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                 08/29/2015 02:14 AM  
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09/25/2006 05:46 PM ID: 57205 Permalink   

Porcine Pilferers Leave Ears on Lawn as Ominous Sign


Hog rustlers made off with a 300 lb porker that will be hard to cook and ever tougher to eat as it was made of concrete. The lawn ornament was stolen from Bob and Mary Ray Mathis’ front yard by thieves in the night.

The only things the Mathis’ have to remember their pignapped pet are its ears, some hog tracks and memories which were left behind. "The last time we had to move Pig Rock, I called a couple of my big bruiser friends to help out," he said.

Hoping it was just a high school prank the Mathis’ grasp to hope that their beloved boar will show up on someone’s lawn. Extolling the virtues of his lost pet, Mr. Mathis said, "He didn't eat a lot, not too noisy, and he never left the yard."

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  I love it...  
When you post news...not only do we get all the information we need....but we also get a nice example of your wordplay skills...very nice..
  by: Definition   09/25/2006 07:34 PM     
  "A 300-pound lawn ornament has been pignapped."  
Love it!
  by: caution2     09/25/2006 10:59 PM     
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