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                 02/19/2018 10:47 AM  
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10/04/2006 06:57 PM ID: 57420 Permalink   

Disney Makes History


Disney launched it's "Year of a Million Dreams" celebration by doing something they have never done before. One lucky family was allowed to enjoy the Magic Kindgom all to themselves. There were no other guests, or cast members allowed.

The family was able to ride their favorite attractions with no lines because there was no one else there. The Spangler family from Atwater, Ohio were the winners of an online sweepstake used to help kick off the campaign.

During Disney's "The Year of a Million Dreams" celebration, literally millions of dreams will be granted at Florida's Walt Disney Resort.

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What a waste.
  by: vant   10/04/2006 07:08 PM     
  I dream that disney gets shut down.  
I hate stupid advertising gimics, if they really want to be nice why not dump a load of cash into charities without all the fanfair.
  by: sparky_fox   10/04/2006 10:09 PM     
Make history? What, are they getting tired of trying to re-write it? (ie the Disney-ABC 'Road to 9/11' fiction'
  by: StarShadow     10/04/2006 10:28 PM     
  disney does donate to charity  
and by charity i mean the republican party, which is as much a charity case these days as anything else.
  by: ManilaRyce     10/04/2006 10:30 PM     
  it's all very simple  
If you have a problem with Disney or it's theme parks... don't go or watch them?

I'm not too much of a huge fan, but complaining about something so avoidable appears to be a bit daft?
  by: koultunami     10/04/2006 11:46 PM     
  /agree w/ koultunami  
Its not like gas or anything of real importance, its disney. Dont buy thier stuff.
  by: classy   10/04/2006 11:49 PM     
  not that simple  
i avoid disney as much as i can, but the major corporations of the world have a monopoly on everything. most of the time you're supporting disney without knowledge of it. you cant live in a bubble.
  by: ManilaRyce     10/05/2006 09:22 AM     
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