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                 01/21/2018 11:27 PM  
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09/21/2006 07:05 AM ID: 57094 Permalink   

McDonald's May Serve Breakfast Menu All Day


Jim Skinner, Chief Executive Officer of McDonald's Corp., has announced the possibility of migrating the current breakfast menu into an all day item. The chain's breakfast menu has apparently been instrumental in its recent economic turnaround.

According to Skinner, items such as its McGriddle sandwiches and a revised blend of coffee have boosted sales, and the company is looking to expand upon that success. The CEO notes that some changes to the franchise would be necessary, however.

It would require the introduction of a new, more flexible operating platform, one which is being prepared for the company. "It's not compatible with our current operating system. But with this [new] system, that could be possible," said Skinner.

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  Revised blend?  
Does that mean the coffee actually tastes like coffee now?
  by: StarShadow     09/21/2006 07:10 AM     
  Prolly not...  
last cup of coffee i got from a mcdonalds tasted somewhere between battery acid and piss. I do love the sausage biscuit tho, hope this happens.
  by: Stryc9   09/21/2006 08:47 AM     
Technically, if this happens, you can't really "call" it a breakfast menu anymore, lol.
  by: SunDown   09/21/2006 11:11 AM     
  Please let this happen.  
I dislike their food, but a $1 sausage mcmuffin is sometimes exactly what I need.

Sadly, all the 24 hour McDonalds in my area don't serve breakfast til at the earliest 3:30 AM. Now, I am a night owl, but by then I'm in my pajamas and winding down for bed.

I eagerly await this change, and hope Burger King does the same. Omelet sandwich anytime? One can only dream.
  by: darkrequiemx   09/21/2006 11:19 AM     
  Also in the news,  
obesity rates up 60% after McDonalds introduces 24/7 breakfast! =P
  by: Rodney Jason   09/21/2006 01:37 PM     
  lol go get some fruit people  
  by: digital_darkness   09/21/2006 04:27 PM     
I would like an occasional McGriddle, and I'm never awake in time for Breakfast there now ;\
  by: fballer23   09/21/2006 04:48 PM     
  Their operating system?  

It really bugs me that around here they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. on Sundays - maybe it's just because I'm a nightowl, but who in their right mind wants a hamburger at 10:30 in the morning???
  by: caution2     09/21/2006 07:01 PM     
"maybe it's just because I'm a nightowl, but who in their right mind wants a hamburger at 10:30 in the morning???"

Someone who's been up since 3am? lol
  by: StarShadow     09/21/2006 07:15 PM     
I love hamburgers.

I'll have a hamburger at 10:30 AM no problem... and some breakfast burritos.

Of course... McDonald's burgers are a nasty way to start the day's calorie count; I'd hate to feel sick all day and get fat, too.

I am so glad I only eat at McDonald's about once a month at the most nowadays. It is an unpopular choice in these parts.

Why are Americans so hot to eat a fast food breakfast that does more harm than good?

How many people order a large Coke with their McGriddle? (Is a McGriddle a pancake sausage-burger or something? I only have a vague recollection of what one is.... and I am still fixated on those damn good breakfast burritos).

Some of you sit in your car for fifteen minutes during rush-hour to 'save time' before going to work which is only three miles from your home to begin with.

Seriously? How long does it take you to eat a bannana, or make a bowl of cereal... or even a simple sandwich?

Europeans, compared to Americans (margin is closing lately), are healthier partly due to their breakfast habits-- natural milk product on natural bread with some natural juice or tea. Preservatives and artificial sugar don't get involved, nearly as much!
  by: theironboard     09/21/2006 10:11 PM     
That would rock. The only thing i like at mcdonalds are their bagel sandwiches. I could go with a bagel sandwich at 10 in the evening.
  by: swany   09/22/2006 01:14 AM     
  Breakfast is the only  
edible meal they serve anyway. Their burers are flat and bland, the fries are always limp and slightly burnt, the salads are wilted, and I got food poisoning the last two time I ate their fish.
  by: jaded fox     09/22/2006 03:43 AM     
  My dog will eat poop  
but she won’t eat a McD’s hamburger. I think she knows something I don’t. She does like McD’s sausage muffins though. I trust her, she’s got a huge nose.
  by: valkyrie123     09/23/2006 03:08 PM     
I've always wanted a breakfast meal at 11am when it closes at 10:30am in Aus...but Hungry Jacks does have a good egg + sausage wrap..mmmm lol

I'm all for a breakfast menu, just hope it's hot and fresh.
  by: mr-anderson   09/24/2006 12:37 PM     
  Reason for Breakfast- Unemlpoyed Engineer  
An unemployed engineer in the defense industry complained about not being able to get breakfast after 10:30. He was packing an assault rifle at the time. This was back in '91. I know this is true bacause a friend who was there told me about it. The weapon accidently discharged. The customer service got so scared that they served him breakfast instead. But the fellow changed his mind, and asked for burger and fries. Then he got angry at how deflated the burger was. Anyway I'm glad McDonald's is serving breakfast even if it did take a guy with a gun to force them into it.
  by: dirtyharryschwartz   09/24/2006 06:42 PM     
You mean the guy that when on a rampage and got shot at the end of that pier in California?
  by: theironboard     09/24/2006 06:48 PM     
  Food by any other name...  
Perhaps a silly question, but why can the breakfast items not be sold all day? Can the egg not be fried after 10:30? What changes? Same equipment, same people, same everything. If I like the items on the breakfast menu, why can’t I order them at 1pm? The items are still there afterall… If you slap the egg on a bagel, its breakfast and if you slap it on toast its lunch…
  by: arsene   09/29/2006 01:47 PM     
  McDonalds Breakfast  
My family and I were just talking about the yummy egg mcmuffin and how we would love to have one NOW. But can't because breakfast stopped at 11.00 am.. Seriously, why not have breakfast served all day. All the other fast food places do it. What is the big deal in doing so????? WE WANT MCDONALDS BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY...
  by: phxbulldog   09/05/2009 09:13 PM     
this story is 3 years old and they still haven't changed.
  by: Lurker     09/05/2009 09:27 PM     
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