motorists drove 8.5cm closer to a helmeted cyclists, and there was a difference of some 14cms when the motorist believe Dr Walker was a woman. He was struck twice during the experiment, both times wearing a helmet.

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So... the conclusion, people want to... purposely hit women on bicycles... ? In order to... court them? lol.
  by: silentrage   09/13/2006 02:49 PM     
  The title  
is not supported by the article. It seems that drivers are more careful around cyclists without helmets (or less careful around cyclists with them) but it ain't the helmets fault!
  by: ixuzus     09/13/2006 03:13 PM     
  Dude looked like a lady?  
Dr. Walker makes for one ugly bird.

No wonder people gave him a wider berth when he drove under cover as a woman on the road.
  by: theironboard     09/13/2006 03:32 PM     
did the guy dress up in drag or something?how did he know they thought he was a lady? did they whistle? and if so how desperate must they have been!
  by: jack282   09/13/2006 03:44 PM     
  I agree..  
With ixuzus, it's not the helmets that cause more accidents. I would also say that it wasn't much of a study (although Nutty has no control over that lol).
  by: StarShadow     09/13/2006 04:37 PM     
  It doesnt suprise me  
It is just about the same for a cop to get hit by a drunk driver. If you ever seen police videos when they are pulled over to the side writing a ticket, they or their car get side swipe by drunks all the time, something to due with the lights on the car, in this case it has something to do with what is on the persons head.
  by: thedrewman   09/13/2006 06:19 PM     
  I know ill get flamed for this one, but i must.  
I know Euro's stink, but they have a Bath university? Ha!
  by: digital_darkness   09/21/2006 08:23 PM     
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