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                 01/23/2018 11:08 AM  
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09/26/2006 01:57 PM ID: 57227 Permalink   

“I Have Monkeys in My Pants”


Would-be smuggler, Robert Cusack, knew the jig was up when the rare Birds of Paradise flew out of his luggage so he confessed.

Mr. Cusack actually had 4 Birds of Paradise and 2 slow Loris pygmy monkeys whom had the unenviable privilege of hitching a ride in Mr. Cusack’s underwear.

Mr. Cusack wasn’t the only member of this smuggling ring as his companion, Thom Mrozek, had 2 rare baby Asian leopards in his luggage. Most of the animals have been placed in zoos or other protective custody while the Birds of Paradise all died.

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If one of the pygmy monkeys had started biting or had gotten out of hand, would he have dropped trou and spanked his monkey?
  by: carnold     09/26/2006 02:05 PM     
those monkeys thought his penis was a nipple, thats how they decided to search him, he was squirming and making funny noises.
  by: trankpill   09/26/2006 04:28 PM     
  only five and a half months?  
they should make examples out of people like this. birds of paradise are beautiful animals. it's ashame this moron killed them all. they can certainly charge him with animal abuse on top of smuggling can't they?
  by: ManilaRyce     09/28/2006 03:43 AM     
Anal dwelling butt monkeys?
  by: Walkingstick     10/02/2006 03:18 PM     
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