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                 02/19/2018 10:48 AM  
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10/04/2006 12:09 AM ID: 57397 Permalink   

Man Embarks on Honeymoon with Spouse, Stomped to Death by Elephant


A British couple in Kenya for their honeymoon has endured tragedy after the husband was killed in a bizarre incident involving an elephant. 34-year-old Patrick Smith was apparently relieving himself in a nearby bush.

Suddenly, an elephant charged at the man for unknown reasons and stepped on him, violently crushing him. He was killed instantly. The elephant continued, and nearly knocked over the guide as well. The wife was not physically hurt.

"We think the elephant must have been at very close proximity to the couple and was surprised," said the Kenya Wildlife Service. "They don't normally do this kind of thing. It is terrible." The couple had been married for only a week.

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shouldve went to a restroom
sad story :(
  by: LordClone   10/04/2006 12:47 AM     
  Stay at Home...  
Reminds me of that movie, about those snakes, on that plane, and that couple that just got married, but then there were those snakes on that plane, and they got out, and that couple was trying to go up some stairs, but couldn't, and the snakes got them, and they had a bad honeymoon too.

Sorry, it is a terrible story and very sad, but I don't quite get why people get married and then want to do things which are not entirely safe to celebrate and then they die. I'm sure I just hear about it a lot because these stories fill in the media's "Tragedy" time slot. Personally I'd rather watch a movie at home, get carnal, and take a nap on my honeymoon. The less death-around-the-corner, the better.
  by: nicohlis     10/04/2006 02:01 AM     
  Till death do us part.. .. .. .. !  
  by: majikimaje     10/04/2006 08:17 AM     
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