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                 11/20/2017 12:34 PM  
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09/25/2006 05:27 PM ID: 57204 Permalink   

Doctor Accused of Creating Frankenpenis


Lured by the promise of a more baritone organ, over a dozen Chicago men opted for surgery to cure their shortcomings. The results were less than satisfying.

After paying thousands of dollars for multiple surgeries the men were left with Frankenpenis, an organ with little resemblance to a functional unit.

Dr. Sheldon Burman is charged with 45 counts of malpractice and is facing the revocation of his license. The procedure, removing fat from the abdomen and injecting it into the penis, has been deemed unsafe by American Urological Association.

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ting ting?
  by: jeniq     09/25/2006 05:52 PM     
Whas' dat? I thought it was Dick or Richard ?

But it has the making of a GREAT movie!!

Frankenpenis meets Frankenussy? coming? to a theatre near yew!
  by: majikimaje     09/25/2006 06:27 PM     
  The real problem is insecurity..  
That is caused by people seeing porn stars with 10, 12, even 14inch wangs, and expect that to be the normal size, when the average size is really about 6/7inches.

The second cause is people enforcing these unrealistic averages. I actually had a friend that would measure guys she brought home, and if they didn't measure up to her standards she would kick them out of her bed.
  by: Whiskers   09/25/2006 07:48 PM     
Was your friend Male gay?? With gays size does matter, the bigger the better.

Oh yea let me make this clear as well. This information gays and bigger the better, is from a documentary that was discussing the same issue of size if it matters to women.

Eventhough, it doesnt matter to women, women will be more attracted to a penis well hung, rather than a small one. My personal secret, I practiced licking my eyebrows ever since I was 13. No one can compete with that.
  by: kinko     09/25/2006 08:12 PM     
  6 or 7?  
Some people do lie on questionaires.

The average for a white male is about 5 and half.
  by: GogeVandire   09/25/2006 08:14 PM     
Wow major case of goosebumps when I read ur comment. just the thought sent tingles.. Poor guys should quit watch slong movies.
  by: mikkitaz   09/25/2006 10:04 PM     
  She not He  
You misread. My friend that does this is female.

5.5 you say? I suppose they lied about their size on the questionairs too then.
  by: Whiskers   09/26/2006 01:13 AM     
Depends on your survey demographic - the average causican penis is between 6 and 7 inches long when erect.

Aberage asian penis tends to be a little shorter than that, and black peni a little longer.

It's moot though because penis length runs the full gamut regardless of race. What is more important is a good fit that pleases both partners.
  by: lauriesman     09/26/2006 03:58 AM     
14-inches isn't the normal size?

Whoa... God luvs me. :-D
  by: carnold     09/26/2006 07:19 PM     
Well, that was what durex were saying a few years back, argue with them.

They may have changed though.
  by: GogeVandire   09/26/2006 09:45 PM     
If you were that big, I'd have nothing but pity for you.
  by: lauriesman     09/27/2006 12:42 PM     
Baritone organ! Genius!
  by: p_g_chris   09/27/2006 11:17 PM     
At 14" only horses will luv you hon. Women will run for thier lives. I've seen 13" in person, I was terrified, and for your next question, no I didn't.
  by: Valkyrie123     09/29/2006 06:35 PM     
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