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                 02/25/2018 08:12 PM  
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11/06/2006 04:17 PM ID: 58147 Permalink   

Man Arrested for Revenge Child Porn


In a poorly planned attempt to discredit his ex-girlfriend, Antonio Perez III has been arrested for sending video of his ex performing sex acts on her 2-year-old son to her 15-year-old relative.

Perez had received the video in an e-mail from the ex-girlfriend earlier this year. The relative turned in Perez after receiving the video. Perez faces 5-20 years for transporting child pornography.

The unnamed ex-girlfriend has not been charged as of yet.

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  In the words..  
Of the great Bugs-Bunny, "What a maroon". He'll probably end up labeled a sex-offender, even though he's on;y guilty of being a moron. If he wanted to do a really good job of (discrediting) his ex, he should have sent the tape to the police, along with her address/info.
  by: StarShadow     11/06/2006 04:25 PM     
  prepare another t-shirt  
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/06/2006 04:29 PM     
  I prefered the old title.  
  by: crunch     11/06/2006 05:09 PM     
Oops, I should have said video, not tape...I'd imagine it's pretty hard to send a video tape by email...
  by: StarShadow     11/06/2006 06:11 PM     
so i wasn't really aware that distributing child porn was worse than making it.
  by: hamstertube   11/06/2006 06:28 PM     
  hold on,  
so they charged the guy and left the mum? This is twisted!
  by: DarkAngelJG     11/06/2006 08:17 PM     
most of the laws around child porn have more serious sentances for people who posses it\send it around than the actual people making it. If they targeted the source how would all the good DA's and newspapers get their sensationalist headlines they need? Leave the abuser with the child, to continue to abuse the child, but oh god charge the person who only has a video of it and never actually hurt anyone!
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/07/2006 12:12 AM     
  He Was Obviously Into It Too..  
Why else would he NOT turn in his ex the minute he saw the video?? I would be disgusted if my girlfriend did that with her sun and I would immediately call the police.
  by: creep   11/07/2006 03:12 AM     
  There's obviously  
something very wrong with the guy too if he'll only hand in the video (and not even to the police) after nearly a year and a break-up
  by: barryriley   11/07/2006 02:03 PM     
  creep & barryriley  
i agree, but some people can't do such a thing to the person they love... Some would even kill to please their partner. But, that they broke up and he thought it over, he decided to hand it in.
I do agree he should have done it earlier
  by: DarkAngelJG     11/07/2006 03:49 PM     
  My guess..  
Is she did it at his request, however reguardless of the situation they both need to be locked up and the child moved to a better home.
  by: Pyronius     11/08/2006 09:01 AM     
most likly she did it of her own accord and tried to get him interested. Rather than your way, after all it was her on film. I am sick and tired of people saying that wemen only engage in pedophillia because men want them to. It is complete bullSh*t. There are just as many wemen offending as men, the only difference is wemon Always get lighter sentances, dont always have to register as a sex offender, and sometimes dont even get charged. Where if your a 16 year old guy, and your get with your 15 year old gf (who is only 2 months off of 16 (legal age here!)) he gets 2 years jail and sex offender staus for life. Its a horendus double standard backed up because people still for some reason refuse to see wemon as sexual. only guys crave sex after all *rolls eyes*
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/08/2006 09:12 AM     
I wasn't defending her actions at all, and I suggested both of them be punished.
  by: Pyronius     11/08/2006 09:30 AM     
  story aside  
ssxxxssssss cant even say women, woman ... makes me wonder ...
  by: AccessG     11/08/2006 10:23 AM     
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