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                 01/19/2018 06:36 PM  
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09/24/2006 05:26 PM ID: 57168 Permalink   

US Military Dead Tally Passes That of 9/11


The total number of US military deaths from Iraq and Afghanistan have now surpassed the number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks, according to an AP count of the death toll.

Close to 10 times the US soldiers have died in Iraq, as compared to Afghanistan. The Afghan toll is considered to be light, but has been increasing recently with more Taliban activity.

The grim milestone came on Friday, September 22, 2006, when the 2,974th soldier was killed. The tally for the attacks of 2001 totaled 2,973.

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Yes, it's a shame to lose so much life.

I'm a Canadian soldier and I'll probably be shipping off to Kandahar province, Afghanistan next summer. According to the statistics, a Canadian soldier is 4.5 times more likely to die than an American soldier there, and 3.0 times more likely to die than a British soldier. As well as 6.0 times more likely to die than an American soldier serving in Iraq.

I remember seeing on CNN or some other American news network that soldiers who had been to both Iraq and Afghanistan and were being forced to choose one or the other to go back to often elected for Iraq because they felt safer there.
  by: inthemode   09/24/2006 06:54 PM     
  @ inthemode  
interesting... how likely are the locals to die?
do you want to go?
  by: DarkAngelJG     09/24/2006 07:26 PM     
I'm not too terribly sure about the local Afghanistan residents. However, this last week we had 3 Canadians killed by a suicide bomber on a bike who also killed some children at a school.

The soldiers were handing out candy and school supplies.

I'm not sure if the Taliban consider civilian casualities a postive thing or just collateral damage.

As for wantin to go... yes, I've already put my name in for volunteering to go. Believe it or not they have more people volunteering to go than they have positions to fill and it's competitive to go. Therefore the selection process is based on past performance evaluations, assessement of physical fitness, and other factors. My friend just got back in late August and I plan on going to Kandahar with him. Although I am in the infantry, it's likely I'll be a convoy driver because I have certain military driving qualifications that are somewhat harder to come by.
  by: inthemode   09/24/2006 09:42 PM     
What kind of driving skills would those be? Things like being able to drive on very difficult terrain?
  by: caution2     09/24/2006 09:58 PM     
why are canadian soldiers so much more likely to die?

i didn't see that one coming.
  by: hamstertube   09/24/2006 10:30 PM     
Good on you for volunteering and all the best!

As hamstertube asks, why is it more dangerous for the canadians? Is it because of the area of operations is more volatile?
  by: jendres     09/25/2006 12:37 AM     
As for driving, it's just a matter of already having qualifications on certain *types* of vehicles being currently employed there. They would rather take someone who knows how to drive a certain vehicle than have to train someone 6 months prior to deployment.

I think the reason why Canadians are more likely to die is because of where they are and the number of them there are in Kandahar province. You'll notice we have about 2,200 troops on the ground and that drives up the individual risk per soldier I suspect. Kandahar has long been the hotbed for Taliban insurgency and shares the common border with Pakistan where Taliban sympathizers can cross unchecked by the Pakistani government. They refer to the Pakistani military presence along that particular border a "ghost army."
  by: inthemode   09/25/2006 02:24 AM     
  this is probably a very uninformed observation  
But I've seen at least 2 articles from different publications descriping Canadian soldiers, ie snipers, as having a critical role in Afganistan, maybe they've garnered the attention/hatred of local resistance more than the other coalition forces?
  by: silentrage   09/25/2006 02:29 AM     
God bless you, sir.
You're valient courage, your commitment to protect freedom, and your support for your fellow men are admirable. The world could use a few more like you.
  by: carnold     09/25/2006 02:31 AM     
when do we protect freedom by taking it away from others and ourselves at the same time? IMO anyone that supports war in any way hinders the human population's ability to wage peace. What a primitive species we are.

I'm in agreement with Einstein on this one:
"He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."
  by: banshee9898     09/25/2006 02:58 AM     
I respect your position but unfortunately I'm a pragmatist.
  by: jendres     09/25/2006 03:31 AM     
  Hey banshee  
The US wouldn't enter WWII... until we were hit at Pearl Harbor. Do you believe we were justified in entering the war at that point, or should we have forgiven and forgotten?
  by: carnold     09/25/2006 09:49 AM     
  @ carnold  
you aren't bush are you?
i'll have to stop swearing at him if you are him... i wouldn't want to be a reason for traumatising someone!!
And what freedom are you talking about? you are not even allowed to speak a "dodgy" language when flying nor allowed to wear a T-shirt written in a foreign language.probably the admin. will soon replace the statue of liberty with an oil rig or something and say it posing a terror threat!
  by: DarkAngelJG     09/25/2006 12:14 PM     
  hey carnold  
what does iraq have to do with us being attacked?

i guess you could justify a war against afghanistan with your pearl harbor analogy until you consider that afghanistan did not actually attack america.
  by: ManilaRyce     09/25/2006 12:42 PM     
Hmmm... I see.
  by: carnold     09/25/2006 01:26 PM     
You "claim" to be Asian-American. If so, then you need to represent, dammit. We're stereotyped as learners and hard workers. Pseudo-asians like you are going to ruin it for those who have worked hard to forge such a stereo-type. Quit posting crap like this!


Research and find the connection between terrorists and Afghanistan. Come back once you've done you're homework. Not trying to be a smart ass, but you've opened a huge can or worms that I can't possibly cover in a post.

GL w/ your research.
  by: carnold     09/25/2006 01:32 PM     
Actually, it's a Canadian who has the world record for longest succesful shot. A Canadian sniper in Afghanistan made the record sometime in the last few years I believe.
  by: inthemode   09/25/2006 08:16 PM     
5,947 innocents dead. Thanks to the US. The war on a noun is lost and always will be lost. You cannot kill an ideology, only is followers...that you can find.

I ain't so sure about the events of Pearl Harbour either...Carnold.

And even now there are documents showing that Iraq has actually INCREASED terrorist activities since the invasion of 2003! The nail in coffin for Bush's claim.

  by: mr-anderson   09/26/2006 02:15 AM     
My opinion on that issue is very similar one to Gandhi's in that the only just action to take is one which harms neither party to a dispute and helps both. I need to start doing this more, thanks for reminding me of it.

His quote:
“That action alone is just that does not harm either party to a dispute”
-Mahatma Gandhi
  by: banshee9898     09/26/2006 03:16 AM     
"Yep. Watched it as if it were the Super Bowl. And, as I remember, Kerry conceded defeat to Bush before all the votes were in.
All this rhetoric about election fraud goes right on the shelf next to the conspiracy theory that the US gov’t blew up the Twin Towers."

google votergate or better yet:

"Eloquent wording there, Chavez. The fact is, we DID know both candidates. And that’s why Bush won."

lol... i'm not chavez... but you might not know any better.

most americans are just getting yo know bush now... notice the new facist policies? well you got the devil YOU wanted... though personally the sickenign thing is there is virtually no difference between the two, which is totalling defeating of the purpose of the system as there is no real choice... as both parties do all they can to keep third partied off the bellot.

"I’ve just scoured the internet for more information on this. All I could find were articles on “allegations” made by the Democrats to stir up a post-election maelstrom. Key word: “Allegation”. I could make an allegation that Hugo Chavez had sex with his mother. That doesn’t make it true – it’s just an allegation. Can you give me a link to a reputable source to substantiate this claim?"

look up votergate... for some reason their official video is missing but i think my youtube link if from votergate, if not there is another video on youtube under the search for "votergate".

"The terrorists HAVEN’T won. Therefore, arguing that statement is moot, at best. Truth be told, both political parties are constantly playing the finger-pointing-game. To say that either Republicans or Democrats are exclusively guilty for this is absurd."

i disagree, the terrorist have won... americans are living in fear of terrorism, americans have changed how they live as a result of 9/11... this is undeniable. ask a few arab-americans if they feel they are treated differently post 9/11. personally our biggest discrepency is who the terrorist of 9/11 really were, anyone who commit/planned 9/11 was a terrorist by any definition. and as i stated above both parties are virtually identically and basically corporation property, and your not the corporation, if you get my meaning.

"I’m sorry. I fail to see this. We have elections in approx. 1 month. Presidential elections are two more years away. Dictatorship?"

the only difference between the US at current and a dictatorship is congress, and their not even doing their jobs, what with all the unconstitutional bills they put through since 9/11, more evidence of the "terrorists" winning btw.

"The American public is a lot more aware than you give them credit for. Just because they don’t share the same disdain for the US, as you do, doesn’t make them ignorant.
Ignorant public? Indeed…! And what is your education, Havoc? What do you do for a living? I have an MBA and an upper-six-figure income. Not bad for an ignorant fellow, eh?"

well they are either ignorant or stupid... and with an average IQ of 98 i should hope thats not the

but seriously, they allowed their electoral system to become excessively corruptable and corrupted by a means of which has no paper trail.

my education is highschool... what worrisome is i'm more aware of american politics than the average american seems to be... though i must admit canadian politics are far more

i don't care how much a person makes, if a person appears ignorant, i will call them on it. most americans are aware of many things the US has done and even is currently doing.

"Another example of our ignorant public, eh? Rest assured that they know why they’re there.
Despite your beliefs, there are many people out there that believe in this cause. Proof? The US military has consistently exceeded recruitment goals since 9/11. But let’s not just take a snapshot of America… let’s also take a look at Canada. From what I understand, more people are signing up to go fight in the mid-east than there are positions for. I had the honor of communicating with a noble Canadian soldier right here on SN. Follow this link to some of his comments and conversations.
Canada could use a few more men, like this guy."

for instance the WMD claims of iraq... after that myth was disspelled they fabricated another reason to be in iraq... as for afganistan, it had some merit at the time, but at current things are far worse off then they were ounder oppression... now both countries are more oppressed and violent (terrorism wise) then ever. the US presence has cause terrorism to grow not dispurse. like the war on drug its war you nor anyone else can win... atleast not with violent means.
  by: HAVOC666     10/14/2006 01:29 AM     
i dunno why that comment went into this thread... i posted it in the proper thread ...

and admin can delete that if they want.
  by: HAVOC666     10/14/2006 01:33 AM     
I did the same thing. Looks like they took care of my post, though. :)
  by: carnold     10/14/2006 07:47 AM     
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