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                 04/18/2014 08:21 PM  
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10/25/2006 06:17 AM ID: 57870 Permalink   

Supermodel Megan Gale Split from Boyfriend


Megan Gale has split from her boyfriend Josh Clapp despite rumours of an impending engagement. She admits that she is going through a rough patch at this time.

Since 2005 the relationship has gone through its ups and downs because of work commitments, a spokesperson for Gale said. Gale is seeking solace in Byron Bay, New South Wales while Josh is honouring commitments overseas.

Gale said that she wants a better balance between her personal life and work and that 2007 has a big question mark over it at the moment.

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She's not very attractive.

Just my opinion.
  by: theironboard     10/25/2006 06:59 AM     
her body is right for a model.
  by: DarkAngelJG     10/26/2006 11:26 AM     
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