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                 02/22/2018 02:14 AM  
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10/04/2006 08:41 AM ID: 57404 Permalink   

Deranged Woman Assaults Couple with Pooper Scooper, Scissors


A Wisconsin woman received 2 years imprisonment after a bizarre and unprovoked assault on an unsuspecting couple. 47-year-old Leisa Reed, who has a history of drug an alcohol abuse, entered the couple’s home late at night, unannounced and uninvited.

The couple inside told her to leave, and the woman insisted that someone was trying to kill her. They told her to leave again, and at that point she threatened to kill the terrified couple. When told to leave again, she became violent.

She then took possession of a metal pooper-scooper and a pair of scissors, and lunged at the couple and assaulted them. The police were summoned; it is believed that the unbalanced woman was on crack-cocaine. It is not known if her weapon was loaded.

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Makes you do funny things... weee!
  by: zmethod     10/04/2006 09:51 AM     
Legally, couldn't the guy have kicked the crack head's butt for breaking and entering? The woman is 47 years old, how hard would it be to take her down?

"It is not known if her weapon was loaded"
  by: shaohu     10/04/2006 12:43 PM     
  In the words of Rick James  
Cocaine; it's a hell of a drug!
  by: roots88     10/04/2006 01:24 PM     
Being attacked by a deranged woman with a loaded pooper scooper is no laughing matter…..ok it is. Damn this is funny, I can just smell the evidence sitting in a hot, humid court room. WTF! A pooper scooper, that is deranged.

Great find. Nice to see someone with a sense of humor. Just remember, the world is not laughing with you, they are laughing at you. Keep up the good work. <wink>
  by: Valkyrie123     10/04/2006 01:47 PM     
so did the pooper scooper have shit in it?
  by: groomsy     10/04/2006 09:58 PM     
  In my house .....  
there would have been no second request, one chance to flee, then I maim you.

I like that ... "police were summoned"
Can I have one of those magic genii bottles too? only I want mine to summon lawyers, then i can sue for all of my needs like my fellow countrymen.

and sorry cant pass this up .....

"If you see a sign that says "Say No To Crack" and it reminds you to pull up your drawers, you might be a redneck." --Jeff Foxworthy
  by: netwerk     10/05/2006 07:06 AM     
"Can I have one of those magic genii bottles too? only I want mine to summon lawyers.."

You do realize that immediately upon being summoned you have to pay a retainer fee. Oh and the decorative scrolling on the bottle...isn't decorative, it's the 'fine print' and fee schedule..
  by: StarShadow     10/05/2006 09:35 AM     
From what I gather,the weapon (Poopscooper)was fully loaded!
They should make her go and clean the mess off the curtains/ceiling/television and or the floor!
  by: cavador   10/05/2006 02:09 PM     
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