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                 01/21/2018 01:43 PM  
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09/28/2006 12:30 AM ID: 57272 Permalink   

Child Killer to Hang


Nara, Japan- On Tuesday, 37-year-old Kaoru Kobayash was sentenced to death by hanging for the 2004 abduction, molestation, and murder of a Nara girl. Kobayashi had pleaded guilty and told the court, "I want to be executed quickly."

Police believe Kobayashi abducted 7-year-old Kaede Ariyama as she walked home from school, then molested and drowned her in his apartment in Sango.
Using the dead girl's mobile phone, he sent Ariyama's mother a picture of the child's corpse.

Before dumping the body in a gutter in the town of Heguri, Kobayashi multilated the corpse. Approximately a month after the murder, he sent a message to Ariyama's mother threatening to target his victim's younger sister.

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  I would Say If I was The Judge  
In the public court, yes fine, but then tell the hang man to take all the time he wanted.
  by: philigs     09/28/2006 01:01 AM     
I haven't read the source yet and probably won't any time soon...but:

Judging by what I see it sounds like he could have been insane at the time of his actions. If you know you're doing something wrong but can't stop yourself then you're insane. If you don't know you're doing something wrong then you're insane.

(I'm fairly certain those are the two legal definitions)


You chop of somebody's head and boil it on the stove in full view of your friends, prepare a side dish, serve drinks, and make small-talk. Then, shortly before the police arrive, you serve the delicious dish up, and when the police arrive you invite them to join you.

Something along those lines would probably get you an insane stamp.

To a lesser extent you could go to a car park and jump from the roof of one car to the next, totalling them while manically laughing. (this one actually happened as a result of bipolar disorder).

The first one doesn't need to be explained: it's a schizophrenic/psychosis thing.

Anyway, that said, judging by this guy's desire to be executed, he probably didn't have control of his actions at the time, or did something he now sees was wrong.

Alternatively he's a sick **** who would rather die than go to prison.
  by: GodLoki   09/28/2006 01:08 AM     
  I just read the source....  
It turns out he's the latter.
  by: GodLoki   09/28/2006 01:13 AM     
The jumping from car roof to car roof made me laugh. It just sounds like something I would do for fun, to get a reaction. especially the maniacal laugh. :-D

*sigh* The things I do to stay away from Drugs and alcohol
  by: nyceplaya2002     09/28/2006 02:16 AM     
  Nope.. !!  
Let him live.. .. .. long long long long long long time... in Isolation

send him to the middle east.!!

maybe he just might make sense over all of that
  by: majikimaje     09/28/2006 02:17 AM     
  Give Him A Good Read  
Just to keep him calm of all the hangings that went wrong along with the pictures.
  by: captainJane     09/28/2006 02:43 AM     
to whoever fixed the typos.
  by: jaded fox     09/28/2006 02:59 AM     
  @ Jaded Fox  
My Pleasure :)
  by: Polaris     09/28/2006 05:08 AM     
  from the original source:  

"Kobayashi's counsel had argued for a lighter sentence, claiming society was partially to blame for his crime because he had an unfortunate upbringing that turned him into a pedophile."

I'm a Criminology student and although I do believe that petty thieves and the like may have lifestyle/childhodo circumstances that lead to their crimes, i cannot see how society can be responsible for producing a paedophile. This type of behaviour is so sickening, I don't see how an unhappy childhood would make someone want to kidnap, assault, rape, murder and mutilate a child.

  by: RAychybabekitty   09/28/2006 03:47 PM     
Leaving aside the growing tendancy to use younger and younger people as sex objects, especially in the media. you also have to take into account cultural differences, in the case of Japan, that would be the Lolita 'craze'(for lack of a better term). So in this case it's possible that Japanese society may have to accept some responsibility.
  by: StarShadow     09/28/2006 07:51 PM     
  @jaded fox  
congrats -- this is probably the most horrible thing
i've read about in a while
  by: pixx   09/28/2006 10:44 PM     
  Alright Japan.  
Hangings, stonings, and firing squads should be brought back in full force...political correctness is killing us all.
  by: Drudge   09/29/2006 12:51 AM     
  My best friend  
is an "Otaku" (someone obsessed with video games, Japanese culture and anime basically) so I know a good amount about Japan... They have a disgusting obsession with young school girls and even kids video games and shows have strange sexual content. In one Jap childs game I played (Pyopop fever, kind of like Tetris) when you choose this female character she goes "on your knees" and another character from "Bust a Move" has a big penis-like object that comes out whenever he wins... Anyway my point is that they have a strange obsession with very young age school girls so their culture could be partially to blame, not that that is at all an excuse for this man's actions
  by: ToofDogger     09/29/2006 01:39 AM     
when i read that last name i was like omg their is someone with that last name from 'usual suspects'?!?!?!? kobyashi was suppose to be the turkish name of that superkiller/drug dealer. anyway let him hang!
  by: DREKK   09/29/2006 01:50 AM     
  indefinite prison  
I know there are financial considerations but hear me out. I hear so many times, people claiming to be mentally ill, 'get cured in a couple of years' and they avoid a harsher sentance.

I am not suggesting this assh*le is faking it. I am not even referring to his case, but to the many cases where people use the 'insanity' clause.

I am just saying that, unless it's 'depression' or something minor, and the crime was minor, I would recommend 'Indefinate Detention'. Not as a punishment but as a self-protection mechanism.

If someone is sick, then they're not going to get better with a few hugs, tablets and deep-breathing exercises. Their nature is - unfortunately - irrevocably damaged and should never be let out in society ever again.

Any opinions?
  by: redstain   09/29/2006 02:17 AM     
  Despite the perversion in the games  
Japan is a really safe country. I felt safe walking around at night. Not something I would do in most American cities.
  by: jaded fox     09/29/2006 11:06 AM     
  Time Japan  
Joins the rest of the world's repulsion on child abuse.
  by: captainJane     10/01/2006 08:50 PM     
"If someone is sick, then they're not going to get better with a few hugs, tablets and deep-breathing exercises. Their nature is - unfortunately - irrevocably damaged and should never be let out in society ever again.

Any opinions?"

i agree with the first half of what you said... however, jailing him for life rather than a term sentence, if your going to jail someone for life you might as well just put him to death, either way he is out of society...

personally i believe suicide should be legal, if he wants to die, oblige him.

as for society encouraging it, yes, but society doesn't make you do anyhthing, but it can skew what is preceived as right and wrong.
  by: HAVOC666     10/01/2006 09:11 PM     
  Not harsh enough..  
Any child molesterer/killer should be tortured for weeks/months and then hanged!
  by: Lukeyx   10/03/2006 03:37 PM     
  Just a thought  
Here we always talk about the cost of execution being just as expensive as life in prison. I assume it's because of the cost of drugs plus the doctor's fee. Wouldn't this method be a lot cheaper and if done right just as painless?
  by: jaded fox     10/04/2006 10:41 PM     
  Fireing Squads .....  
I have made my view of killing and death pretty clear in other threads so i wont rant on it here too, but if its your thing and your for it, try on these ideas.

Bullets are still around $9 USD a box of 50 rounds for 9mm Full Metal Jackets, quick and painless with 3+ head shots.

As an add-on to the the previous, allow the victims the oppertunity to participate if they want to.

Another good idea would be to throw him in the middle of a prison yard full of violent-criminal types and broadcast his crimes over the loudsepeaker system an in indulged narrative, introduction style, and let the savages do him in. Tzx Payers Cost = almost 0 , inmates are already imprisioned and the loudspeakers and employees are already there, I'm sure someone will gladly cover the gas money to get him there.

Personally I think he should have to suffer the same type of horrors as he put that child thru untill the day he dies.
He wants to die fast so he doesnt have to suffer, the more he and others like him want to die the longer they should have to suffer.
  by: netwerk     10/05/2006 07:25 AM     
  It's a bit disturbing  
to see how many people advocate the use of torture.
  by: jaded fox     10/12/2006 01:16 AM     
I agree.

Without debating the morality of capitol punishment, I say that if a death sentence has been passed, it should be carried out quickly( after all appeals, etc), cleanly, and dispassionately. To derive any satisfaction/joy out of it, just makes you a vengeful murderer.
  by: StarShadow     10/12/2006 01:29 AM     
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