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                 10/01/2014 08:16 PM  
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11/01/2006 05:53 AM ID: 58039 Permalink   

Bulls Hotter than Heat


The Chicago Bulls played the Miami Heat on opening night October 31st and defeated the 2005 NBA champions 108-66.

This is the worst lost to a former NBA champion on opening night since 1982 when the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Golden State Warriors by fifteen 132-117.

Kirk Hinrich point guard for the Chicago Bulls lead the team going 10-18 with twenty six points, four rebounds and three assists and two steals.

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  2006 champions  
  by: Amaze   11/02/2006 01:35 PM     
oops my bad thanks amate will someone chhange this
  by: groomsy     11/02/2006 04:38 PM     
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