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                 04/25/2014 01:21 AM  
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04/23/2001 09:23 AM ID: 5745 Permalink   

New Portable CD/MP3 Player and Burner Released


Archos has announced a new product: a portable MP3 player, which is also capable of burning new music CD's will go on sale this summer.

The Archos Jukebox CDRW 8x4x24-MP3 Recorder Player consists of two pieces: the portable CD player and a separate CD-RW. By converting music CD's to MP3 format and burning them onto a new disc, the Jukebox can compress 12 albums into one.

With the Jukebox, there is no need to go through a computer in order to convert the discs, or simply copy music CD's. However, for users who want to save their collection on their systems, Jukebox offers a speedy FireWire connection, as well as USB.

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