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                 02/23/2018 07:18 PM  
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10/04/2006 02:13 PM ID: 57412 Permalink   

Preterm Births Responsible for 30% of Infant Deaths


Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have revealed that premature birth in the United States attributes to some 34% of infant mortalities, a much higher number than had been previously reported.

The earlier figure of about 20% had been because it did not count things such as respiratory distress syndrome, even though this cause of death generally occurs due to the mother going into preterm labour.

Dr Bill Callaghan from the CDC said: "The only way that an infant gets assigned ("preterm birth") is if there's nothing else on the death certificate. That may result in an underestimation of what the real problem is."

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  I would like to see  
race figures, such as which race has the most babies, which have the highest percentage of preterm deaths, etc.
  by: classy   10/04/2006 03:40 PM     
It's more likely related to economics than race. Poor people have more babies but they probably have a lower chance of premature births because they are having more babies.

I struggle with the issue of premature births. There's this high instance of infant deaths but there's also the fact that people born prematurely tend to have many more health problems in their life. Now we have extremely premature infants surviving due to medical technology but I have to wonder if we're getting into the territory of we can do it but perhaps we shouldn't.
  by: bane39   10/04/2006 05:53 PM     
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