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                 02/22/2018 05:45 PM  
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10/21/2006 04:48 PM ID: 57779 Permalink   

Man Accused of Having Sex With Dog


Under a new animal cruelty law, Michael McPhail of Spanaway, WA has been charged with felony animal cruelty after having sexual intercourse with his 4-year-old female pit bull terrier.

McPhail's wife found her husband on their back porch having sex with the dog and took photos with her cell phone before calling the sheriff's office. The dog was squeeling and crying.

McPhail is the first person charged in Pierce County under this new bestiality law.

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  This man is sick  
Unfortunately, he obviously likes it "doggy style".
  by: luxfestinus     10/21/2006 05:15 PM     
And I thought, I have seen enough or heard enough!! Oatmeal?? Can it get, crazier than that!!!

And for this bitch, why was she crying and squeeling. It's PitBull, they are known to be ferocious. Bite the Bastard to death..
  by: kinko     10/21/2006 05:59 PM     
I hope he gets the worst punishment possible. I think rape (of any kind) should be a capital offense again.
Poor dog.. : (
  by: EyraGarou   10/21/2006 06:35 PM     
Imagine how disgusting or wretched his wife had to be for him to want to have sex with a dog.

P.S. Animals sex is rape, animals do not consent to anything. Calling for the mans death for using an animal the way animals use eachother really makes no sense. Not to mention we eat animals, so how is sex with an animal worse than killing and eating an animal. If your religious, murder is worse than sex.
  by: insomniac84   10/21/2006 07:56 PM     
  Chop It Off  
And glue it up his nose, he won't be troubling anyone else them.
  by: captainJane     10/21/2006 08:29 PM     
She was crying. He was hurting her, how is this not rape?

And of course I think that murderers should be put death alongside rapists.
  by: EyraGarou   10/21/2006 10:03 PM     
  that's ruff  
what, no pictures?
  by: ManilaRyce     10/21/2006 10:41 PM     
Maybe she was crying with pleasure. How can you tell the difference? If you presume to be able to speak on behalf of a dog, then you must have the mind of a dog. I am assuming here that this isn't the case.

I think murdering another human being for having sexual relations with an animal is a rediculous notion. Maybe ban the guy from keeping pets in the future, but murdering him? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  by: mberg     10/22/2006 12:32 AM     
  o cmon  
this is pathetic
i geuss having sex with his wife wasnt that good but wth why a dog why?!
  by: lordclone   10/22/2006 01:28 AM     
yes, I and many others who have had a close relationship with an animal companion can most certainly tell whether or not an animal is in pain.
Let's take the fact that she was a dog out of the picture. Would you really consider it murder to execute a person for rape? Not even torture is as scarring as having someone invade your body. You are free to believe what you like, but I absolutely believe that rapists deserve to be put to death.
  by: EyraGarou   10/22/2006 01:39 AM     
haha doggy style o god dat cracked me up
  by: maryjane <5   10/22/2006 06:27 AM     
  his wife must have been  
BUTT UGLY if he perfered a pit bull to her.
I've seen my share of beastiality (accidentally of course), and male dogs and horses seem to enjoy it and don't protest when women bone them. A security guard at my boarding school got fired for bangin the guard dog and messing up its insides. So in conclusion, it is save and ok for a woman to have sex with a dog or horse or snake, but definatly not for a man to do the same.
  by: shaohu     10/23/2006 08:56 AM     
Thanks for the tip...I'll be stocking up on oatmeal now.
  by: shaohu     10/23/2006 09:01 AM     
  What if......  
This guy had sex with his dog in the past without his wife knowing about it then she had sex with the guy afterwards, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL she got doggy punanie all in dat kutakat!!!! LOLOLOLOL
  by: mandingoking   10/23/2006 05:13 PM     
  No execution just...  
Let him spend a year in jail tossing salads and letting him squeal when his cellmate decides to have a lil 'sumthin sumthin' late at night.

Seems like perfect justice. The doggy didnt consent and nor did he when Jamal decided to sidle next to him on those long lonely nights.
  by: VSwift   10/24/2006 06:13 PM     
your url is faulty
  by: shaohu     10/25/2006 10:56 AM     
Here is the right link for you
  by: kinko     10/25/2006 08:37 PM     
then you'd know, why Mandingo is the king
  by: kinko     10/25/2006 08:38 PM     
  His wife was prolly  
happy and sad. Sad that she knows why he hasnt been near her in a while, because she wasnt the only bitch in his life. Happy she can now legally divorce her sexually dysfunctional husband and get someone with a bigger wang that likes woman.
  by: AccessG     10/26/2006 01:35 PM     
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