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                 02/23/2018 07:22 PM  
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10/04/2006 12:50 AM ID: 57399 Permalink   

Canadian National Car Check Inspections Show 78% Failure Rate


Ottawa, Ontario - The National Car Care Month vehicle inspections held at locations across Canada in May 2006 show that 78% failed. Battery cables, tire pressures, wiper blades and fluid levels were some of the items checked.

"This pilot project was launched in the spring to provide a free service to consumers and to also gauge the condition of vehicles on Canada's roadways," said Marc Brazeau with Car Care Canada.

"Obviously we need to educate the public about the need for regular vehicle maintenance, so people can start taking action to reduce vehicle neglect. A 78 per cent failure rate is too high," he said.

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manufactures of north american cars, could stop cutting so many corner and make some decent automobiles, preferably ones that don't require major repairs every year sometimes multiple serious break-downs in a year.

then again... if you take you car to a car shop like canadian tire you might as well do the maintance and repairs yourself cause they cant fix anything worth a damn.
  by: HAVOC666     10/04/2006 01:04 AM     
Agreed. Well, except for the Canadian Tire - I have no clue what that is. Anyway, I currently drive a BMW 325i, and I love the thing. Reliable as hell, usually, I did take it through a car wash and got the CPU wet, the damn thing didn't start for two days. Anyway, i've only ever owned one American vehicle, a Pontiac, and I got hit by a drunk driver. But from what I hear, American vehicles may not be around much longer. I also drive a Mazda RX-7, i'm sure you know what those are, they're not as reliable, but they're hella fun.
  by: NicPre     10/04/2006 03:44 PM     
  I think what they are trying to say is  
That 78% of the people that they have check dont do any type of maintance. They were not checking oil, wipper fluids or tire presure on the cars period. Many people just fill the tank and that is the most they due to theircars. I have had cars that look like crap when I was a teen, but you better belive all the fluids where up to par and I changed the oil all the time. People run around with bad brakes and wounder why it is making that sound and do nothing about. I bet they ran into people that where grinding their rotors and did nothing about it. when ever I change my oil, I remove the frount tire and rear and check the wear on the brake pads and the rotors. I do all my brake jobs since I was 16, and having 4 wheel disk brakes is a plus since there is not adjusting springs like you would with a drum. I dont care if you own a 500 dollar car or 50,000 dollar car, dont check the fluids and you are stuck on a rainy highway at 3AM
  by: thedrewman   10/04/2006 10:47 PM     
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