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                 01/20/2018 12:16 PM  
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09/29/2006 08:32 AM ID: 57299 Permalink   

Rogue Squirrels Jumping into Strollers, Attacking Picnickers


A series of ferocious squirrel attacks has residents of a California neighborhood on edge, with some wondering how to curb their recent aggressiveness. Picnickers are being bitten mercilessly; some of the animals are even jumping into baby strollers.

Others are walking up to small children and attempting to wrestle the food out of their hands, then viciously biting and scratching them. Some patrons have elected to get precautionary rabies shots.

Park officials are suggesting that the animals are getting more aggressive due to the local trash cans being sealed recently, causing them to use bolder and more invasive methods to find food. The county is considering euthanasia as a viable option.

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  This has the making of a good.. ..  
movie by Alfred Hitchock!

Squirrels gone wild!!
  by: majikimaje     09/29/2006 10:02 AM     
Either that or some poorly written Fox special. "WHEN SQUIRRELS ATTACK!"
  by: slavefortheman     09/29/2006 02:42 PM     
if a squirrel attacked my neice when we were playing in the park i'd rip it in half...

what were the parents doing? watching this happen?
  by: koultunami     09/29/2006 02:52 PM     
  why not  
capture the squirrels, or provide feeding methods for them? killing them is the only apparant option?
  by: mentally ill   09/29/2006 02:55 PM     
Anyone got some movies of this? :D
  by: fballer23   09/29/2006 04:57 PM     
  They're Nuts, I tell ya!  
These guys sound worse than Russian squirrels. Yuck.

Still, humans are worse.
  by: theironboard     09/29/2006 04:57 PM     
  What they need to do...  
is dump a crap load of peanuts and pinecones around the trees in the park. This will allow the squirrels to eat and store food for winter. Yeah, lets just poisen all the squirrels in the parks without using our brains first.
  by: slayer06   09/29/2006 05:39 PM     
  pest control  
Pest control is a pretty normal part of managing a city. Let's face it, these animals are not in a natural environment. There's an over abundance of food from people and there's a lack of predators. I say poison the squirrels.
  by: bane39   09/29/2006 05:58 PM     
You guys laughed when I said we needed to exterminate the squirrels and not stingrays... Now look what's happened... Fricken evil rodents...

  by: Svengali   09/29/2006 06:46 PM     
  wow, vicious little buggers then  
I see a few every now and again, never been attacked though.
  by: GogeVandire   09/29/2006 07:51 PM     
  Nothing ...  
30 people carrying bags of nuts an a length bit of 2x4 each wouldnt stop. Start culling them in full view of their furry friends. That was my first thought after reading the SN article and the source just justifies even more. They arent afraid of humans anymore, make it so number 1. Its like seagulls that steal food from people, get some fast moving people, bait them and start smacking them about, that'll teach em. Ive also read a story about a dog that was attacked and killed by squirrels too, though it seemed far fetched you dont know how far something/someone will go to survive.

No I'm not an evil so and so and I have nothing against 'nature' but I think a few species need it reiterated to them that we are top of the food chain and what keeps us here.

Or we could just wait for the SN follow up about a baby in a pram getting an eye ripped out rabies.
  by: AccessG     09/29/2006 07:52 PM     
  Since when were we afraid of squirrels?  
I mean, what gives? It's a squirrel!
  by: Dark_Stang   09/29/2006 09:10 PM     
  Rogue Squirrels  
The best thing to do with the squirrels is cook them in onion soup mix.
  by: vmaxster   09/29/2006 10:24 PM     
  I'll got pop some squirrels  
if they pay me for it.
  by: Stryc9   09/30/2006 02:42 AM     
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