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                 01/21/2018 07:35 AM  
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10/10/2006 02:51 AM ID: 57522 Permalink   

Driver Obediently Follows GPS into Crash


Ignoring a number of clearly displayed "closed for construction" signs, an 80-year-old German motorist obediently followed his GPS navigation system until he crashed into a huge pile of sand, forcing him to stop.

The driver and his wife escaped unscathed and even admitted to police that they had observed the numerous warnings and barricades, but chose to continue taking orders from their navigation system.

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  There is a reason the  
elderly need to either be constantly re-tested (at no cost of their own i mught add) or lose their licence long before 80 years of age. Did they also ignore red lights and pedestrian crossings?
  by: ssxxxssssss   10/10/2006 04:04 AM     
  Glad it wasn't the Autobahn?  
  by: netwerk     10/10/2006 04:44 AM     
We just need to do a basic IQ test before giving some people a drivers licence. I know people I wouldn't trust with a sharp knife to cut up vegetables but yet the government sees fit to allow them to drive.
  by: ixuzus     10/10/2006 06:01 AM     
  I can picture it now  
After a policeman pulls over an oap's car...

driver: What is the trouble officer?

policeman: You just drove over some kids and left them for dead, Why didn't you stop until I puller you over.

driver: well you see they didn't appear on this car navigation gizmo so they couldn't have been there.


seriously though, testing of old people past a certain age should be manditory and repeated regularly.
  by: sparky_fox   10/10/2006 10:16 AM     
  re testing  
A lot of people should be tested again. It shouldnt just be the elderly. There should just be a certain time period before a test is issued again. I know that when I passed my test my eyesight was just enough to get me through it. I wore contacts back then but took them out for the test. Now I dont wear them at all and my eyesight would probably fail the eye test for driving. I am sure I am not the only one. Plus, I'm sure you have all seen more than enough bad drivers out there who don't know what "Yield" means and various other signs.
  by: confed   10/10/2006 05:08 PM     
  why just retest old folks?  
I wonder why the emphasis is on just retesting old drivers. All of my near misses and close calls from thoughtless drivers have been young (18-35) people who tend to believe themselves expert drivers. I have never had a near miss or close call from an elderly driver.
  by: FewClues   10/11/2006 05:13 PM     
  You know....  
I really think they should start giving an IQ test with the written and road test in order to get a driver's license. Maybe that would help eliminate alot of these idiots on the road today. My opinion, could be wrong.
  by: Babagadoosh   10/11/2006 05:50 PM     
I totally agree... test all people over the age of 60!!! i know i'll get sh** for saying that, but if you were 25 and lived in the state of old people, Florida, you'd understand!!! i know i know, Floriduh shouldn't matter, but come on your grand parents moved here, and i have to drive with them on the road every day!!! it's exhausting trying to avoid these obstacles... let alone all the morons that live here already, the old ones don't help at all... i say test once a year after 60 and no more driving after say 70 or 75... anyways, at that age you should be driven around in the bus from the retiurement home!!!
  by: The Rambo   10/11/2006 09:23 PM     
ok, the younger ones too, but only if they exceed a certain amount of tickets or get in a wreck... or something like that where one, a Gov. official (haha), would believe they aren't suited to be licensed
  by: The Rambo   10/11/2006 09:27 PM     
you know the makes of the GPS are thanking god that this didnt happen in the u.s. , if it had the driver (or a relative) would have files a lawsuit the very next day
  by: dreadmuppet   10/11/2006 10:57 PM     
  In Florida  
They will retest you if you have a bunch of tickets, this happened to my friend, she had a bunch of late tickets that suppened her DL a couple of times and parking tickets, when I drove her to the DMV they made her take the road sign test, it was funny, I drove her there as part of day of things to do, and I saw her by the computers, I asked her what was that all about, the teller said you have to take a test again, she came up as red flag on the system. My DL says safe driver and her now only say driver on it, because of the tickets.
  by: thedrewman   10/12/2006 01:48 AM     
  the thing is  
states keep making the curriculum and/or test to get your license harder, so of course lots of adults who got their licenses twenty years ago wouldn't be able to pass. if you don't drive drunk, why would you need to know that in washington state the fine for dui is $500 (a question from the washington state license test)?

it is safety that matters, and i think a lot of places have lost sight of that in favor of trying to be tougher on teen drivers. while i agree that there are more than enough reckless teens out there who shouldn't be on the roads, i think a lot of ineffective precautions are taking up valuable budget that should be used to retest people like these. good grief.
  by: midgica   10/13/2006 09:34 PM     
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