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                 02/26/2018 04:21 AM  
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11/04/2006 05:25 PM ID: 58110 Permalink   

Doogie Howser Comes Out of the Closet


Neil Patrick Harris, who is well-known for his early star role in 'Doogie Howser, M.D.', has admitted that he is gay, eagerly desiring to clarify any rumors to the contrary.

Harris, now 33, says that he was inclined to disclose his sexual orientation as a result of recent "speculation and interest in my private life and relationships."

"[I] am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest," Harris told People Magazine. He currently has a television star role on the CBS comedy 'How I Met Your Mother.'

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After recalling that scene in Harold and Kumar, this makes it all the funnier.

But television aside, good on him. He's strong not to be swayed by the media...unless, of course, he's just seeking it.
  by: myrmidon     11/04/2006 05:28 PM     
  no it's real...  
I have known this for about six years. While at a little party in Belaire, we were noticing NPH a little close with another gentlemen. they both left together after they were making out in the hallway.
  by: Mile High Guy     11/04/2006 06:17 PM     
  harold & kumar  
it probably would have been funnier if he stole the car
and picked up a bunch of gay guys

"this should cover what we did to the back seat"
  by: pixx   11/04/2006 06:42 PM     
"Dude, the Doogie line always works on strippers"
  by: richjournalist     11/05/2006 04:51 AM     
  I wonder if he's single  
I think Doogie is Hawt! I always had a hunch he was gay. So glad he finally did the right thing and came out. Good for him! Doogie honey if you're ever in Vegas look me up! lol.
  by: bluraven64   11/05/2006 06:33 AM     
makes you wonder if his pal Vinnie was gay too...
  by: zmethod     11/05/2006 09:24 AM     
  Shock and Surprise  
as male hollywood actor announces he is NOT gay.
  by: lauriesman     11/05/2006 10:20 PM     
Who gives a rat's ass? Does it really matter who IS or IS NOT gay?
  by: tubalcain   11/06/2006 11:54 AM     
  I agree with tuba  
who gives a sh!t if a person is gay. And also, who the f*ck is Doogie Howser?
  by: shaohu     11/06/2006 02:19 PM     
  It was... of the only huge American shows that is pretty much completely unknown outside of the States
  by: barryriley   11/06/2006 02:35 PM     
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