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                 01/23/2018 11:05 AM  
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09/30/2006 04:06 PM ID: 57329 Permalink   

Jewish Rabbi: Exterminate all Palestinian Males


Yousef Falay, an extremist rabbi living in Yitzhar settlement in the West Bank called on the Israeli government to kill all Palestinian males over the age of 13 who refuse to flee the country, hoping this would end the presence of the Palestinian race.

Rabbi Meir Kahane who started the Kach movement also called for "the transfer of Israel's Arab population to Arab (or other) lands". His words inspired people like Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli known for opening fire on civilians in a mosque in Hebron.

The concept of exterminating or transferring Palestinians was not only embraced by fanatics and their follower. Israeli politicians have also called for race-related transfers and ethnic cleansing publicly and without apologising.

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I seriously didn’t want to post this as it will fan the existing flames… but it is worth reading. I know I am asking for much, but please… don’t let me regret posting it.
  by: DarkAngelJG     09/30/2006 04:08 PM     
Just goes to show that "the terrorists" aren't just Muslims. And that the Muslims, just like the Jews, aren't all terrorists. There are dumbass nutcases in all religions, but we already knew that, didn't we?
  by: Mister crank     09/30/2006 04:38 PM     
  I guess  
some Jews learned a few things from the Nazis. Too bad it was the wrong things.
  by: valkyrie123     09/30/2006 05:00 PM     
I wonder if Hitlers image will change in the future -if- Israel goes on a genocidial rampage in the middle east?
  by: Kavok   09/30/2006 05:33 PM     
  The difference is  
This man hasnt won any elections, neither have his fellows.
Both Hamas and Hezbollah have elected government officials.

According to wiki, the Israeli gov lists them as aproscribed terrorist organisation.
Additional, the Israelis foiled a plan by kach to blow up the Al-Aqsa mosque.

This man doesnt speak for Israel, and his fellows have been jailed by Israel, can we say the same about Hezbolah or Hammas, who's suicide bombers are laued as hero's.

Its easy to tar the palestinians as terrorists, when there suicide bombers are given victory parades attended by tens of thousands,

Much harder to do the same to the Israelis, who activly foil and jail the Israeli based terrorists.

Lets see whats there, not what we want to see.
  by: GogeVandire   09/30/2006 05:40 PM     
  should i be scared?!  
@Mister crank

you are right, 100%. But the world these days sees us(muslims and arabs) as the only terrorists. My cousin was arrested several times in Germany while entering a bank! police follow him when they see him or any muslim!

this kind of acts makes muslims and arabs feel unwanted which increases the hate!


We see Hamas and Hezbollah as our hope, they are our hope for a better future. We support them, the majority support them. We have all the right to fight Israel. As I said before, All the Arabs agreed on a peace reolutions that returns the least of rights for the palestinians, but Israel don't want to! they want to Invade whenever they want, kill whenever they want! when I say israel is the devil i mean it.

Why we should agree with what US and israel want?! we know what's right for us...leave us alone.
  by: King|of|Queens     09/30/2006 06:22 PM     
I really dont understand how that was supposded to be a rebuttal.
You agreed with me, pretty much completely.

Or at the least, you proved my point.
  by: GogeVandire   09/30/2006 06:34 PM     
  race-related transfers .......  
Call me a little crazy but have we all forgotten the we all are a part of the Human Race ?
When all of you guys get done killing each other did anyone stop to notice that we all bleed red?
The Jews, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Americans, and so on, all have families, and lives,and things they belive in just as strongly as you do.
I love women, should i kill all men so i can have them all to my self? Or even better i like redheads, should i kill off all of the blondes and brunettes that wont dye thier hair red?
Should we here in america wage war on one another because the Chicago Bears didnt make the superbowl agian.
I belive strongly in a lot of things, and lots of people dissagree with me, some of them even call me names and give me labels and as of yet i still have no desire to cause physical harm to anyone. I belive what I want to belive, you belive what you want to belive. Its not untill one tries to impose thier beliefs on another that these issues exist.
Sometimes people need to just learn how to agree that they dissagree.
We dont need new laws to accomplish this either. It is all in the constitution, "the church shall now and forever remain seperate from state".
I wish our current government would go back to reading and social studies classes and brush up on how they go to where they are today.
We had this all figured out in the begining, why try to change, improve, and/or impose, such a well thought out and written code of conduct. Back to basics is where the answers are and have been all along.
Killing humans is not accetable for any reason under any circumstances. I'm almost at the point of saying "Screw it, push the little red buttons all around the world, destroy it compleatly and let everyone's God (whomever that may be) sort it all out afterwards."
Obviously thats what were aiming for anyways, the only stopping it right now is that no one wants to take the credit/blame for being the 1st to push the button.
  by: netwerk     09/30/2006 06:54 PM     
  this guy sounds just like  
A Neo Nazi and it seems isreal is becoming more and more like the nazi regime.
  by: JocKstEelUk   09/30/2006 07:00 PM     
One jewish guy says something and every jewish person must be a nazi you people are insane go outside and make some friends.
  by: steme   09/30/2006 08:59 PM     
I absolutely agree with you.

@Dark: You are reporting, as this is a report without your own fabrication, I thank you for bringing it here for me and others like me to see.

@MisterCrank: Sometimes even within your own, there are those who will be against you check out this clip and you will see one Israeli soldier questioning the other soldiers behaviour.
@GogeVan. You are wrong, as not all Muslims agree with atrocities commited by people who use religion as means to gather allegiance. As KoQ said "When you drown, you clutch on water to stand on it" Even a site of a weed gives hope, if you can hold on to it. Only the weed, is in the name of Hezbollah to many of them.

In one of my missions to Tanzania, as I arrived in that village I came across this lady with 3 boys, she was happy to meet us, however her face showed the pangs of hardship. I asked her if her husband was around and she said no. She informed, he was out to look for food. I asked her what was she cooking? She looked at me and her boys, then ushered them to continue playing. She opened the lid of pot on the clay stove, there was only water simmering slowly. I said, there is nothing in there, she said "The boys dont know"
  by: kinko     09/30/2006 08:59 PM     
you're wrong. the last paragraph says that this kind of ethnic cleansing is also promoted by israeli government officials. in this case they were talking about parliament member effie eitam, but its quite common amongst other elected israeli officials. its ridiculous to claim the israeli government has the moral high ground over hamas or hezbollah to anyone with even an elementary understanding of israels race-based laws.
  by: ManilaRyce     09/30/2006 11:11 PM     
  Where will this all end ? when??  
We are all related!! we are all decendants of Noah and his 3 sons.

who is going to win this aged ol squabble ?? Jews? Palestinians? who knows.. ????

NO ONE IS INNOCENT.. the Jews have done terrrible thing.. same with all of the others.. so there is no right or wrong here.. but someone has got to get these people on the same frigin page

One thing is for sure.. WE will never settle this. or come to any type of agreement on this web site.

I personally am tired of hearing this back and forth nonsense your wrong no your wrong no your wrong you are all WRONG.

RELIGION is so phoney !!! that is why Jesus denounced it so much. hE HATED IT. and He said so in no uncertain terms..

I give you two commandements He said.. Love your neighbor as yourself.. forgive one another 70 x 7 everyday all day..

but there is just so much HATE everywhere.. everyone blaming everyone else.. STOP look, listen.. !! LOVE ONE ANOTHER.. no matter what it takes.. !!!

THAT IS THE BEST SOLUTION but we can't get the world to adobt this attitude..

but soon the whole world will embrace this.. how soon? i sure wish I knew!!
  by: majikimaje     10/01/2006 01:30 AM     
  a nut by any other religion ...  
[statistics herein are inaccurate and only for illustrative purposes]
Sometimes I hate the news media. Instead of showing how people live together, it gives 80% of the air time to 5% of the population who are nutcases.

Ask any Israeli and more often than not, they will have no love for Palestinians (though they often tone it down to sound more even-handed). The same is true - I assume - for Palestinians. But it never goes as far as "Kill! Burn! Maim! Dance on your mother!".

I almost feel like media is rubbing their hands with glee everytime their story sparks of some spectacular violence. Yeah, the Rabbi's a nutcase, but there are stable Jewish people out there too - probably hurting inside, but still holding on to sanity. It's those people they should be reporting on.

Thanks DarkAngel, I have no love of seeing freaks in the news, but it's a sobering thought to see Rabid Clerics exist on both sides.
  by: redstain   10/01/2006 02:12 AM     
  Sorry I've taken so long  
Its been month end and I've been two staff short, but, I'm back now.

As I stated.
Hamas won the last election
Hezbollah has some elected representatives.
That means they have SOME popular support, Hamas won the fair election, what other evidence would you like exactly?
A singed testament from every Palestinian?

Find me that statement on a non biased source, or even one that doesnt have such wonders as Palestinain working murdered by evil nazi jews.

Crazies exist on every side, however it only seems to be the Muslim side where they're winning elections, unless you count Bush...
But even he doesnt champion genocide
  by: GogeVandire   10/04/2006 08:49 PM     
  not to draw straws but .....  
One jewish guy says something and every jewish person must be a nazi you people are insane go outside and make some friends.

One fanatical Muslim group started a war with america with first strikes. All muslims are now "terrorists" and must be feared.

One black man got arrested for selling drugs. Lets arrest all black men.

Is it just me or is this logic flawed?
2 wrongs dont make a right but 3 rights make a left. Thats logic for you, lets compare apples to oranges. They are both round right? So they must be the same.
We as humans still havent discovered all of the different spieces of life on this planet, but we are all experts on who God is and what he wants. And even though we find flaws in science and we use informed decisions and controlled experiments to prove our findings, and demand facts before we belive it to be true, no one will even remotely look at thier religions and thier gods and even fathom the possibility that they may be wrong even when evidence to the contrary is layed before thier feet.

I have studied many religions and most of them are very simillar to one another in many ways. The fundimental points i set forth now are the same in ALL of them, and lends proof to all those willing to kill for thier religion are already doomed to thier religions "hell" of choice.
(due to christianitys' popularity and easy language I will them for these examples)

Thou shall not kill. Basically this statement in all of them clearly puts the fact that taking life is God's job, and in proforming this action you are proclaiming god like status and will be condemned on that charge.

Love thy neighbor .... which part of this says ....and kill him when he disagree's?

I could go on but its pointless, I belive (from a well researched opinion) all of those in favor of war and death in the name of religion and/or god have already sacrificed thier souls to the darkest depths and even vast amounts of thier precious humanity.
  by: netwerk     10/05/2006 12:26 AM     
  @ netwerk  
thank you!
  by: DarkAngelJG     10/05/2006 06:47 PM     
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