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                 02/23/2018 02:56 PM  
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10/07/2006 09:53 AM ID: 57469 Permalink   

Protestors Strip Naked at Library


Threatening to be closed due to lack of use, the Kingsteignton library was the scene of a naked protest held by locals that feel that it is essential the library stay open. So far, over 1,000 people have signed a petition to keep the doors open.

"The library is the hub of the village. It is not just books, there are computers, it is an information centre and it is close to the school which also uses it," said campaigner Mike Walters.

"The poster happened on the spur of the moment. A calendar would have taken too long. It has a very serious message, so we needed a striking image to grab everyone's attention," said colleague Carolyn Moist.

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  I am relived to see...  
the man has both hands on the bookcase!! lmao !!!

very stiking image.. !! I wuz expecting something quite different
  by: majikimaje     10/07/2006 01:04 PM     
  You thought....  
the library wasn't used before??

Just wait till word gets out how they were studying this time... A little too much knowledge :-D
  by: nyceplaya2002     10/07/2006 02:34 PM     
  Did anyone else notice  
they are standing behind the Large Print section. Anyone up for some inuendo?
  by: opinionated   10/07/2006 04:14 PM     
is repulsive.. lol

is that a KID behind them on the right? *scratches head*
  by: hamstertube   10/07/2006 05:10 PM     
  ok wth  
i know that it's sad cuz it closes but its giving me the thought theres more to the story than going nude in a library,I mean there must be porn books involved other than that i dont know (o_0)?
  by: lordclone   10/07/2006 07:17 PM     
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