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                 02/17/2018 10:07 PM  
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10/18/2006 04:48 AM ID: 57697 Permalink   

Pot or Not?


On November 7th of this year, voters in Nevada will get to choose if they want marijuana to become legalized. The maximum legally an adult could carry on them would be one ounce.

The bill, if passed, would allow states to put up harsher punishments if one was caught selling the drug to minors. Also if one were to drive on marijuana the punishments would be more severe.

The state would then also allow the setup of government regulated shops where one could buy legal pot. The state would put a $45 excise tax on an ounce. This would lead to some $28 million a year in extra money for the state.

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my first post...I thought this was interesting
  by: jager9x9   10/18/2006 04:55 AM     
  Finally someone has seen the green  
Nice find and good post, well summarized, and only one spelling mistake(better then my average), good work and keep reporting.

Now then that said, Yeah Nevada! at $45 tax per ounce by our current prices here that is a nice 25% cut, thats less then 1/2 the average amount of tax on ciggaretts in major cities, and the revenue is still projected in the millions. Makes perfect sense, clean out the legal system of almost 1/2 of its non-violent offender docket and make a bunch of tax dollars for schools, roads, emergency services, and maybe some ethics courses for our politicians while were at it.

Here is the HUGE let down that will have to be overcome, if this bill does pass and it becomes legal to carry upto one ounce in the state of Nevada (and I really hope it does even just for the purpose of setting precedence), it is still illegal on the Federal level. This means that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and/or US Marshalls among others, can still arrest you in the state of Nevada and just put you to trial in a Federal Court.

California among a couple of other states have run into this issue concerning medicinal marijuana, the liscense of the perscribing doctor is federally mandated, they started to pull the liscenses for perscribing the drug to patients.
  by: netwerk     10/18/2006 05:18 AM     
  clean it up  
you mis-spelled a few things, the syntax is awkward, and it's too casual. i hate to be a newsnazi, but you gotta follow the format of the news posts here. look at some other ones to see how it works.
  by: cellardweller1   10/18/2006 05:20 AM     
  hopefully it passes  
i have an ex from vegas. from what i hear, nevada has some of the toughest drug laws. kind of ironic in the mecca of gambling and alcohol. i can't wait to see the day pot is legal. of course, that would mean we'd have to "cut and run" from the war on drugs.
  by: ManilaRyce     10/18/2006 05:53 AM     
This is SN not university. Sure it is a little awkward in places and ?he did make a spelling mistake but it was ok for a first effort. You'll see a lot worse here.
  by: ixuzus     10/18/2006 06:31 AM     
"Finally someone has seen the green"
I thought the same thing.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the state stands not only to make a lot of money but also save a lot in police and court costs dealing with pot plus it allows for a safer source.

No, I don't smoke pot...not willing to risk my security clearence but if regulated like alchohol (i.e. minimum age to buy, restrictions on driving while under the influence) pot isn't dangerous with the exceptions of some dealers lace it with other drugs hence why it would be safer if legal because it could be regulated.
  by: testeng     10/18/2006 06:37 AM     
This was a great first post. You can give some gold and they'll still want platinum.
  by: banshee9898     10/18/2006 07:13 AM     
YAY. Hopefully this goes through, and perhaps other states will follow.
Atleast then there would be more good bud around.
  by: ih4xjoo   10/18/2006 09:14 AM     
Yay, more pot heads!

Honestly, this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Don't people have better things to do now a days?
  by: vant   10/18/2006 09:24 AM     
"...Don't people have better things to do now a days?"

you mean like post meaningless comments on shortnews?
  by: ManilaRyce     10/18/2006 09:41 AM     
  by: ManilaRyce     10/18/2006 09:42 AM     
In my experience, stories you hear about pot being laced with other drugs is a myth. Although maybe you chaps in America have found something different.
Great post by the way jager9x9.
  by: roon_baboon   10/18/2006 09:51 AM     
I meant @testeng just then
  by: roon_baboon   10/18/2006 09:53 AM     
Actually, Id much rather spend the evening smoking pot with my mates and playing video games, watching movies and stuff, rather than post on shortnews.

Frankly its what I do quite a few evenings a week and I wouldnt have it any differently.

Its no different from all the pissheads my age that go out and drink till they puke, causing social trouble, huge damage to their own bodies and giving them one hell of a hangover.

Pot does none of those.
  by: daniel2508     10/18/2006 12:59 PM     
Maybe it was just the dealers by where I grew up but a couple of my friends back in high school ended up in the hospital because the pot they bought was laced with some other drugs. I really don't know all the drug names because I was never interested in doing them but I think one of the popular ones that was used was PCP.
  by: testeng     10/18/2006 02:29 PM     
Great find, nice post, good job. Welcome to a bigger world.

Wow! It’s nice to see someone pulled their head out of their ass. Kudos to Nevada. While we are at it could we pass laws to force paper manufactures to use only hemp when making paper, it will last 100’s of years compared to wood pulp which is full of acid and deteriorates in less than 100 years. It would be nice for books to be around for several generations after the fall to keep the knowledge of history available so we don’t make the same mistakes again. Clothing made of hemp would be nice too, it will last a lifetime. And oil from hemp seeds could replace all the gasoline we use in this country. We can smoke a dube after the rest of this work is done.

“and civic and business groups, argue the measure would encourage the use of other drugs,”

Alcohol is a drug, does it encourage the use of other drugs? Why is it legal? Ciggarettes are a drug, do they encourage the use of other drugs? Why are they legal? Coca Cola and coffee are drugs, do they encourage the use of other drugs? Lame excuses from the fear mongers. I have yet to be assaulted by someone high on pot. I cannot say the same for alcohol.

“it is doubtful federal agents would tolerate commercial pot ventures in Nevada.”

That’s when you throw the bums out. Remove the asshats from the premises and invite them to never come back. The Feds have gotten too big for their britches and need a good slap-down.

Rev Webb says, “if there has to be a market in marijuana, I'd rather it be regulated with sensible safeguards than run by violent gangs and dangerous drug dealers.”

Well said Rev., its nice to see Federal dogma hasn’t killed your brain.

Is our current system working? Obviously not, I can get any drug out there in a matter of minutes just 3 miles from my home and I live in the sticks. When I lived in the city anything was available within a few hundred yards. Legalizing pot would actually make it harder for me to get it. I would have to drive all the way to town and it would only be available during business hours. I would like to see all drugs regulated and taxed. Put the gangs out of business. Do you think these gang-bangers will be able to afford all the guns with no income? They will be reduced to walk-by begging’s and working at McD’s. This is a good start on the right path. I hope it passes.
  by: Valkyrie123     10/18/2006 04:19 PM     
now you can live like us canadians. hah
  by: hamstertube   10/18/2006 04:34 PM     
  No no no  
The biggest problem that people don't realize in the legalization of Marijuana is that even though it sounds like a good idea of 'taxing the crap out of it to make money for the state' or w/e is that if it is legal people will still buy it from THEIR dealer for a lot cheaper then what the state is selling it. BAd idea on Nevadas part IMO. I personally don't care if some moron wants to smoke, it's not my body do what you want.
  by: ImportFanaticR34   10/18/2006 04:37 PM     
Uh huh... that's true but you have to realize that the penalties on illegal dealing would probably be harsher and, more importantly, law enforcement can focus their efforts on dealers.
  by: bane39   10/18/2006 04:42 PM     
  All sorts of "What Ifs" to this one  
As netwerk said - it still requires Federal approval, and their current state of mind, what are the chances that would/will happen?

Moreover, how will they then determine that the weed that you've got in pocket was purchased from a "legal" government authorized marijuana distributor and from some unauthorized "dealer"? That is just going to lead to the requirement to posses a weed license for buying, and possessing. Then if they catch you with illegal weed they'll revoke your license.

It hurts my brain way too much to think of all the ways the government could f*** up this...
  by: Zpravodajec     10/18/2006 07:46 PM     
I would agree with you if you tell me you don't take: booze, nicotine, caffeine, sugar or chocolate for instance.

That's because all of the above are drugs and are addictive and you would be a moron as well if you take any of them.

On the other hand if you do not do any of these drugs I am really sorry for you ;-)
  by: _strider_   10/18/2006 07:56 PM     
  Questions about MaryJ  
Ive never smoked weed before. I have friends who do it and they still live with thier moms at 29yrs old. Anyway, if someone could explain the 'high' you get from weed? What exactly does it feel like/do? - also, how much lung damage is caused by smoking weed? please give me trust-worthly links.
  by: classy   10/18/2006 08:04 PM     
  pot heads should be weeping  
now the corporations will get hold of it. the last bastion of free enterprise will be gone.

They will make it more addictive, expensive, and less fun.

I fthis passes we are doomed
  by: luemas666   10/18/2006 08:04 PM     
  @ The doubters, and clasy  
People will buy untaxed/ grow own.

Well, some people will, people buy bottlegged beer and f*gs, and can brew there own beer. However, most people dont buy untaxed beer and f*gs, nor do they brew their own, I doubt anyone grows their own tobacco.
Added to that, the likes of William Morris (I think) even paying 50% tax, could easily undercut your local dealer who grows a few plants in his green house.
You might get the odd dealer selling really high strength, but they'll slowly get pushed out of the picture, because its easier to go to walmart and get a pack of 5 spliffs, than find a dodgey guy who sells from a crack house.

And of course, said dealers now have the full weight of the police drug force freed up to wipe them out.

I've smoked it a few times, its ok, just makes me a bit giddy really, I much prefer poppers and beer.

Generaly, its not addictive, or easy to get addicted too.
I'm a caffene addict, most people I know are, 48 hours without any and I'm ready to throw a punch because someone gave me a funny look, I'm on and off quiting, but I literaly cant do my month end work without a mental stimulant, so am screwed.

Weed doesnt work that way, if only because a "normal" person wont smoke it every night.
However, a couple of people I know are addicts, they cant sleep without it, were talking up for 5 days without out till they just pass out.
And, similar symptons to any addiction.

As for long term affects, similar to smoking, although not as severe, if only because you dont smoke anywhere near as much.
However, long term heavy use, mental psycosis, this sounds really silly, but a guy I used to chat to in the pubs girlfriends brother had to have both his kids sectioned, he came home one day and scratched the plaster off the walls with fingernails, when they'd snapped off, just fingers, to stop the faces getting them.

The bad effects of almost all drugs are massivly overstated.
The worst probably being ecstacy, when mixed with various other drugs, namely alcohol, caffene and tobacco, it kills a couple of people a year in the UK, however police reckon a quarter of a million tablets are taken every week.
  by: GogeVandire   10/18/2006 08:24 PM     
  NV not the only one  
This initiative is also on the Colorado ballot as well.
  by: Smpz   10/18/2006 08:25 PM     
  thats hella  
blaze time if it pass's if not then well...... BLAZe any way
  by: maryjane <5   10/18/2006 08:49 PM     
  Did I Miss Something?  
Summary and source state $45 tax on an ounce but how much will that ounce cost? Cuz right now, here it is about $75 - $100. That's what my friends are telling me anyway.
  by: John E Angel     10/19/2006 01:10 AM     
  Sort of...  
Now I live in Las Vegas and although I will be voting Yes on Question 7, it really stands to do more harm than any good. Not only must you be 21, but under the new bylaws any minor posessing an ounce or less does not get charged - their parents do. If three underage (hell, let's even say three twenty-year-old) friends are driving and only ONE of them has pot on them - none get charged - the parent of the driver is charged. When they say harsher laws for offenders, they are not kidding one bit. On the flipside, Oscar Goodman wants to turn Freemonst St (aka Crack Alley #1) into A Lil' Amsterdam, full of coffee shops for all. I'm forsure down for the cause, but only because I see it as a slight improvement. It without a doubt has its heavy flaws. I still doubt it will pass though. I have this strong image in my head of a million stoners waking up November 8 and going "...was that yesterday??"
  by: renilives   10/19/2006 05:53 PM     
Yeah- try to get many smokers out to the booths to vote is difficult. I reccomend a party van to take loads of your friends to the voting stations. Make it fun.

It turns up the volume on the quiet thoughts in your head like "I should be painting right now instead of watching E.R. reruns."

It makes you forget some learned habits, which is great for drawing and painting, playing musical instruments, and it makes sensory input a lot more meaningful than walking around in a coma all day like most people. It does release inhibitions in people, and it does make you happier- often for days after intaking. It's called 'relaxing' and 'de-stressing'!

Too many kids make pot look bad because they smell bad, dress terribly, don't bother to get haircuts, and forget their basic language-skills.

A friend of mine was once saved by a stoner during a kayaking excursion--- he was drowning in a 'water-wheel' when he was pulled free by the pothead who jumped into the water quickly and saved him. All the 'straights' were frozen with fear.

There are plenty of negative effects of weed- but not what people like to hype. First of all- you CAN get paranoid, but usually it's because you are paranoid that you are going to get caught by some tight-ass old fart who smells the weed on you or doesn't like the way your eyes are too undilated/red. Having to buy weed from the 'underground' makes people NEUROTIC. They start refering to things in code all the time such as "Did you get the concert tickets from the guy who sells mufflers?" Or, "Is Mr. Green or Mr. Brown at home?"
  by: theironboard     10/19/2006 06:41 PM     
  g eye jane  
your full of shit and you know it you defitnetly could not have still known if this happen 36 years ago let alone the time and day unless you wrote it down ive been smoking marjiuna for only bout 4-5 years im a teen and i can barley remember anything now your probally like 40-45 and your full b.s
  by: maryjane <5   10/19/2006 08:56 PM     
Maybe we can get that kook in Korea to smoke a few and calm the **** down!
  by: lghtning4u   10/20/2006 05:05 AM     
  Im too stoned to reply ......  
ok maybe im not =]

@maryjane <5
your full of shit and you know it you defitnetly could not have still known if this

ummm hate to argue with you there, but for me it was feb 14, 1990 7:30ish, I remember it clear as day, light up with my dad for his birthday. 16 years later(wow thats exactly 1/2 my life this year too), a daily smoker, and I still dont have a memory problem.

Here is great source for the laws, and pending fights for legalization:

I couldnt have said it better myself
  by: netwerk     10/20/2006 06:18 AM     
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